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Gamely Giving: Ethan’s Mini Marathon

Earlier this year, myself and the rest of the Gamely Giving team participated in a 72-hour stream to raise funds and awareness for the amazing SpecialEffect. This was the longest gaming marathon we’ve ever completed together and it was certainly an eye-opener. Not everything went according to plan and we definitely learnt a few new, tough lessons.

That’s not to say we didn’t enjoy ourselves immensely however whilst also doing our bit for GameBlast17: we managed to raise £832.90, with over £100,000 being donated to the organisation in total during the event. It’s a great achievement for our team despite being a little way off of our £1,000 target but that doesn’t mean we’re sitting back and taking it easy.

Starting at 07:00 GMT tomorrow, I’ll be taking part in Ethan’s Mini Marathon with a group of friends and bloggers in honour of the charity once again. Anyone who has visited Later Levels previously may already have heard of them but for those who haven’t, it’s a fantastic UK-based organisation that helps people with physical disabilities to play video games. They do this using equipment such as modified controllers and eye-control technology, all free-of-charge.

Join us on our Twitch channel from 07:00 GMT until 23:00 GMT tomorrow to witness the following batch of gorgeous gaming delights:

Great games Our event is being hosted by ten-year old Ethan, and under his direction each of our streamers has chosen a family-friendly game so you can watch along with your children. More details and times can be found in our stream schedule.

Big explosions Ethan is a huge fan of Minecraft and has come up with his own unique way of supporting the charity: for every £1 donated, he’ll place a block of TNT on the tower set up in his online world along with a sign showing the supporter’s name. He’ll then light it towards the end of the marathon and see how much destruction it causes – BOOM!

Plenty of feels Everything we’re doing tomorrow is for SpecialEffect and all money raised will go directly to the organisation to enable them to continue their wonderful work. Donations can be made via our JustGiving page or by texting ‘GGGB99 £5’ to 70070, and we’re so grateful for every penny given. Big hugs to those people who have already sponsored us – you’re amazing.

It’s time to reach that £1,000 target! Join us over on the Gamely Giving Twitch channel from 07:00 GMT tomorrow and send us a tweet to give us some encouragement. We really appreciate your support!

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Video game lover, Later Levels blogger and SpecialEffect volunteer. Big fan of wannabe pirates and fine leather jackets.

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