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Conversation and critique: worst-rated games

Every gamer has a story of the worst video game they’ve ever played. Perhaps it was an experimental release from a favourite developer; a really bad sequel to a much-loved title; a rushed tie-in with a great movie; or a mess of pixels so broken that it was almost unplayable.

As part of his nomination for the Sunshine Blogger award, Alex from The Daily Rager asked everyone about the worst titles they’ve ever completed and the games that made them wish they had brain bleach. In honour of his love of satire, and because I’m obviously a glutton for punishment, instead of writing about my own terrible experiences (Fable III: I’m looking at you), I decided to dig into the lowest-rated releases on Steam.

And you know what they say about misery loving company: I dragged my ever-suffering other-half along for the ride. Here’s what happened when we shut ourselves away for the evening and subjected ourselves to the trailers for the worst PC titles (at the time of writing). Could we be convinced to spend any of our hard-earned cash on them?

5. Spacebase DF-9

Steam rating: Overwhelmingly negative (19%)

Example Steam review: “So much hope, so little delivered.”

Kim: “This looks a little boring, but it’s not the sort of game I’d usually choose to play myself.”

Pete: “I’d rather throw hot rocks in the air and catch them in my eyes. The graphics are terrible, the AI isn’t great, the graphics are lame; all in all, it’s bad.”

Kim: “Ok then, maybe we won’t buy this one…”

4. Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight

Steam rating: Overwhelmingly negative (18%)

Example Steam review: “This is the worst transgression that EA has ever committed. That’s saying something.”

Kim: “You look impressed…”

Pete: “No, I’m not impressed at all. There’s hardly any gameplay in the trailer – and no gameplay equals bad game.”

Kim: “The storyline looks like it might be alright though.”

Pete: “Go ahead and buy it then, honey. But I think we’re all done with Command and Conquer.”

3. Dynasty Warriors 9

Steam rating: Overwhelmingly negative (18%)

Example Steam review: “I want my money back…”

Pete: “Oh my god… there’s nine of them? Really? Why did they even bother?”

Kim: “The animations are really bad – look at that guys lips when he’s speaking. There’s just so much of the same gameplay over and over.”

Pete: “The highlight of the trailer: man fights wall. That was bloody awful.”

2. Flatout 3: Chaos & Destruction

Steam rating: Overwhelmingly negative (11%)

Example Steam review: “Even the AI cannot play this game right.”

Kim: “The publisher’s trailer is so bad… it’s so blurry you can’t make anything out.”

Pete: “I can’t work out what’s going on.”

Kim: “Dem physics though!”

Pete: “Random man falls though sky to his doom. I think I’ll give Flatout 4 a pass.”

1. Airport Simulator 2014

Steam rating: Overwhelmingly negative (10%)

Example Steam review: “This has to be the most tedious, boring game I’ve ever played. NOT recommended.”

Pete: “Why would you want to simlate this? I’m afraid I don’t have any words to describe how bad this is. Pete out.”

Kim: “Zzzzz…”

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Video game lover, Later Levels blogger and SpecialEffect volunteer. Big fan of wannabe pirates and fine leather jackets.

12 thoughts on “Conversation and critique: worst-rated games Leave a comment

    • I know… it’s so bad, isn’t it? We really couldn’t work out what the game was meant to be about while we were watching it!


  1. I feel like I played an ancestor of Airport Simulator 4 in a museum once…odd. I certainly will pass on all of these titles!
    It’s interesting that Dynasty Warriors was on the list. I expected all of these to be super obscure, poorly-developed titles I had never heard of. The fact that one of them is in a longstanding series really says something about how badly that game was received!


    • To see some well-known series, as well as a game by Double Fine, appear in the lowest-rated section of Steam was a bit of a surprise or us too! It was a shocker also not to find at least one extremely bad horror…

      Liked by 1 person

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