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After taking a few months off Overwatch, I’ve returned to find it an interesting game to have been a part of since release. In the first weeks matches felt very scrappy, especially if you were part of a pick-up group.

Players were still trying out various characters, learning their strengths and weaknesses as well as discovering tactics that would best serve the map and mode. If I’m honest the Play of the Game mechanic didn’t help too much either as at the time, the algorithms appeared to focus on kill streaks more than anything else which in turn caused players to concentrate too much on their own goals rather than the team’s.

Matches now are a much changed thing. Players clearly have their preferred characters and roles which has made the experience much more balanced. Blizzard’s masterstroke of unlocking everything from the start means that the only advantage long-term devotees have is skill (and experience) rather than equipment so newcomers know that defeats aren’t down to superior gear. It also means that even in pick-up groups you know you should be in for a decent match because everyone will gravitate to their favourite role and as a general rule, the teams are much more balanced.

As you can imagine front line attackers and long distance snipers are the classes of choice which is absolutely fine by me because I like to heal. Yes, that’s right, the annoying Mercy who zips around the team healing, boosting and resurrecting is me. And I love it.

Support players, especially healers, appear to be in the minority and I take a real pleasure from sitting in the midfield, healing the tanks and attackers from a relatively safe distance before boosting the snipers to help them pick off the last few stragglers after a successful team push forward. It’s the same satisfaction from a 3+ team resurrection that can swing the tide of a fight just enough to win a match.

So if you ever need a healer, feel free to look me up.

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