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Love hearts and levels

Following on from the Secret Valentine event earlier this week and my declaration of love for William from Willtendo, we’re still feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Thank you to Ian from Adventure Rules for hosting yet another awesome community project!

For Valentine’s Day last year, I roped a few of my >blogging buddies into sharing their favourite partnerships in video games. But what about real-life relationships and the connections formed through gaming? Continuing the loved-up vibe this week, here are some heart-warming stories to make you put down your controller for a moment and feel all soppy inside.

Cameron from Dragon In The Castle

Dragon In The Castle, blogger, Cameron

“My girlfriend at college asked me to teach her how to play Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3. Said girlfriend is now my wife of 13 years and mother of my child, so something must have gone right after passing on my ollie skills.”

Luke from Hundstrasse

Hundstrasse, blogger

“I was wooed by my now-wife through the medium of Dead Island… Not that we ever completed it, we didn’t get on with those sewer sections! All the best romances start with zombies, right?”

Megan from The Dragon’s Tea Party

The Dragon's Tea Party, blogger

“I met him at a party but when I found out he had a PlayStation 4, I pretended I didn’t know how to use PS Plus and asked him to add me and show me how it worked so that I’d have an excuse to talk to him again. After that I interviewed him about World of Warcraft for my dissertation and seduced him with my impression of a hag in a Dungeons & Dragons game.”

Shelby from Falcon Game Reviews

Falcon Game Reviews, blogger, Shelby

“I walked into my wife’s work wearing an N7 hoodie and Cerberus cap from Mass Effect 2. She recognised both and said, ‘Mass Effect huh?’ We hit it off and have been together since 2011.”

Teri Mae from Sheikah Plate

Sheikah Plate, blogger, Teri Mae

“When I was a freshman in college, I would hold regular Mario Kart 64 tournaments. My husband and his friend were the two who came the most often. Eventually it was just the three of us nearly every weekend and the rivalry between he and I allowed some pretty fun flirtatious banter. Though we were in the same freshman dorms and had met previously, this was one of the things that really allowed us to bond. Cut to ten years later and we still love gaming together.”

Zach from Beard and Curls Gaming

Zach Bowman, blogger

“My wife and I met very early on as kids, but we are avid gamers and it’s a big part of our relationship. Discovering a good cooperative game is an awesome thing for us. Diablo III is one of our favorites.”

Kim from Later Levels

Kim, Later Levels, blogger

“My other-half and I met in a local pub after he overheard me talking about Street Fighter to a friend and then started trying to guess my favourite character. In a conversation over a couple of drinks, we realised we’d grown up in houses located on parallel streets before moving to the same town as adults but had never come across each other before. He’s been my player 2 ever since and I wouldn’t do without him.”

Have you got a story you’d like to share? Leave your tales of gaming and love in the comments below so we can all have an ‘Aah!’ moment.   ❤

Kim View All

Video game lover, Later Levels blogger and SpecialEffect volunteer. Big fan of wannabe pirates and fine leather jackets.

14 thoughts on “Love hearts and levels Leave a comment

  1. I was running random matchmaking dungeons in WoW, healing for my roommate to help him level faster. We had awful luck with tanks joining, being awful, and leaving, but the next dungeon queued us with a badass Paladin tank that had an Evil Dead-inspired name. We bantered back and forth, exchanged social media info, and continued grouping together in WoW for a while. The tank turned out to be a girl my age who lived in California while I was in Indiana going through a shitty divorce. We hit it off, fell for each other, and when I moved out to Maryland she moved across the US to be with me. This was 2010 and we’re still together.

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  2. My wife and I didn’t meet through video games, but we’re both gamers so they’ve been part of our relationship the whole way through. In college on the nights I was allowed to have her in the dorm with me (ugh, private schools), we would play video games against each other and bet kisses on who was gonna win. In our wedding vows, she promised to let me win at video games occasionally – so far she’s been keeping that one. 😅

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    • This warms my heart! It’s lovely hearing how video games have featured in your relationship right from the beginning. You know what they say: the family that plays together, stays together. 😉

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  3. Like Mr. Shepard, video games didn’t factor into me meeting my husband. But we quickly realized that the pastime was something we both had in common. His first ever birthday present to me was an N64. We’ve come along way since then, but the games have remained. 🙂


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