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Elite Dangerous: a new frontier

At the time of writing, I’ve spent seven hours playing Elite Dangerous. I haven’t really achieved anything in that time. I’ve done the training, watched some videos, taken to the vastness of space and been shot to pieces because my first attempt at docking went horribly wrong.

Somehow, I’ve even managed to complete a few trading missions. I accidentally took on a smuggling mission too but bottled it at the first sign of the space police. Han Solo I am not.

Oh yeah, and the community went bananas over first contact with aliens. Possibly Thargoid.

Personally I haven’t shot down any ships though. Space combat, right now, isn’t for me. A merchant’s life it is.

It all feels very similar to the Elite I remember as a child. Cruising trade routes, looking for commodities to buy-low and sell-high, hoping that pirates or the Thargoid don’t shoot me out of the sky. Might not sound like much but it’s a load of fun. I’ve saved up enough credits for a new ship and joined a very friendly and helpful clan.

And that’s it for now. I’m just happy motoring down the space highways doing my own thing. Whether or not it’ll hold my interest going forward is something for the future to decide but either way I’ll try and keep you updated.

I’ll see you in the Black, fellow Commanders!


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Dad, Gent, Geek. Occasional grumpy old man. Console Peasant. Should know better.

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