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Gamers blog party: your invitation

Are you a gamer who’s looking for an entertaining, creative and charming date this weekend? Then search no more because you’ve come to the right place. What better way to celebrate the start of a few days away from work and the coming of spring by reading awesome new posts and meeting talented blogging friends?

We’ve been fortunate enough to receive several awards since starting Later Levels in December and we’re extremely grateful for everybody’s support. Each time we’re nominated it reminds us how lucky we are to be a part of the WordPress community: we’ve met some lovely people and talented writers, who have given us gaming recommendations which we’ve really enjoyed playing! We’re therefore hosting this gamers blog party to say thank you and give our readers a way to find amazing sites they may not have come across already.

The rules are simple:

  • Think about the posts you’ve written and choose your favourite, or one which was really fun to write. Be a considerate party guest please: any inappropriate or offensive posts won’t be accepted.
  • Say hello in the comments section below and give an introduction to your blog. Provide a link to the post above and explain why you’ve chosen it.
  • Now grab a bowl of nibbles and a glass of something sparkly, and get ready to mingle with your fellow guests! Check back on the comments throughout the day to discover amazing blogs to follow and meet some new blogging friends.

  • Hopefully this blog party will be a way of providing a friendly social hub where people with similar interests can interact and find wonderful posts they’ll enjoy reading. The comments below will be left open until 06:00 GMT on Saturday, 18 March 2017, giving you plenty of opportunity to meet and greet.

    We’ll be sharing the links provided on our social media channels so stay tuned for updates. Have fun!   🎉

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    Video game lover, Later Levels blogger and SpecialEffect volunteer. Big fan of wannabe pirates and fine leather jackets.

    27 thoughts on “Gamers blog party: your invitation Leave a comment

    1. “Hello? Am… Am I early? … I brought cheap off brand Twiglets”

      First up thanks to LaterLevels for suggesting this, it’s always excellent to discover new blogs and bloggers!

      I’m Luke, and I ramble away about various gaming topics over at , usually it’s just things that I’ve been turning over in my mind. My blog became a way for me to consolidate these thoughts without boring guests at the … Erm… many dinner parties I attend 😶. As we’re sharing: Hundstrasse is my sightly dubious translation of Dogstreet into German, Dogstreet being my longheld gamer tag, but occasionally unavailable, so I tend to opt for Hundstrasse now… Oh, and Dogstreet is the name of the bar from the long forgotten Square game for PS2 ‘The Bouncer’ which is one of those titles that I wanted to be excellent, but was actually pretty terrible… So now you know!

      I think my favourite post was my late impressive of Resident Evil 4 because it have me the thinly veiled excuse to talk about my ongoing live affair with the early Resident Evil titles… Be warned, it’s arguably the most controversial post I’ve written 😮.

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      • Thank you for sharing! I am not really a looks both ways before whispering) “Resident Evil Fan” but I really enjoyed the post. Seeing as Resident Evil is a special game to you (thanks to your uncle 🙂 ) I can see why you would want to express your discontent if you came across a game in the series that didn’t sit right. We are protective of the things we love so it’s understandable. I can say the same about Fable III, yes I loveeeeee the Fable Series but te original Fable got me back into gaming. When Fable III made it impossible for me to make choices, I strayed away. Enjoy the party!

        -Luna 🙂

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    2. Great idea, guys – and thanks for the invite. I’m not going to lie, it’s been a while since I was invited to a party.

      Anyway, my name’s James, and I’ve been posting my clumsily stabbed out proto-thoughts about Gaming related shiznizz over at Quickly Tap X for a little while now. As far as hard sells go, that’s not great admittedly, but what can you do!?

      If anybody happens to be a fan of clumsily stabbed out proto-thoughts though, I’m currently embarking upon a series of posts chronicling my first real foray into Hack-ey/Slash-ey RPGs (with The Witcher 3, initially), so if you fancy having a laugh at my expense, you can find “Hello, my name’s James and I’m an RPG n00b: Part One” here.

      (As a fellow Resident Evil fan, I also heartily recommend Hundstrasse’s Resident Evil 4 post too!)

      Once again, great idea and many thanks for the opportunity.

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        • I bought The Witcher 3 on release day and got talked into spending another £15 on a massive guidebook.

          I played about eight hours and then thought ‘It’s no Skyrim is it’.

          I traded it for Fallout 4.

          I might buy it again one day though, the guidebook is still on my shelf for that reason.

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          • I didn’t get really into it until after the first 10 hours, I’d say, and it’s definitely a bit slow to get going. Had I not committed myself to doing the whole n00b series, it’s possible I’d have scked it off, but I’m kind of glad I didn’t now.

            That said though, it’s going to take a back seat for a week or so whilst I start Horizon Zero Dawn (and wrap up Ghost Recon Wildlands)!


            • It did hit some really high points. The quests associated with The Baron were great but it just seemed really fiddly. I spent a lot of time picking flowers and herbs in the hope that I had the right stuff to make oils for my blade.

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              • Yeah, there’s loads of different things going on at the same time, and it takes a bit of getting used to, for sure (I *always* forget about oils and potions).

                I certainly haven’t mastered the combat yet either, but I’m playing on an easy setting, so I’m mostly getting away with just cack-handedly mashing buttons! 😉


      • Lol your post was very interesting! I have not had the chance to play any of the Witcher games, but I hear Witcher 3 is fun but also extremely frustrating. I quit enjoyed your rants and you’ve made a fan out of me. Thank you for sharing! (P.S I noticed that the link wouldn’t work so I just went to your blog and found the post lol. Have a great weekend!

        -Luna 🙂

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        • Cheers, you’re very kind.

          Having chickened out of the higher difficulties, I’ve managed to avoid most of The Witcher 3’s frustration (at least in terms of dying a lot), so I’ve been able to focus mostly on the fun part – and it has been a lot of fun.

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    3. Awesome idea and thank you! I really enjoy meeting new and interesting blogs and this blog party is a great idea to help us connect with each other! Our blog at GamersUnitedGG focuses on geeky and gaming content. I have selected my Halo Wars 2 Tips and Tricks post for this blog party (along with bringing in my favorite Nachos mmmm lol). Thank you for reading and we will definitely return the favor! Have a fantastic day and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

      -Luna 🙂

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    4. Oh, a party invite! Wait, what to wear? Oh, this will do:

      I post over at Upon Completion, where a few of us post as and when we have something to say about gaming and culture and all sorts.
      Today I’m wearing my Fallout 4 post, where I take a quick look at why Fallout 4 doesn’t quite sit right with me, and why I don’t love it as much as the others. Seems to be a theme occurring here?

      Everyone enjoy the party – I brought Pringles.


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      • I really enjoyed this post the first time around… possibly because it echoed many of my own thoughts about the game… but like you, I still spent a good chunk of time last year playing it…

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        • I’m glad you enjoyed it, and it means a lot to hear that you did 🙂
          I’m still playing it, though since I finished the main quest a few days ago (I left it a while to start FFXV), I’m quickly losing interest.

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    5. *Leans against kitchen sink whilst holding small glass of wine he’s been nursing for around half an hour*

      *Inwardly ponders if them things on the plate are just normal sausage rolls or something with chilli in them*

      Hello, my name is Cameron and I’ve only really recently had a blog in which I’ve been able to put some gaming related thoughts into. I’m 36 so doing a Youtube channel and starting each video by shouting “WHAT’SUPYUUUUTTTUUBBEE!” just seemed ridiculous.

      Anyway, here’s a small section of Dragon In The Castle. I wrote about the feelings in football games. Mainly Scotland so the feeling is mostly crushing disappointment.

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      • What wine? Where’s the bottle?

        I had a read of your Skyrim article about you and your son and I love that you and your wife are such because of THPS. Makes for lovely reading 🙂


        • Yeah, our relationship of the last sixteen years (twelve of them married) started with us both trying to 100% The Foundry.

          This would never have happened had we met when RIDE came out.


      • Aw thanks – perhaps it’ll become a semi-regular thing, maybe another one in the summer?

        And we’re kind of glad to be the reason for the delay, although we’re sorry at the same time. 😉

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    6. I stumble in, exhausted, triumphantly clutching a bowl filled with a concoction of beef, rice, white cheddar queso, and taco seasoning.

      “I know I’m late,” I manage to sigh between ragged breaths, “but I brought nachos.”

      A big thanks to the folks at Later Levels for hosting this. It’s a fantastic idea. My name is Ian and I am the writer of a gaming blog called Adventure Rules. I’ve been doing this for about a year and a half now. I’m an avid gamer in both the realms of video games and tabletop roleplaying games, and on my blog I share content dealing with both. My posts are a mix of guides, reviews, and general articles about gaming. The post I thought I’d share today is this:

      This post talks about both subjects I cover on the blog – tabletops and video games – and how my interest in one inspires me concerning the other. If you enjoy it and want to check out some other stuff, at the bottom of that post there are links to a guide and a review. It’s an easy way to explore and learn what Adventure Rules is all about.

      Thanks so much to anyone who decides to read! Meanwhile, I’ve gotta start going through these comments and finding some new folks to follow!

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    7. I’m a little late, but here goes.

      I love to write, about games or otherwise [plug sci-fi book idea]. I like writing reviews though, or making the occasional opinion post. It’s just a hobby for now, but it’d be awesome to be able to take writing on full time. I’ve always been a bit of an Xbox fanboy too, so it has made it difficult to find people that are willing to just let me be me. Granted, I’m not insufferable at least, but I often don’t see eye to eye with others.

      I don’t really have a favorite post, but given that I REALLY enjoyed Horizon: Zero Dawn, I would have to recommend my review of it.

      Really great idea by the way. Looks like I have some networking to do!

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