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Kitacon 2017: a round-up

2017’s Kitacon event took place this weekend at the University of Warwick and it was the first time my other-half and I had been to the convention. I sit here writing this on Sunday evening feeling totally exhausted… but it has nothing to do with cosplay and too much alcohol.

Things didn’t go according to plan and we returned home a day early after receiving a call to let us know that one of our cats was missing. The cat-sitter had been looking for Zelda for 12 hours and was pretty distraught so the best thing for us to do was to head back – and I’m relieved to say that Pete and I managed to track her down. She was covered in dust and cobwebs after getting herself stuck in our old garage, but other than that she’s completely fine; thank you so much to everyone for all the kind tweets.

That little disaster sadly meant we didn’t get to see as much of Kitacon as we’d planned, I didn’t get the chance to wear my Eleven and Velma costumes, and I didn’t take as many photographs as I’d hoped. But we managed to fit in a couple of panels along with the cosplay masquerade and there are plenty of photos of that in the gallery below. There are some things I’d like to write about so there’ll be a few posts dedicated to the convention this week but for now, I’m getting my head down and catching up on some sleep.

Kitacon 2017 photo gallery

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Video game lover, Later Levels blogger and SpecialEffect volunteer. Big fan of wannabe pirates and fine leather jackets.

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  1. This looks like so much fun! It’s a shame that you didn’t get to wear your costumes, maybe next time? I saw the Link with the boat at Comic Con in May, it’s an amazing cosplay! What were the pole dancers doing there? I only ask because I do that too (although more just the fitness side of it, I can’t dance to save my life), were they in cosplay as well?


    • The boat was excellent – we saw Link driving it around the university campus all day! We’ve just bought tickets for Comic Con in October so hopefully I’ll get to wear one of the costumes then; but my stepson has his heart currently set on us all doing a Bill & Ted cosplay together (he just wants an excuse to do his impressions).

      The pole-dancers took part in a cabaret on the first night at Kitacon. Tim from GeekOut South-West told me the acts were all attendees who had volunteered so I was kind of disappointed they didn’t do the show in their cosplay, I think it would have really added something special!


      • I’m wondering about the October comic con. Not sure if I’m going or not yet. It will be great to see your costumes though! Billand Ted would be really funny!

        It would have been great if they did it in cosplay, nevermind! I’dlove to do a geeky inspired routine, if I could dance and looked reasonably elegant that is


        • My stepson wants him and my other-half to go as Bill and Ted; a friend of ours to go as Death; and me to go as a Wyld Stallyns roadie. I’m thinking I’m going to need the guitar sound-effect on constant standby.

          Kickstarter idea: Cosplay Cabaret!!

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          • Just to add my two pence here; you’d have to wear a costume that’s specifically suited to pole dancing. The issue with costumes is there’s often a flowy bit; or you have long hair; or you have that one bit of cosplay that’s just too loose.

            On the plus side, there was a Cruella De Vil cosplayer who did a burlesque show, along with a fem! Captain America and one other which sadly escapes my brain at the moment πŸ™‚


            • Oh yeah, I’d forgotten about Cruella de Vil – she was very good! The Captain America and Nightwing costumes looked like those I’ve seen at burlesque shows, so I’m guessing they were made specifically for dancing and then adapted slightly to resemble the character.

              Well done to the pole-dancer with really long hair: if that was me, I’d have been tangled up within the first 30 seconds.


  2. Sorry you had to leave early, but I’m glad Zelda is okay! Looks like you had a good time overall though πŸ™‚


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