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One Lovely Blog: meet and greet

Earlier this month, the lovely ClanGeek nominated Later Levels for the One Lovely Blog Award. Head over to the ClanGeek site for a mix of posts on subjects such as gaming, reading, fantasy and more – and be sure to check out this one comparing level one to level one-hundred (more about that later).

There’s a part of blogging awards like this I really like: their rules usually state that you have to share a bit about yourself, your blogging history, or advice for new writers. But there’s also a bit I don’t like: there’s normally a requirement to nominate a certain number of other bloggers in return. How on earth can I select just a few when I’ve met so many awesome people this year that deserve your follow?

That’s why I’d like to do this post a little differently (and I hope this is ok with ClanGeek!). I’d like to ask everyone reading this to add their mark by leaving their answers to the following random questions in the comments below, so we can get to know each other a little better. Hopefully it will act as a channel that enables us to find others with similar interests, and increase the number of bloggers they follow!

  • Location
  • Currently playing
  • Video game setting you’d most like to visit
  • Video game character you’d most like to meet
  • Whether you prefer level one or level 100 (see ClanGeek’s post)
  • What you want for Christmas
  • A piece of advice for new bloggers
  • A link to your favourite post on your site

  • It isn’t right to ask something I wouldn’t feel comfortable answering myself, so it would only be fair of me to share my answers too. Here goes:

  • Essex, in the south-east of the UK
  • The Elder Scrolls Online
  • The island from The Witness
  • Murray the skull
  • Level one
  • This Rapture jacket
  • Write because you have something to say, not because you need something to post
  • The hardest co-op

  • A big thank you once again to ClanGeek for the nomination, and to you lovely people for all of your support. I look forward to seeing your answers below!

    Kim View All

    Video game lover, Later Levels blogger and SpecialEffect volunteer. Big fan of wannabe pirates and fine leather jackets.

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    1. This is a nice idea I think!

      Location: Solihull, Central England
      Currently playing: Conarium
      Video game setting you’d most like to visit: None of them! Something terrible always seems to happen. Maybe Stanley’s Office?
      Video game character you’d most like to meet: Me from the XCOM games. Just so I can apologise.
      Whether you prefer level one or level 100: Very contextual this. I’ll go for higher levels as I like the idea of accessing the best abilities.
      What you want for Christmas: Time!
      A piece of advice for new bloggers: Write what you care about. There will be people who want to read it. Just give it time.
      A link to your favourite post on your site: Probably my most recent one as I find the topic of developer tricks interesting:

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    2. Great idea!

      Location – the cold and wet outskirts of Rochdale

      Currently playing – just finished Golden Axe 2

      Video game setting you’d most like to visit – Mobius 1991…so I can warn Sonic that 3D and letting your friends be in games is a bad idea…

      Video game character you’d most like to meet – Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes. I figure we could watch some wrestling before he goes to assassinate people.

      Whether you prefer level one or level 100 – Level 100. It’s near the end, which is always the goal!

      What you want for Christmas – lots of PSN/VC credit

      A piece of advice for new bloggers – just write. You can always improve bad writing, but you can’t improve a blank page…

      A link to your favourite post on your site – I don’t have a favourite, but this blog post is a warning to future generations re Flintstones on the Master System so consider it my good deed for the day!

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    3. Good Morning! Coffee? … Fresh Juice? …. Hot pastry? Well, whilst breakfast is underway I’ll gladly answer your questions:

      Why, I’m in the town of Elgar and spring water; Malvern in Worcestershire

      Currently playing a handful of things on and off, but mostly Fortnite: Battle Royale in recent days

      I think I’d like to visit the route zero in Kentucky, maybe take a boat along the echo

      I think that many of my favourite characters would be fairly poor company to hang out with… Maybe Max from Sam and Max

      Level one or one hundred you say? Well I’d… Oh, I see you’re out of coffee, let me just get that for you…

      Ah, the festive season approaches! There was a recent Kickstarter for a Resident Evil 2 board game that we funded, but it was a bit on the expensive side, so I’m not sure I’ll be in luck there.

      Try to have a schedule, it’ll nudge you along on those weeks when you’re struggling to write something.

      All my blogographs are important to me… But I think I’m feeling nostalgic today, so I’ll go for this look back to Sonic the Hedgehog on Game Gear.

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      • I wouldn’t necessarily say that Max would be ‘poor’ company. ‘Impulsive’, perhaps. Even ‘extreme’. And maybe ‘violent’ too…

        …Ok. I get your point.

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    4. Thank you for the kind mentions in your post! And I love the way you have tweaked the award. I have answered some in my own post but what’s the harm in doing it again 🙂

      Location: Cumbria (North West England)
      Video game setting I’d like to visit: Elder Scrolls
      Character I’d most like to meet: clem from Walking Dead!
      Level I prefer: level 1
      What I want for Christmas: chocolate and video games
      Advice for new bloggers: well everyone’s said it but just write and see what happens, write because it interests you and no other reason!
      Link to my favourite post: if you want to check any out Kim’s post kindly offers some links to mine!

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    5. This is a great idea!

      Location – Exeter, South West England
      Currently playing – Horizon Zero Dawn and Overcooked
      Video game setting you’d most like to visit – uhhhh this is hard ‘cos the beautiful ones always have something horribly wrong with them. Maybe Rapture or Columbia, but with the caveat that NOTHING CAN GO BAD WHILE I’M THERE
      Video game character you’d most like to meet – Faith from Mirror’s Edge, just to watch her do her thing and maybe learn some parkour from her or something
      Level one or level 100 – I like blasting through stuff with infinite power at level 100… but I couldn’t do it forever. Level 1 challenge runs, though, are always fun.
      What you want for Christmas – SNES Classic, except no stock. More realistically, the new Phillip Pullman book.
      A piece of advice for new bloggers – have fun and take breaks if you’re getting burned out; don’t keep slogging away to the point that you hate it.
      A link to your favourite post on your site – Probably this one, which several blogomates got involved with, about what we can learn from games.

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      • You’re playing Overcooked too? If you manage to figure out a good strategy for the split-kitchen with the conveyor belts, please let us know – it’s driving us crazy!

        Really looking forward to the new Philip Pullman. I read the first book in the series at Christmas followed by the others in quick succession, so it’s the perfect time of year for it. 🙂


    6. I like the discussion idea, it’s like a mini blog party! Lots of English bloggers so far! I’ll add to that 🙂

      Location: Bournemouth
      Currently playing: Minecraft (please help me, I can’t stop)
      Video game setting you’d most like to visit: Outset Island in WindWaker
      Video game character you’d most like to meet: Probably Khelgar from Neverwinter Nights 2, my video game bestie. We’d go on a bar crawl, get involved in a random adventure, save the world… Good times.
      Whether you prefer level 1 or level 100: Level 1
      What you want for Christmas: A Nintendo Switch! That might be a bit ambitious though so… Lots of really nice food that I can eat while binge watching Xmas movies
      A piece of advice for new bloggers: Don’t let the amount of followers you have dictate how you manage your blog, if you don’t think you have enough then don’t panic, just keep writing about what you want, when you want. Write for you and no one else and eventually people will find you.
      A link to your favourite post on your site: I had loads of lovely responses from this one recently and I’m pleased to say they’ve all really helped me to de-stress and settle into my gaming routine:

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    7. Congratulations on the well deserved award, thank you for the opportunity to plug our little site, and for your continued support! 😀

      I’ve read some amazing posts over the last few months, from many of the commenters here. Every day I discover something awesome 🙂

      Location: Cambridgeshire, England

      Currently playing: Seriously, I *do* have this many on the go at once…. Destiny 2 (PC), Horizon Zero Dawn, Forza Horizon 2, Doom 2016, Fallout 4, Hue, Borderlands, Grand Theft Auto Online, Tracks – The Train Set Game.

      Video game setting you’d most like to visit: A close call between where Horizon Zero Dawn takes place- the most amazing vistas I’ve ever seen in a video game – then there’s Pandora (Borderlands). Either place, you’re likely to come to a sticky end!

      Video game character you’d most like to meet: Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn, she’s a badass.

      Whether you prefer level one or level 100 (see ClanGeek’s post): Level 100, every time. The feeling of progression is great, it is always about the journey, but there can still be challenges even once you’ve reached the higher levels. I particularly like sharing my knowledge and helping others reach the same dizzying heights.

      What you want for Christmas: A 4K TV (and an Xbox One X, neither will happen!) or maybe a Nintendo Switch?

      A piece of advice for new bloggers: Register a domain name for your WordPress blog, it’s very easy and not expensive at all!

      A link to your favourite post on your site: I’ve got a few in the works I’m quite proud of, but as for what’s already published… – it tells the tale of three fully grown men who spent WAY too long in a fantasy world, just trying to hit max level. For the loot!

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      • Blimey Dan, how on earth do you manage so many video games all at once?! I’d lose track of where I am in each of them – I can barely seem to manage one at a time nowadays!

        Aloy… ❤


        • I don’t know, it’s just something I’ve always been able to do. I do it with TV shows and films too. I watched the first two seasons of Breaking Bad for example, took 6 months off then watched the last 3 seasons back to back lol. Last night, I finished the main story of Fallout 4, which was bitter sweet. That was on the go for months! Horizon is the same, I haven’t played for a few weeks, but I will sit down and mash it, probably to the end!


          • That’s got to take some self-discipline? If I switch from one video game or TV series to another, it’s highly likely I’ll never go back to the first one… there are plenty of casualties in my Steam library. 😉


            • Oh mine too, but I like finishing things, so I always go back, eventually 😉 When I’ve cut down my current backlog a bit, I’m going to revisit some partially completed stuff and write some articles on them. Theres a few on the Xbox haunting me, like Sunset Overdrive.


    8. Thanks for this, what a great idea! It’s really nice to learn some more about you lovely peeps 🙂

      Location: Currently based in Glasgow, Scotland.

      Currently Playing: Too many things – Tales of the Abyss, Devil May Cry 3 and just started Rayman Legends. Also watching my other half play Metroid Prime 3 & Project X Zone 2.

      Most like to visit: Somewhere on Mira (Xenoblade Chronicles X) I want to say Noctilum to explore its beauty, but I can’t help being a city lover, so New LA. Frontiers-y feel but with more Skells (and now a working espresso machine.)

      Most like to meet: Nanaki (FF VII) – He’s a survivor of imprisonment and experimentation and he’s long lived so would have many interesting stories. Also, he’s a talking lion.

      Level 1 or 100: Level 1! Everything is so new and unknown and exciting at that point, by level 100 I’m either sad it’s nearly over or wishing it would just hurry up and finish!

      Christmas: A new job? No, that’s too depressing! At Christmas I never really wish for anything but feel like I’m always very lucky, so just good food, good drinks, happy times and a ps4 pro (just thought I’d sneak that in there at the end).

      Advice for new bloggers: Don’t worry about knowing every little detail or playing every single game, it isn’t a competition. Just write about what you love and what you’re comfortable talking about.

      Link: Had trouble with this one, but i’ve gone for my first ever post, as it explains my focus, even if I have strayed from the path somewhat:

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      • Ha ha ha I’m with you on the new job thing! But obviously I wouldn’t complain if Santa decided to leave me a PS4 Pro under the tree… 😉

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    9. This is an awesome idea, and congrats on the award! 🙂

      – Currently based out of Connecticut!

      Currently playing:
      – Destiny 2, Madden ’18 and just recently picked up Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic on a Humble Bundle deal and have just barley scratched the surface of that game!

      Video game setting you’d most like to visit:
      – The Multiple Worlds of The Kingdom Hearts Universe.

      Video game character you’d most like to meet:
      – Cayde-6 from Destiny

      Whether you prefer level one or level 100 (see ClanGeek’s post):
      – I prefer Level 100, but not in the sense that I have become so overpowered that the game becomes easy, more so in the sense that I am able to go wherever and do whatever I want without being limited due to low level.

      What you want for Christmas:
      – Xbox One X and a 4K TV bundle.

      A piece of advice for new bloggers:
      – I am still a brand new blogger, so I guess my best advice would be to just jump in and start writing, if you have something to say just get started and go for it!

      A link to your favourite post on your site:
      – Seeing as my blog is less than a week old, I would probably have to choose one of my first few posts here:

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      • Welcome to our little community, it’s lovely to have you hear with us. We’re a nice bunch really and we generally don’t bite. 😉

        I’m looking forward to seeing more of your posts!

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    10. Location:
      New Jersey
      Currently Playing:
      Donkey Kong Country on SNES
      Game setting I’d like to visit:
      I’d like to get beat up on the streets of GTA: Vice City
      Video game character you’d most like to meet:
      Cranky Kong from Donkey King Country. I have questions about his crankiness.
      What you want for Christmas:
      The true reason for Cranky Kongs crankiness.
      A piece of advice for new bloggers:
      Write often and be different.
      A link to your favourite post on your site:

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    11. This is fun and I’m spotting more blogs to read which is always great.

      So on to the questions…

      Location: UK

      Currently playing: Lots but most recently played are The Turing Test and Pokémon Sun.

      Game setting I’d like to visit: There are so many but right now Italy (Florence, Venice, Tuscany: Assassins Creed 2) comes to mind. That is more because I’d like to go to Italy than anything else. For more fictional choices I’d like to visit any region from Pokémon. I’d love to explore and see the different Pokémon in real life.

      Video game character I’d most like to meet: Would be Tali or Mordin from the Mass Effect series. Actually most characters from Mass Effect to be fair.

      What do you want for Christmas: Everything to be ok but I don’t think it will be this year. In terms of things to be able to spend time with family and friends in that period and a Nintendo Switch.

      Advice for new bloggers: Try. Just write things that interest you and don’t put pressure on yourself and get involved in the community one way or another.
      But in fairness my blog is still quite young but that’s what I’m trying to do and it seems to be a good way to go.

      A link to a post on my site: Simply because it is my most recent post and it features a Christmas Duck a review I did on Gone Home.

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      • And because I managed to miss it for Level 1 or Level 100 I’d want to be Level 1 as its new and exciting with lots to explore. You can build yourself up to be stronger and find yourself wandering. There are just so many possibilities at level 1.

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      • Ooh you’re playing The Turing Test? How are you finding it? It’s been recommended to me by a few people because they think it’d be something I’d enjoy, but it just hasn’t jumped out at me…


        • I’m really enjoying the puzzles so far. I’m somewhere in Chapter 6 at the moment so most of the way through. The little snippets of the story are quite intriguing as they build up and I did wonder about the name of the game and how they would link that in (if they chose to). Certain things that come up in voice overs/things written that you can read are not overly surprising. It really reminds me of Portal/Portal2 but a bit more serious, or at least there is less humour. I’m hoping to finish it soon so I can see how it plays out and might do a blog post about it if I have the time/life calms down a bit. To be honest I got it because it was free with Gold this month, but when it came out I had read about it, thought about getting it, but then something made me think no at the time but I can’t remember why. I’m glad I’m playing it now though.


          • I understand why the Portal games are so influential and everybody loves them, but they weren’t really my cup of tea and I think that’s why I’ve avoided The Turing Test for so long. But its name and how they work this into the storyline does intrigue me… If you do end up doing a blog post, I’ll look out for it to find out more. 🙂


            • I do want to try to write about it depending on when I end up finishing it in between everything else that is going on these days. I was interested about how they would work in the name and that’s partly why I started playing it so quickly from downloading it from Games with Gold (at least compared to some other games).


              • How much does the name of the game feature in the storyline, would you say? No spoilers though – if The Turing Test is that good, I’ll give it a go!


                • Sorry it has taken a while but I’ve had so much going on and whilst I’d like to keep up with comments and reading blogs it hasn’t quite happened. Trying to stay spoiler free I’d say it has one moment of a very obvious mention as an outright have you heard of the Turing Test piece of dialogue. There have been more subtle mentions of Turing himself/the Turing Test as well. I’d say the game itself is more about the AI Ava interacts with and finding out what has been happening prior to Ava waking, being sent on the mission and solving these puzzles rather than bringing in some more of the name. Although the character name of Ava Turing is an obvious mention as well.


                  • No need to apologise – real life has got to take priority sometimes. 🙂

                    I think you might have sold The Turing Test to me. I like the fact that its namesake is referred to and not ignored, but isn’t the entire basis for the game . One to pick up in the Christmas sales maybe?


    12. Location: England, Gloucestershire.
      Currently playing: Far Cry 3
      Game setting I would like to visit; In a weird twisted way fall out 4, I feel like I would survive incredibly well after heavily investing in that game!
      Video game character I want to meet: Yoshi- he’s just the darn cutest!!
      Christmas?; to be drunk and very merry
      advice: keep up to date with other blogs you follow
      my favourite blog post:

      I dont write a gaming blog every week but it is something of interest to me, feel free to check out my blog 🙂

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    13. Location: Somewhere in the lost lands of Essex
      Currently playing: Battle Chasers: Nightwar
      Video game setting you’d most like to visit: Hyrule
      Video game character you’d most like to meet: Gabriel Knight
      Level one or level 100: Neither. Level 10, not at the beginning but still not a hard-faced powerful veteran.
      What you want for Christmas: I have everything I need, though I could always use more friends.
      A piece of advice for new bloggers: It’s ok to take a break once in a while, and only do as much as you can.
      A link to your favourite post on your site:

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    14. Location – Guelph, Ontario, Canada

      Currently playing – Violett on the Switch

      Video game setting you’d most like to visit – as of 2 weeks ago, Stardew Valley

      Video game character you’d most like to meet – Mario

      Whether you prefer level one or level 100 – level 1

      What you want for Christmas – a nice shiny new bass guitar

      A piece of advice for new bloggers – post whatevers on your mind and talk and interact with other blogs, many great and supportive people here

      A link to your favourite post on your site – my top 10 happies!

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    15. Congratulations on the award! It is very well deserved 🙂

      And what a fun idea! I’d love to play along!

      Location: New Jersey, USA
      Currently playing: Final Fantasy XIII, although I just finished Hellblade
      Video game setting you’d most like to visit: I wrote a whole post on this… but right now I think I’d like to visit the Dales from Dragon Age
      Video game character you’d most like to meet: Samantha Traynor
      Whether you prefer level one or level 100: As fun as it is to just beast through levels, I do enjoy the wonder of everything being new when the whole game is ahead of you and you’re still trying to figure out the way to work with the game.
      What you want for Christmas: Tangible thing? I have a few books I’d like, or the Metal Gear Legacy collection. Intangible thing? Peace.
      A piece of advice for new bloggers: Don’t rush what you’re doing, and don’t compare yourself to the bloggers around you. The only measurement you should worry about is where you are, and where you want to go.
      A link to your favourite post on your site: It’s hard to pick, but I really like this one about the use of music in games. And it inspired the article that went up today, so double the love for it! haha

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      • How did you find Hellblade, Athena? I’ve got it on my wishlist but it’s another game I haven’t had a chance to play yet (along with Rime!). 🙂

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        • Oh my goodness I loved it. Not only was it a beautifully sensitive portrayal of what certain mental illnesses are actually like, and the very real struggles people with those illnesses have, but had a lot of layers to tease apart as the game progressed. I found myself really rooting for Senua by the end and… this doesn’t spoil anything, but I found myself talking to her like one of her voices. So that was pretty awesome!

          And Rime is beautiful in its own way, but I’m not sure what I can say that won’t spoil it! The levels are well designed, the puzzles are interesting but not too intensive, and the message is very moving. Both are really great!

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    16. Location: Georgia (not the Russian one)

      Currently playing: In between games at this moment, but I think I’ll be playing Rambo for NES again next.

      Video game setting you’d most like to visit: Maybe I’d live in the universe of Star Control 2 and spend my life mining the hundreds of unexplored planets to become space-rich.

      Video game character you’d most like to meet: I would meet Alucard and pay him many tasty meats to make me a vampire, then I would finally have enough time to get through my backlog.

      Whether you prefer level one or level 100: I’d probably pick something in the middle where I was powerful, but not so powerful that there was no more challenge, and there were still things left to be conquered and explored.

      What you want for Christmas: Some new Marvel statues.

      A piece of advice for new bloggers: Don’t worry about how many people are reading your stuff, just write what you want, when you want, because you enjoy it.

      A link to your favourite post on your site: go team Witness!

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      • Rambo on the NES? Now there’s a blast from the past. There’s a Rambo arcade machine at a place not too far away from home that gets a fairly regular visit. 😉


    17. Location: Bristol, England.

      Currently playing: Uncharted 4. Missed it when it first came out, enjoying a belated playthrough now.

      Video game setting you’d most like to visit: the Citadel from the Mass Effect series. So many aliens!

      Video game character you’d most like to meet: Mordin Solus, again from Mass Effect.

      Whether you prefer level one or level 100: level 100.

      What you want for Christmas: I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want a Nintendo Switch. I know the point of Christmas is being together with family, but who needs family when you’ve got Breath of the Wild and Mario Oddysey?

      A piece of advice for new bloggers: read as much as you can, and trust yourself. There will always be people who are interested in what you have to say.

      A link to your favourite post on your site: I guess I’ll go with my first entry in my Video Game Clinic series, because it was so much fun to put together –

      Thanks to anyone who gives the site a look, and thanks to Later Levels for the fantastic idea!

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    18. Location: Aalst, Belgium
      Currently playing: Lady Layton, Lego Worlds, Corpse Party BloodDrive, Lego Indiana Jones 2, Popolocrois…
      Video game setting you’d most like to visit: Some of my Minecraft worlds. But, I would love to do visit some area’s from one of my most nostalgic game, Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine.
      Video game character you’d most like to meet: Kinda cheating here, Indiana Jones.
      Whether you prefer level one or level 100 (see ClanGeek’s post): I prefer my mid level quests and levels. You are just getting right into the game while you aren’t nearing the end. 🙂 Yeah.
      What you want for Christmas: more budget to buy a PS Vita and/or a Switch.
      A piece of advice for new bloggers: Something I can’t say loudly enough. Be and stay yourself. This way you don’t burn out and force yourself to write content.
      A link to your favourite post on your site:
      Just, this project was so lovely to do. The fact that two of the writers started up a Final Fantasy project makes me happy. It’s also a nice way to see how this community is so great. 🙂

      So, mini-ad here… If you enjoy reading about retro games and newer games that don’t always get the spotlight, go and give a read to my blog.

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    19. Here’s one from a quiet fan of yours:

      Location: Kraków, Poland

      Currently playing: Fallout New Vegas/Dead Money DLC

      Video game setting you’d most like to visit: Planet Hyllis from Beyond Good and Evil looks like a great vacation spot (after you beat the aliens)

      Video game character you’d most like to meet: Niko Bellić, my fellow Slav. ‘Hey cousin, let’s go bowling!’

      Whether you prefer level one or level 100 (see ClanGeek’s post): Level one of course

      What you want for Christmas: The Bitmap Brothers: Universe book

      A piece of advice for new bloggers: Be patient. Ask other bloggers for advice. Write down notes when you’re playing. Write down your sudden thoughts so you can use them later to write a post. Don’t waste an opportunity to take a nice screenshot.

      A link to your favourite post on your site:

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      • I love Niko! I haven’t played a GTA game in so long but the mention of his name has made me feel as if I should go back to IV…

        Just one question: can I come bowling too?

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        • Guess what, LightningEllen made a post about Nico recently and the very first thing I did after reading it was to install the game again (incredible that the old CD is still working). For me, IV was the best part of the series, definitely better than the last installment.
          As for your question, sure! It’ll be bowling, a bleeder at the Burger Shot, and then a shootout with some Albanian gangsters :^)


    20. Might be late on this but what the hell I want to throw my coin in the well as the others have too.

      Location: Currently residing in Odense, Denmark

      Currently playing: South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Final Fantasy XIV, Gran Turismo Sport, Dark Cloud, Fire Emblem Awakening and Mass Effect Andromeda.

      Video game setting you’d most like to visit: Skellige from The Witcher 3. I just love that place, which is why if I can, I would love to visit Scotland sometime.

      Video game character you’d most like to meet: Spyro, he helped shape my childhood.
      Whether you prefer level one or level 100: That’s easy to answer…both actually. It’s a beautiful feeling you experience when starting over but a sensation when standing in front of an enemy being the highest level possible. (Hope this wasn’t a cheat, I just saw the third option you could take)

      What you want for Christmas: Good food, company of family and friends, listening to Christmas songs and play video games on all available platforms.

      A piece of advice for new bloggers: If you can think of it, you can write it. While it might not be the all mighty blog post that will be giving you tons of money. It’s at least the first step on a journey you soon won’t regret.

      A link to your favourite post on your site: While I can point to Gaming Gripes or anything of the many other posts that I have made. I will always point to my favorite post being the very first that was put up on the website:


      • I’d say your answer to the fifth question isn’t a cheat – it makes perfect sense! We all love the feeling of getting stuck into a new game and exploring a new world, but we also love that triumphant feeling of hitting the highest levels. 🙂


    21. Oooooh Boy! Here i go commenting again!

      Hello from Indonesia! Yes, we do exist!

      Currently playing Minecraft.

      I feel like i’d really love to visit Harran (Dying Light). Hey, i might die! But at least we’d look cool drop-kicking zombies!

      How ’bout we go and meet Hatham Kenway from Asssassin’s Creed III, huh? Learn how to parkour and survive a 500-feet drop. Pretty cool.

      Level 1 is always awesome! The first experience is always the best!

      What i want for Christmas? Eh… Suggestions anyone?

      To all those new bloggers out there. Keep blogging. You won’t get huge overnight. You’ll get there someday. Actually, i’m kinda under qualified to give advice since i’m pretty new to this stuff too!

      Here’s one of my ‘popular’ posts.

      Hit me up on Discord when you fancy! #0632

      -Austin, Reaper Interactive


    22. Location – Bristol
      Currently playing – Destiny 2, Shadow Tactics, Guild Wars 2
      Video game setting you’d most like to visit – Nessus from Destiny 2, all that Vex tech looks very interesting.
      Video game character you’d most like to meet – Ori, can I keep him/her as a pet?
      Whether you prefer level one or level 100 – Level 1
      What you want for Christmas – Pandemic Legacy S1
      A piece of advice for new bloggers – Start writing
      A link to your favourite post on your site – It’s not really my favourite, but it always sticks in my mind because I was basically one of the first people to talk about this game – which the developers themselves have acknowledged with me via email. It’s just a really cool reminder of the progress we’ve made from rambling about things we like to finding and discovering new games and making connections with cool people!

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