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Gamers blog party: your invitation

Are you a gamer who’s looking for an entertaining, creative and charming date this weekend? Then search no more because you’ve come to the right place. What better way to celebrate the start of a few days away from work and the coming of spring by reading awesome new posts and meeting talented blogging friends? We’ve been fortunate enough to receive several awards since starting … Continue reading Gamers blog party: your invitation

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The Wheel of Fortune: the Sam to our Max

Originally posted on Gamely Giving:
Last week here on Gamely Giving we were discussing forfeits: what challenges would you like to see us embarrass ourselves with as part of our marathon stream in April? We’ve received some good suggestions so far, including playing a video game with our feet from Rob at I Played The Game!, but we’re looking for more. Keep your requests for… Continue reading The Wheel of Fortune: the Sam to our Max

Local multiplayers: alive and mooing

Some of the earliest memories I have of gaming revolve around local multiplayers. Like playing Pong against my dad after my grandparents found an old home version in a charity shop; arguing with my brother over who would be Mario and who would get stuck with Luigi; duking it out on Street Fighter with friends at the arcade in a local bowling alley. Good times. … Continue reading Local multiplayers: alive and mooing