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All about the Loot (Wear)

I finally made the decision to sign up with Loot Crate at the end of April. When Nathan arrived for GameBlast17 wearing an excellent Twin Peaks t-shirt and told me he’d received it as part of the service, it didn’t take much more persuasion to get me to place an order.

There can’t be many people out there who haven’t heard of it but just in case: Loot Crate is a monthly subscription box that contains ‘exclusive collectibles, apparel and gear delivered to your door’. The company partners with industry leaders in entertainment, gaming, sports and pop culture to deliver themed crates and with 14-million going to people in 35 territories across the globe, you can see how popular their service is.

There are a couple of reasons why it took me so long to sign up. My preference is for adventure and RPG video games, along with cheesy films from the 1980s, and so there was a concern I wouldn’t like a lot of the themes the crates focused on each month. On top of that I don’t really read comics or collect figurines, so there could potentially be a number of items I’d never get any use out of.

That’s why I decided to go for the Loot For Her option to ease myself in gently. This contains one apparel item or accessory just for women for around £14 per month, depending on the subscription option you go for. Unfortunately my first delivery was delayed due to ‘items arriving at the warehouse’ so I received it at the beginning of June instead of May – the delay itself didn’t bother me, but more coordinated communication throughout the period from Loot Crate themselves would have been good.

While the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 vest I received isn’t something I’d have chosen for myself, I will say that it’s pretty good in terms of quality. It’s not a top I’d wear day-to-day simply because I’m not a fan of the franchise but it works well as a running vest and didn’t shrink in the wash! To be honest, I’d have preferred the male version as it speaks to my inner 80s geek.

The latest crate was due to be something in connection with Bobs’ Burgers… but it looks as though this has been delayed too. I received an email on 22 June 2017 advising that my package had arrived in the UK 12 days prior but so far nothing has turned up. An email to Loot Crate last weekend resulted in an automated response telling me I should expect a reply within 24-hours; but three days later, I’m still sitting here with nothing. So far from my experience with the company, it seems as if their customer-support is lacking.

Hopefully the third instalment will be more to my taste in terms of franchise and be delivered on time, so I’ll see what arrives and then make a decision as to whether to carry on with my subscription. I kind of like the idea of upgrading to Loot Gaming but I’m not sure many of the themes would appeal to me; the ‘Suit Up’ and ‘Road Rage’ subjects from April and May respectively didn’t provide many items I’d use. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts if you’re currently subscribing to this yourself!

One thing I have gone for though is the limited edition crate featuring Stranger Things. This isn’t due to ship until the end of October 2017 to tie in with the release of season 2 of the series, and is quite expensive at just under £70 considering you don’t know what you’re going to get.

I guess that’s all part of the fun though. It’s like those lucky-dip bags you used to buy with your pocket money when you were a kid: you didn’t know what it was going to hold and there were always something you didn’t like, but the appeal was the mystery. I’ll let you guys know what arrives in the Stranger Things crate later this year.

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14 thoughts on “All about the Loot (Wear) Leave a comment

  1. Wow… That’s really not an interesting crate! To be fair, the only Loot Crate I bought was in their shop, as they were reselling some of their old crates. That one was great, as there wasn’t that element of surprise.

    If I wanted a surprise, I’d grab a $12 (currently $6) grab Bag from teefury:

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  2. There was a period where I subscribed to Loot Crate for about six months. While it was exciting to open each month’s crate, by the end of it, I found myself giving away most of the goodies. They were of quality but didn’t interest me. I did get some awesome shirts and a nice gaming hoodie out of it though. For me, the best crates ended up being the special edition ones. The Star Wars one from a few years ago was particularly worth it.

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    • Yeah, I’m really looking forward to receiving the Stranger Things one later this year. While I like the element of surprise that comes with Loot Crate, it’s nice knowing the the special edition one will contain things I’m very likely to use.

      If the next two Loot Wear deliveries aren’t to my taste (and don’t arrive on time), I’ll probably cancel my subscription and just keep an eye out for the specials.

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  3. I had a one-off LootGaming Crate a while ago to see if I’d like it and that was a month late, seems like it’s a recurring theme! The lateness put me off a bit and then when I got it I was really disappointed with the contents. On its’ way to me there was apparently a fake blood explosion and they had to return it and replace the damaged items and they completely changed the item that had fake blood in it. When I got it half was from stuff I didn’t know. So overall it was OK but I didn’t want to pay that much for a sort of “might get something I like, might not” chance. I like the sound of the Loot For Her one though and it’s only £14, I might try it! I also really like the Groot top you got.

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    • Do you mind me asking what you received in the Loot Gaming crate? I’m still indecisive about it… although I have to say that the delay and lack of communication is kind of putting me off.

      The Groot vest is of a lovely quality – it’s just a shame that the franchise isn’t my cup of tea! I’ll post some pics once the other packages finally arrive.

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      • No not at all! I got a little notebook from Uncharted, a keyring with the Triforce on it, a Dark Souls T-shirt which was nice and I wore it as a pyjama top as I haven’t actually played it but it did get a hole in the sleeve after a bit, and I also got a glass with the Doom logo on it and it was partly red. I can’t remember if I got more, if I did I gave it away. I wasn’t that impressed to be honest but I don’t know what the original item I was supposed to get that exploded was and they didn’t say what they replaced it with so it could have been something good. For £24 I wasn’t too pleased.


        • So there are a couple of items there I may have used… nothing I necessarily would have chosen for myself though. I might have to sign up for a single month just to see what it’s like, but I’m still not completely sold.


  4. I’ve received LootCrate a couple times as gifts and while I like the concept, the randomization of themes was something that always worried me when looking at getting it for myself. I ended up going instead with Smuggler’s Bounty, a Star Wars themed subscription box.


    • If there was a crate that catered for adventure and RPG fans, I’d be right there. Or even a crate that allowed you to specify a number of themes and franchises you were interested in, so you could exclude the stuff you didn’t want.

      I guess that would be a hell of a lot of administration for the company though…!

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      • In terms of geeky sundries, probably. I am looking at a gaming box though called Retro Gaming Treasure, which sends you random retro games monthly. You can set what systems and game types you want so, similar to your idea.


  5. Groot looks sooo cute. I haven’t subscribed to lootwear but I so receive the WWE slamcrates from lootcrte (actually I should have one arriving any day now). I’m sorry that you haven’t had the best experience with customer service. Personally I only needed to contact them once in my year subscribing and my issue was taking care of swiftly and courteously.

    I want to subscribe to lootgaming to check it out, but like you I have some reservations about it. The WWE crates are amazing because I love and watch so much of wrestling that I always receive items that like. I think I will try out lootgaming soon and tell you about it! Thanks for sharing Kim.

    -Luna 😁


    • If you do end up trying out Loot Gaming, I’d be really interested to know what you think of it! I have a feeling I’d like it more than the standard Loot Crate but there are certain genres I’m really not keen on, and so probably wouldn’t use any related items.

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