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Question of the Month: August 2018 edition

It’s time for a new Question of the Month, one which will see us attempt to answer a quandary that has been puzzling the gaming community since they first realised Princess Peach was never going to stop being kidnapped. But first let’s find out who won July’s challenge! The winner Last month, The Gaming Diaries asked: It is coming into wedding season, if the shops … Continue reading Question of the Month: August 2018 edition

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SOMA: the real monster in the dark

Horror games are like Marmite: you either love them or hate them. There are plenty of gamers who can’t wait to step across the threshold to an abandoned mansion, hiding in terror from the demons that stalk them in the darkness while they search for inhabitants’ secrets. Then there are others like myself who transform into a quivering mess as soon as they pick up … Continue reading SOMA: the real monster in the dark

Cocktails with Red Strings attached

It’s usually obvious who the antagonist is when you play a video game. Even when there’s a plot twist at the end, they tend to make themselves known; perhaps it’s their ambition to take over the world, their extensive knowledge of firearms and explosives, their maniacal laughter or strange desire to reveal every aspect of their diabolical plan to the hero. With The Red Strings … Continue reading Cocktails with Red Strings attached

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Blogger Blitz 2018: the countdown begins!

To steal a phrase from Ian over at Adventure Rules: “Blogger Blitz is just around the corner and our competitors are all itching to get their fingers onto the keyboard.” This annual event will see a group of amazing bloggers go head-to-head in a series of wacky writing challenges to find out who’ll be crowned the this year’s champion and earn themselves some sweet, sweet … Continue reading Blogger Blitz 2018: the countdown begins!

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It’s time to talk

Several bloggers and friends have recently opened up to reveal how they’re struggling. I have nothing but respect for them in doing this; sharing something so personal can be incredibly difficult, and being brave enough to say how you’re feeling requires a lot of courage. Even more so when it’s something that could cause the people, friends and relationships around you to react in an … Continue reading It’s time to talk