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Gamers blog party: autumn 2017 invitation

Autumn officially starts today so that means colder days, longer nights and preparations for Halloween and Christmas! But before we get wrapped up in cosy blankets, it’s time for our latest blog party here at Later Levels. There’s no better way to celebrate the start of the weekend as well as meet some new blogging friends and read their awesome posts.

The rules are simple:

🎉   Arrive at the party: don’t be shy – say hello and introduce yourself in the comments below! Give an introduction to your blog to welcome new readers and let us know what you’re all about.

🎉   Present your gift: think about the posts you’ve written during the past three months and choose your favourite or one which was fun to write. Leave a link to it in your comment and explain why you’ve picked it.

🎉   Show off your costume: Halloween may be a little way off yet but who doesn’t love dressing up? That’s why we’re going with a fancy-dress theme for this party. Tell us who or what you’ve come dressed as and why.

🎉   Mingle: grab yourself a drink and cocktail sausage or two, and get to know your fellow guests! Check back on the comments throughout the day to discover excellent sites and meet new bloggers.

🎉   Party all day: the comments below will be open until 06:00 GMT on Saturday, 22 September 2017 so you’ve got plenty of time to meet and greet. Plus we’ll be sharing your posts on our social media channels!

These blog party events are our way of giving something back to the amazing WordPress community and showing our appreciation for all of your support. We’ve met some lovely people and talented writers over the past nine months; here’s a little thank you and a way of finding some great blogs you may not have come across already.

Have fun – and excuse me while I grab some more ice for the drinks and turn the music up louder!

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Video game lover, Later Levels blogger and SpecialEffect volunteer. Big fan of wannabe pirates and fine leather jackets.

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  1. Yo! C. Nuan from Spoils of Lore, where are jam is game lore, theories, and nonsense with a saucy secret ingredient of spoilers (super secret, Maxwell Smart secret–don’t ask what the secret ingredient is; no one will tell you). Bought a thick slice of “Life is Strange” theory to chew on (, and I’m hoping not to get it on my the front of my flannel shirt as I’ve chosen the super cool–and easy, so sue me–costume of Rowdy Roddy Piper from “They Live” (still looking for a punchy but steadfast Keith David, yo!). Handing out virtual sunglasses to the first hundred rebels~

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    • Considering you’re the first guest to arrive, I think we can overlook the ‘easy’ costume – and besides, it’s Rowdy Roddy Piper! 😉

      I haven’t finished Life is Strange yet; I got halfway through the second episode and had to put it down because it was a bit too ‘heavy’ and I wasn’t in the right frame of mind at the time. I’ll definitely be going back to it at some point in the near future though!

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  2. Ahoy! My name is Brad from Cheap Boss Attack, of which I am the sole contributor 99.9% of the time. I focus primarily on reviews, but regularly post a weekly wrap-up to see what everybody’s gaming plans are for the weekend. I used to do how-to guides for WoW, Neverwinter, and RPGs like Dragon’s Dogma, but being a full-time student now (in my thirties, no less) doesn’t leave room for all the bells and whistles — so yeah, reviews. I cover a lot of modern releases, though not the major ones. My interests are primarily adventure games (both new-school and point-and-clicks), RPGs, and survival horror.

    My costume would have to be the purple and blue NES Jason Voorhees from the so-bad-it’s-amazing Friday the 13th. I love the game to death, despite its many glaring flaws, and there’s just something hilariously great about Jason’s absurd color palette.

    Looking over my posts, my “gift” would have to be my review of the original Syberia after experiencing it for the first time 15 years after its release:

    I look forward to meeting all sorts of rad, new gaming bloggers and having more content to follow. The WP gaming community has been steadily building over the years (with many sites shutting down without notice), so kudos to putting this together.

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    • Aah it’s my pleasure! I’ve met so many lovely people here over the past nine months and it’s nice to be able to give something back.

      I intended to start streaming Syberia all the way from the beginning, but the first game doesn’t seem to like OBS so I didn’t get very far. I’ve since bought a capture card so I’ll have to get back onto that at some point – I haven’t played the second or third games yet, so I’m looking forward to it!

      It’s almost Halloween so someone had to turn up as Jason – and the fact that it’s the NES version just makes it that much better. 😂

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      • Likewise! I’ve been here at CBA since 2011 and ran a fairly popular World of Warcraft raiding blog for 6 years prior to that, so WordPress is like a second home for me lol.

        I hear this year’s Syberia 3 kinda sucks, which is super disappointing, but I plan on picking it up when the price plummets on Steam. Some day.

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        • I heard that it was kind of bad too… but I have this weird thing with video games where I *have* to start a series at the beginning and not part-way through, and play *all* of the instalments. Regardless of how terrible they are. 😂

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            • I swear I will one day own a shirt that says, “WTFRagnar” XD Love the first one, but the sequels are interesting social commentary regarding developers, publishers, art, and the bottom line :\

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              • I had the chance to watch a presentation by Ragnar and Martin Bruusgaard at an expo a few years ago while they were still developing Dreamfall Chapters. At the end they accepted questions from the audience and I really wanted to ask about the combat element of the second game…

                …but I’m ashamed to say I totally chickened out in front of a crowd!

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                • I don’t think the answer would’ve been very elaborate; I actually kinda understood its inclusion, considering the year of development of the second game and its contemporaries. But, as the LoreHound I am, there are just so many other things that set my bristles on end XD, especially when TLJ was not only lovely but revolutionary in its own way.

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    • When you say a how-to of Neverwinter is that the MMO Neverwinter rather than the single player game? Just because I tried the MMO and struggled quite a bit and I’m always a bit tempted to give it another go but I’m a bit intimidated by it. Is your guide still around?

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        • I’ll see if I still have it in my PS4 library, I might have deleted it, what made me quit was that I wanted to do some dungeons of my level and I kept being put with players that were stupidly high levels and they would just sprint through, kill everything before I even got there and get to the end within about 2 minutes, it was so frustrating. I found the multiplayer side of it quite hard but I think it’s harder on PS4 because the chat is difficult unless you have a headset.

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          • Yeah, I only really played on PS4 and Xbox One where communication was difficult. I have a USB keyboard that I used to type in party chat and guild chat, which helped a lot, but I did notice most folks won’t reply because typing on a controller really, really sucks.

            I don’t recall ever being grouped with other players that were absurdly higher level than me, since each dungeon has its own level spread. Maybe give it another shot? If dungeons aren’t working out, there are tons of skirmishes (mini-events) and quests to do until you reach max level, where level will no longer play a factor.

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  3. Heeeeey! I’m Chris, and I do a thing called OverThinker Y which is mostly about overanalysing games but also about music, philosophy and the Great British Bake Off. As such, I have come dressed as the bread from I Am Bread, and will proceed to awkwardly flop around the party!

    My favourite post (of my own) of the last few months is probably the one on what we can learn about ourselves from gaming (I think Athena did a really similar one recently too?) – although the Musical Mayhem ones have been really fun too!

    Also, shoutout to Blogger Blitz, the most entertaining thing happening right now.

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    • And the award for the best fancy-dress costume goes to… definitely Chris!

      Thanks so much for letting me be a part of the Musical Mayhem series! I still need to use the music you made for me in a video (if that’s ok with you)… I have an idea for it but just need to find the time to put it all together. 🙂

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    • I love the Great British Bake Off, who do you think is going to win? My money is on Julia after the amazing snail fiasco, she seems so nice too. Awesome choice of costume as well, hope you make it to the toaster by the end of the party. Your post is really interesting, I always get annoyed when people say that video games are mindless entertainment because then it’s like saying watching TV/Movies or reading are mindless entertainment as well, it’s just a different way of interacting with a story, like you said, and video games have even proved to enhance memory, coordination, problem solving…

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      • I think Kate’s a dark horse in this one. I actually do weekly reviews of each episode of GBBO – the latest one is riiiiiiiight…. here!

        I think Julia could do well, too – based on previous years, the finalists are usually That One Guy Who’s Annoyingly Good (Steven, this year), then a couple who’ve just been pretty solid the whole way through but haven’t really hit their full potential. So on that basis I guess I’d call the final now as being Steven, Kate and Julia… or possibly even Yan, if she can be more consistent. (I’d really love Yan to be there!)

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        • Kate is good, you’re probably right on the dark horse front there. I think Steven may have started off well but he has a few weaknesses that will catch him out further down the line. Will be interesting to see if you’re right! You should have a prediction post! I’m kind of hoping Liam will make it because he’s so sweet but I don’t think that will happen unless he suddenly gets really good.

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  4. *bumbles into the room wearing a blue suit and red tie, knocks over a table and all the drinks and flings his gift of monster munch everywhere and warbles incoherently*

    … Sorry… I decided to come as Octodad… Because he’s just a normal guy like me… 😮

    Hi! I’m Luke from and I ramble about various gaming things and whatnot. I’ve brought with me this piece I wrote back in August about that lying blue hedgehog and his false claims of velocity, enjoy!

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  5. Hello there, I’m Dragon’s Tea Party, I have painted my scales and adjusted my spikes to dress up as famous Skyrim dragon Alduin inspired by a Skyrim-Themed Party chat with Kim from Later Levels earlier, I might be a little too big to fit through the door but I’ll poke my head through a window or something.
    My blog is full of video game themed angry rants, observations, a bit of cosplay and just me chatting about general games I am currently playing. Here is my favourite, recent post which got a lot of love from everyone and which was really fun to write, it’s all about my fleeting romance with a dove, please enjoy!:

    Thank you to our lovely Later Levels host for making this event, it’s a great idea!

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  6. Hello all! I’m Pix1001 and I write Shoot the Rookie, a games blog about being rubbish at video games. I may occasionally stray into writing about anime, and possibly publishing fanfic, but that hasn’t happened yet thankfully.
    I’m currently dressed as a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster, but as there seems to be a bit of trouble with wasps in my office, the lemon is causing a bit of a problem.
    Really enjoying having a look at some of these blog posts, great stuff guys! My most recent post is about rhythm action games, and it was nice to write as it brought back good memories of staying up all night teaching myself how to play guitar hero:
    Thanks to Later Levels for the event, I think I’m supposed to be working right now, but I might just stick around here and drink coffee

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  7. Hi ClanGeek here, just 1 guy with 1 million geeky passions from gaming to reading and DnD mixed with a sprinkling or lore and art. Brought quite a heavy gift here my first impressions of Hellblade an amazing game tackling a tricky subject full of raw emotion and set in the amazing historic time of vikings and celts!

    I’ve come dressed as the true personification of horror with sickly yellow hair and a whiny voice; The Adoring Fan from Elder Scrolls Oblivion (Took me ages to get the hair right!)

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  8. Hey! So I blog over at TheGamingDiaries and am quite new to the whole blogging lark so my posts so far have been a few thoughts on games I have played, what I play each month, games I look forward to and experiences. I have other types of posts planned, but not written yet, so its basically a place for my thoughts on games and gaming things.

    Since I only started blogging last month I don’t have many posts to pick from but I leave this one because the memory makes me laugh as I love seeing people and their interactions with games, especially when they don’t play games themselves. Also I do wonder if they ever came to an agreement.

    So you said costume, well I have come as a Pokemon trainer because that’s what I have been playing most recently and my brain has gone completely blank as I need to dash off again. I shall return later to have a look at all the party-goers blogs as this is such a fun idea.

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    • An excellent post to share, thank you for bringing it! It still amazes me how little some parents are aware of what their children are playing. As you say, it’s important to look at games yourself and figure out whether they’re appropriate – and make those decisions as a united parental unit.

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      • It is really important to have a discussion, agree on what is appropriate, and also to consider what the game is like even if as parents you aren’t interested yourself but some level of interest to know what is being played is important. It isn’t the only time that you see that sort of thing which is unfortunate, but when you talk to some parents about the games they don’t seem interested to know what they are considering are actually like either. Not all parents as I’ve spoken to some and they have been pretty worried about what the games are actually like and glad to have another opinion not from someone working in that shop who might just want a sale.

        Thanks for hosting this blog party too! I now have so many more to read which is great.


        • I think the best way to deal with it is to get involved with your children. Know what they’re playing and don’t leave it to an age-rating on some packaging; find out for yourself whether the content within a video game is suitable and if the difficulty level matches their skill set. Not only will you a greater awareness of gaming, you’ll also be spending some quality time with your kid. 😉

          Thanks so much for stopping by, glad you enjoyed it!


  9. Greetings! I’m Scott, and my blog is Insert Memory Card, a name which took me far too long to come up with. To my shame I’ve been far less involved with my blog and the wider community in the last few months, but recently I’ve started reading, writing and contributing again, and I’m honestly a lot happier for doing so.
    I write about video games, posting a mix of reviews and general musings. I’m planning to branch out and talk about other areas of pop culture, and even try my hand at a little fiction, writing some (very) short stories. I’m a doctor, training to become a GP, and I’m putting some of my medical knowledge to use in a new series over-analysing some of the nastiest video game injuries. You can read the first in the series here, if you like:
    I’ve come dressed as Shaun from Shaun of the Dead, because it’s a stupidly easy costume to make and because it’s my favourite film ever. I’ll be found around the food, drinking and spilling beer, and generally making a tit of myself. Many, many thanks to Later Levels for such a wonderful, inclusive idea for people to get to know each other and discover new and interesting writing.

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    • haha! I checked out the link, funny stuff!

      I’m going to be that guy and request some stuff I’d like to see broken down by your diagnosis.

      1) Heavy Rain – During the game, Ethan Mars sustains several injuries. I can’t way why without getting to spoilery, but some of them are pretty intense. Would be funny to see a realistic take on what he went through.

      2) Metal gear 3 snake eater – at the start of the game in the opening sequence, Snake comes face to face with big boss, and the battle leaves him from what I remember, several broken bones and a bad tumble of a bridge. To what lead to him only healing bandaging himself up. This would be a fun read to.

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      • Thanks for the suggestions! I’m always open to feedback. I remember that part in Snake Eater, I’m terrible at Metal Gear games so I didn’t get much further than that first sequence but Snake’s injuries did stick with me. I’ll see what I can do to break them down in future.

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    • I shared this post last week, but it definitely deserves another share – so it has just received the social media treatment! Do you have another character in mind for the next instalment in the series yet? 🙂


  10. I show up to the party in an oversized green sweater that covers my whole body with sleeves too long for my arms, and a green ball cap with rabbit ears. Or should I say, RABBID ears! I am dressed, of course, as the best character in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, Rabbid Luigi.

    My name is Ian Shepard and I am hear to talk about my blog, Adventure Rules! I’m happy to see lots of unfamiliar faces at this blog party and I have enjoyed checking out your posts. As for what I do? I share opinion pieces about video games, as well as occasionally doing reviews and guides. I’m also in the final stages of a huge community event, but that’s not what I’m going to share today.

    I’ve blogged eclectically about tabletop roleplaying games throughout my years here, but recently I’ve returned to the hobby after a hiatus and it has inspired me to write multiple posts about TTRPGs. I’d love to meet more gamers who are into this hobby and to talk to them about their experiences with roleplaying, so in the interest of that I’ll share this article on RPGs that make roleplaying a rule rather than an option, and whether or not that’s even a good idea.

    Of course, if you’re not into tabletops and just want to read stuff about video games, feel free to use that link to reach my archives and whatnot!

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  11. Hi guys, Nerd Speaker here! I started my blog way back in 2014 in the desert that is Google Blogger. Then I fell off it completely until I brought it back to WordPress this year and found my people! I write about games, but also anything else nerdy that I feel like writing about: cartoons, comics, tabletop… all the things.

    With the SNES Classic coming out next week and the pandemonium of morning lineups outside of stores imminent, I’d like to share my post reflecting on the NES and SNES Classic. Essentially, why we keep forgiving Nintendo despite their obnoxious business practices.

    Nintendo has us shoved in its bag of nostalgia (and yes, this is a Nebby from Pokemon Sun and Moon reference):

    I always enjoy a good party! Looking forward to meeting some new nerdy bloggers!

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  12. Hi. I’m Rob and I like them Vidya Games that’re all the rage. I’m dressed as happiness because I’ve just finished work for the weekend. Now where’s that waiter with my distilled alcohol?

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  13. Hello there!

    I’ve arrived by jumping over various bits of the furniture to the beat of whatever music happens to be playing at the time. That’s the extent of my Vib Ribbon cosplay.

    My name is Cameron, I’m 36 (which feels really old next to the current games blogging, YouTube group) and I live in the South West of Scotland. Basically I’m within spitting distance of England.

    Not that I’d want to be spitting towards England…

    Not being a thundering Scottish nationalist…

    But I did vote yes in 2014…

    Anyway, digging a hole here.

    I write a games blog called Dragon In The Castle which isn’t a frequent as I’d like because I’m trying to write a book at the moment. The blog post I’m probably most proud of recently is one I’ve done about my Son discovering Breath of the Wild.

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  14. Hello, my name’s James and I do my blogging at

    I’ve come dressed as Chloe Freakin’ Frazer because a) she’s amaze-balls and because, b) it acts as a wee segue* into the piece I’ma link to, which is a big old paean to said character. Because she’s amaze-balls.

    *I’m aware that the cost of that segue may well be that I’ll be spending the rest of the party on my own in the kitchen (me in tight jeans and top is quite off-putting), but that pretty much always happens anyway, so at least I’ve got an excuse this time.

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  15. Hey everyone!! I’m finally here. Thanks for the reminders on Twitter, I almost missed this but glad I finally showed up!

    My name is Imtiaz and I run the blog Power Bomb Attack. It’s a blog I started earlier this year for the sole purposes of giving my stab at writing about video games, and finding others with similar passions of video games to interact and share with. Since then, it’s become a fun place for me to share reviews, thoughts on general gaming topics, and even dabble a bit on some of my favourite tv shows and other interests outside of gaming. I’ve also gotten the chance to meet many people through here and see many other great blogs on a daily basis.

    And guess what? That’s right! I brought you all a gift, and that is…

    My favourite post I did in recent memory, my Top 10 Happies. This was initially inspired by Athena Veta’s post where she shared her top 10 things that make her happy, and had a call out to all bloggers to share their similar list. So that I did, and I not only had a great time writing and sharing all the things outside of gaming I love, but I loved everyones comments talking about common interests we have and having people shares their similar lists, whether it be in comments or as posts as well. Very fun few days sharing all of this.

    Oh what’s that you ask? My costume? What you mean you totally don’t get why I dressed up all black with a cape and giant red ES on my chest? I’ll tell you why. I am Evil Superman. Or at least my rendition of it. How did this come to be? Well, one day at work my hair came a bit out of place where some strands were hanging down my forehead. Someone commented saying I looked like Christopher Reeves. And then someone else said that I’m Evil Superman, because I have a beard. So that sparked my idea, or rendition of what this could be. I’m dressed in all black with a black cape, because what isn’t more evil than that? The red ES is for obvious reasons, like Superman, I need to represent my brand. Oh and my hair? Well, it’s not hanging down per se like Christopher Reeves right now, but instead I’ve styled it to look like devil horns. Gotta sport the whole package right? And for a small touch, I’ve completed the outfit with a nice subtle detail using red contact lenses. So there you have it! EVIL SUPERMAAAAN!!

    Anyways, I’ve done with talking about myself. Time to mingle with you fine people today, but wait… is that? Yes it is!!! A bowl of potato crisps (because this is UK based)! My favourite!!!

    *Grabs the bowl selfishly and evily for himself and starts chowing down*


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  16. *sidles into the crowded room, trying to keep my Grey Warden sword from poking anybody* Will anyone recognize me with elf ears and painted-on Dalish vallaslin? I’ve unsurprisingly dressed as a Dalish elf Grey Warden from Dragon Age: Origins, complete with griffons on my chest plate haha. And man, is armor heavy.

    Anyway, I’m Athena from AmbiGaming, where I am on what some call a video game relevancy crusade. Yeah. I talk about games and relate them to different psychological and social concepts, with the occasional rant, mixology, and fangirling thrown in (haha).

    A lot of what I write can be pretty heavy, and not at all what one might want to talk about at a party, but my gift is an article that wouldn’t have been possible without the wonderful people who stop by AmbiGaming and who humbled me with their trust. So, I come bearing an article about how video games help us cope with stress:

    Now I’m off to mingle! *eyes Imtiaz monopolizing the chi-… crisps*

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    • Hey Athena – nice sword!

      Every time I read one of your posts, I end up learning something new. We all need a bit of positivity and it’s articles like the one you’ve shared which help promote video games as more than just entertainment. Massive high-fives to everyone who contributed to it. 🙂


  17. Whoa, just in time! These are fun, I’m glad I was able to sneak in in time!

    I come rollin’ in dressed as Simon Greedwell from the classic arcade game Sunset Riders. Why? Because it’s the last thing I played, I get to utter amazing one liners like “BURY ME WITH MY MONEY”, and I always had a penchant for selecting costumes with references a little too deep and subtle (RIP, that year I went as Artie, the Strongest Man in the World from the Adventures of Pete and Pete and literally everyone thought I was Where’s Waldo 😦

    My blog, ReturnTo8Bit, (obviously) covers a lot of retro gaming with some current twists mixed in, such as my addiction to Overwatch. This summer, I had a lot of fun breaking down all 46 classic Mega Man bosses and ranking them based on a few different variables, such as music, gameplay and style. Here’s the top 14!:

    I’ve met a lot of great people in this community so far, and see a bunch on this thread. Already discovered several more I had yet to find, so that is always a plus!

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    • Ahhhh, Sunset Riders – what a classic! I still find myself humming that awesome intro tune now and again – remember being floored by how cool the sound-sampling was with that beautiful Spanish guitar at the end(and the chickens!) 😎

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  18. I’m honestly more of a sit in a dark corner and drink too much type, but I see several cool people I know here so I guess I can stop being so anti-social for once (but I’m still gonna drink too much)!

    I write many posts chronicling my unapologetically childish hobbies (retro games, comics, shows/movies, and such) on my site Virtuanaut and game reviews and such at A Most Agreeable Pastime. One of my personal favorite posts is
    which will direct you to both places, where I ramble on about The Witness and why we do the things we do in games. You’ll probably be able to tell from that whether you find me to be agreeable or a pretentious loudmouth.

    I would most likely be wearing something like this, the last Halloween costume I wore:

    Now I’ll be over there by Hundstrasse, trying to confuse him with conflicting reports of Sonic the Hedgehog having infinite speed or destroying planets by going too fast, just because.

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    • Loving the Halloween costume – thanks so much for sharing a photo! 😀

      The Witness was a game that I loved and hated in equal measure: it frustrated me to the point of rage-quitting and yet I couldn’t stop going back to it because something just sucked me in. I tried to sit down to write about it once I’d (finally) finished, but there were just too many (conflicting) thoughts to get into one post. Really enjoyed reading your article!

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  19. Wow! Awesome idea. I followed all of the blogs here. I am always looking for more good blogs to follow.

    I write at The Triple Option. I mostly do posts about gaming and television. Been a little slow writing over the summer, but here is a review of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild I was happy with from back in July:

    I’ve been replaying Jak and Daxter and it has reminded me how much I love Samos’ character design, so I will arrive clomping about on my log shoes and trying not to fall over due to my giant log hat 🙂

    Really cool of you to do this sort of post!

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    • It really is my pleasure – it’s been lovely getting to ‘meet’ some new bloggers and seeing what their favourite posts are! There’ll be another blog party in December and I’m looking forward to it already. 😀


  20. This is a great idea Kim!

    I’m Nick the Gent, from – reviews and features on games old and new!

    Just getting back into blogging so this one’s easy – the only article I’ve written in the last 3 months!

    I recently finished Red Dead Redemption on PS3, and wanted to talk about how great the music was – you can hear the influence of Ennio Morricone.

    Halloween costume? Probably Gordon Freeman – in his lab coat. It might be a bit tricky to put together a HEV suit in time for Halloween, but a lab coat, nerdy glasses, a crowbar, and a goatee I can manage!

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    • Aw man… listening to some of the tracks in your post just makes me want to play Red Dead Redemption again now.

      *no response*

      Oh right… Gordan Freeman costume. 😉

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  21. *walks in dressed as a red mage in a red mage costume*

    Hi, linguaphiles! Sorry I’m late. It’s awesome to see so many showed up. Thanks to LaterLevels for hosting! I brought some pretentious dip for everyone but I didn’t bring any chips to go with it. Because it’s pretentious dip.

    I’m from representing a global team of writers focusing on just the games, politics and drama aside. We’re always looking for more contributors and more conversationalists (who isn’t?), and our ultimate goal is to help revive civil discussion in the realm of gaming journalism and the community. A billion times community. I recently tried to put this vision down in words:

    Anyone else play SteamWorld Dig 2 yet? I did it, retro games, indie games, AAA games,games from any era on any platform… I am a red mage after all: okay at everything and the master of nothing in particular! Enjoy the party and thanks again, Kim!

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    • I really admire your site and objectives (and am kinda jealous of the costume too). Both gaming journalism and the community have so much more potential than simply rolling from one controversy to the next. With a little support and respect for one another – as well as sites like The Well-Red Mage leading the way – the future is looking bright.

      I wish all the Mages every success! 🙂

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      • Well thank you very much for the kind words. Together we can all do our part to build the kind of gaming community and journalism that we want to see. Bringing people together is a big part of that and you’re on the front lines! Thank you for this event and keep up the good work!

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  22. What a cool idea? Didn’t hear about this ’til just now, so hope I’m not too late. I’ve arrived in my He-Man costume. Which some of you may have seen two years ago at ConnectiCon. Costumes are expensive, and so I keep them for repurposing.

    Anyway I do a game review blog I’ve been doing them for a few years through community sites, and failed blog sites like the defunct Retro Retreat which was a collective of local friends. What do I review? Whatever I’m currently playing, or using. Sometimes I’ll do an editorial in lieu of a review. But I try to get at least something up every week. I tend to like some of the more obscure titles in gaming so there are a number of those that get looked at.

    Over the last few months I think I liked my Commodore 64 guide the best, seeing how It’s my favorite platform, and there are so many great things on it. It is as important as the 2600 or the NES in my opinion.
    Hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

    I’ve befriended many great people thanks to WordPress, so I look forward to checking some more stuff out.

    In addition to video games I like Masters Of The Universe, many facets of Rock n’ Roll (Everyone listen to The Mr. T Experience), Pro Wrestling, animation, Cheeseburgers, Pizza, and Craft Beer. I’m not one for long walks on the beach, but I am down for coffee.

    Liked by 2 people

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