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Conversation and critique: Broken Sword 4

Last month, the lovely nufafitc from Emotional Multimedia Ride very kindly participated in the first ever conversation and critique post. We both played The Brotherhood’s isometric horror-adventure CAYNE before getting together online to chat about our thoughts; and both came away feeling that it was a good game considering it’s free, but ultimately a little forgettable. You’re better off sticking with STASIS.

Nathan from Hurricane thought process stepped up to be my next participant but unfortunately, neither of us has been able to finish the title we’ve selected just yet! This will hopefully be coming next month and in the meantime, I recently picked on my other-half to help me continue the series. Here’s what happened when Pete and I sat down to play Broken Sword 4: The Angel of Death (with the profanities removed but a few minor spoilers included).


Kim, Later Levels, bloggerAre you sure you want to play this? A lot of the Steam reviews are pretty bad…

Pete, gamerYeah. The sooner we finish it, the sooner we can move on to Broken Sword 5 and that’s meant to be much better.

Kim, Later Levels, bloggerOk then… *starts up game*

Pete, gamerWhy are the graphics stuttering?

Kim, Later Levels, bloggerMight have to see if we can fiddle around with the settings if it stays like that.

Pete, gamerSo what’s happening here then?

Kim, Later Levels, bloggerNo idea – but she should really put a bra on.

Pete, gamerHuman sacrifice is always a good way to start a game.

Kim, Later Levels, bloggerOh look, George Stobbart is back. He’s such an idiot.

Pete, gamerSo this woman comes to your office knowing that some men are after her, and they’ll kill you too if they find you with her.

Kim, Later Levels, bloggerThat’s nice of her.

Pete, gamerWhat about the dude that’s working with George in the office? He’s just left him to deal with the henchmen all on his own.

Kim, Later Levels, bloggerThat door is hardly going to hold them back. I told you George is an idiot.

Pete, gamerRight, let’s have a look around.

Kim, Later Levels, bloggerGeorge doesn’t seem particularly bothered that he’s about to get killed, does he?

Pete, gamer“I’m just going to take a casual stroll around my office while some henchmen are waiting outside for me.”

Kim, Later Levels, bloggerI wish I hadn’t clicked on that now… we really don’t need a five-line description about a golf-club. It’s like it’s trying to be funny in a Broken Sword kind of way but it’s dragging it out.

Pete, gamerMaybe George just likes golf.

Kim, Later Levels, bloggerI wonder if this section is timed?

Pete, gamerI hope not. We’d be dead by now.

Kim, Later Levels, bloggerThat’s it Anna Maria, you just stand there and watch while George does all the work.

Pete, gamerLet’s just leave her there to hold open the elevator for the rest of the game.

Kim, Later Levels, bloggerThat flipping golf-club. The elevator would have bent it in half by now, that’s stupid.

Pete, gamerBut Anna Maria thinks it’s a good idea.

Kim, Later Levels, bloggerThen Anna Maria is just as much of an idiot as George is.

Pete, gamerPush the fan under the elevator so you can take back the golf-club.

Kim, Later Levels, bloggerOh yes, we wouldn’t want to leave this area without the solution to all our problems. Urgh, these controls are horrible.

Pete, gamerThe pigeons don’t even move when you run past them. They know George Stobbart isn’t a threat.

Kim, Later Levels, bloggerThe controls are really bad. You’re not sure whether you’ve missing the hotspot or if there’s actually nothing there when you try and click on something.

Pete, gamerClimb up there and then get the chain.

Kim, Later Levels, bloggerHe doesn’t want to do it.

Pete, gamerNo, climb back down and grab it from the bottom.

Kim, Later Levels, bloggerUsing the golf-club… obviously.

Pete, gamerOnce again, Anna Maria stands there doing nothing to help herself.

Kim, Later Levels, bloggerI wouldn’t leave my fate to George. He’s an idiot.

Pete, gamerYes, so you said. Several times.

Kim, Later Levels, bloggerFinally a proper puzzle. Ok, so we’re going to have to find a replacement sprocket to get it working again and then manoeuvre the loading joist over to Anna Maria.

Pete, gamerWhy don’t you try that other handle?

Kim, Later Levels, bloggerOk… what, no puzzle? You just needed to use the other handle

Pete, gamer*laughs*

Kim, Later Levels, bloggerCouldn’t the bad guys just make it over the same way George did though? That’s ridiculous.

Pete, gamerYeah, but these henchmen are useless.

Kim, Later Levels, bloggerThe henchmen in every single Broken Sword game are useless.

Pete, gamerGeorge is going all ‘Nathan Drake’ on us.

Kim, Later Levels, bloggerLet’s hope he falls and breaks a leg. Game over.

Pete, gamerStop being horrible to George.

Kim, Later Levels, bloggerBloody controls – I’m not even clicking and he’s moving by himself!

Pete, gamerRight, so we can’t use the two objects on the screen with any of the objects in our inventory. What do we do?

Kim, Later Levels, bloggerLet’s take another look around… ok, so we can shut and lock that door. Not sure what good that’s going to do though.

Pete, gamerLook, the icon says you can open it even though it’s locked.

Kim, Later Levels, bloggerLet me try.

Pete, gamerWhat the…?

Kim, Later Levels, blogger*laughs*

Pete, gamerAlright, that is stupid.

Kim, Later Levels, bloggerSee? I keep telling you George is an idiot.

Pete, gamerWe’re finally out of the tutorial. Do you want to save?

Kim, Later Levels, bloggerOk.

Pete, gamerWhat’s happening?

Kim, Later Levels, bloggerIt said that the save failed… let me try again. Nope, still failing.

Pete, gamerHas anyone reported anything on Steam?

Kim, Later Levels, bloggerThe only thing I can find is a message from someone saying that you need to contact Catherine at Revolution for a copy of a save game.

Pete, gamerSo either we keep emailing her for saves or leave the laptop on and play the game all the way through without saving it? I’m not doing that.

Kim, Later Levels, bloggerI guess we’ll have to watch it on YouTube then, if you want to know what happens before we play Broken Sword 5.

Pete, gamerYeah, that might be a good idea.

Kim, Later Levels, bloggerAt least then I won’t have to deal with these bloody controls. *turns off game*


So as you can see from the conversation above, we didn’t get that far with Broken Sword 4. Although we only managed to complete the first section, from what we saw from that alone there wasn’t much to keep us interested: the controls were sometimes difficult to use and the puzzles were either too easy or illogical. And on top of all that, George is still an idiot.

Perhaps Nathan and I will have better luck with the next game we’ve chosen for the conversation and critique series.

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8 thoughts on “Conversation and critique: Broken Sword 4 Leave a comment

  1. Have you considered turning that into a hit comedy play? … Because I’d buy tickets on a flash 😛… Did… Did you ever contact Catherine? What did they even mean??


  2. Shame on me that I missed this article! I love the Broken Sword series. I even have the collectors edition of almost all the games…. Yeah. Have you ever played a Broken Sword game Kim?


    • My other-half and I had both played the first and second games before we met each other, and over the past year we’ve been working our way back through them to make it all the way through the series. We’ve almost finished The Serpent’s Curse – and that’s working out far better than number 4 did! 😂


      • I really should finish Broken Sword 5 in the near future. I have finished part 1 but never really started part 2. By the way, have you played the fan game Broken Sword 2.5? It’s an interesting and fun game. It’s free on the interwebs and you can finish it in a few hours.


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