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Overwatch: experience tranquility

In the wonderful world of Overwatch, there comes a time when two people who enjoy using the same character find themselves on the same team. What happens then? Who should play as that character? How do console peasants like myself communicate with each other to ensure a mutually-acceptable resolution?

Having come across this dilemma a few times of late, which is odd given the lack of people willing to play a healer in the game, I had to make sure a backup plan was in place. I needed to learn a second character to make sure I could hold my own and contribute to the team in other ways.

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So I picked the robotic monk Zenyatta as he is a blend of support and offense, using orbs to buff and debuff allies and enemies from a distance. It’s proved an enjoyable diversion, with the positional sense I’ve picked up playing Mercy translating into where and when to place the status orbs for maximum effect. As is the case with so much of Overwatch it’s a really enjoyable experience and I feel I have a second string to my bow.

What’s next? Maybe a defensive character, Torbjorn appeals as I like the strategy behind turret placement for maximum effect and to surprise the opposition. We shall see. Either way, if you see me online be sure to say hello and I look forward to being your support!

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    • I like to think Zen organises the chaos. If the rest of the team are switched on you can effectively dictate the entire battle.

      Discord orb = attack this target now. They’re an immediate threat or high performer that needs to be shut down.

      Tranquility orb = I’m giving this guy a boost to get through the fight. Main healer stick on tank and back line.

      Ult = counter Pharah or Zarya Ults, keep team fighting long enough to reply with ults of their own.


  1. Yay for healers! So often when I watch my husband play, he’s grumbling about not having any healers on his team…while I happily play a healer every time! Support character for life, lol. But I’m trying to get good with at least one character from each group (Atk/Def/etc) so that when I do group up with another healer, I can switch without complaining too much, haha.

    Good luck with Zenyatta! 🙂


    • Support for life!

      I agree though, best to have an option in each bracket. I’m trying out Tracer at the moment too but she is proving really, really tough to get the hang of.

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