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KSI vs Logan Paul: leave us out of it

Dear KSI and Logan Paul,

I came across an article by Senior Tech Reporter Shona Ghosh recently when it was published on the Business Insider website at the end of July. News about online celebrities doesn’t particularly interest me but it was the author’s abstract which caught my attention in this case: “YouTuber Logan Paul called out KSI for his ‘disgusting’ remarks about women, and it’s a sign their pre-fight trash talk is going too far.”

It was this post which informed me about your upcoming boxing match in Manchester and I wondered how this whole thing had come about. Ghosh had kindly provided several links to other articles, which in turn led me to videos and other sources, and for several hours I was lost in the digital rabbit-hole that is the internet. But even after all that effort I was still no closer to finding out the real reason why the fight had been instigated.

You know what though? It really doesn’t matter, because during that time I gave up trying to find any sense or even truth in those daily vlogs you put out where you take verbal potshots at each other. It’s clear you’re living through one manufactured drama after another and all those videos are unbelievable, immature and draining to watch. You both act like ill-behaved, foul-mouthed children then throw tantrums when you’re referred to as such.

Don’t get me wrong: I completely understand this is a way to drum up interest in your boxing match, bring in new followers and create an additional income stream before you become irrelevant and fade into obscurity. And damn if physical tickets going for up to £516, along with a joint pay-per-view channel at £6 a go, aren’t going to be eagerly lapped up by your millions of followers and make a huge increase in your bank balance!

You know what they say though: money can’t buy you happiness. It certainly can’t bring you intelligence either and that’s kind of what I wanted to talk to you guys about today. Intelligence, honesty, empathy and other ‘sensitive’ words you may need to check out in a dictionary before we continue in order to make this conversation easier. I’ll tell you what, why don’t we take a break while you go do that and we’ll meet back here in 10 minutes?


Ready? Ok KSI: we’re going to start with you, as there are a couple of statements you’ve made recently that I’d like to draw your attention to. In a video published on 27 June 2018 entitled Reacting to Logan Paul fan cringe, you spoke directly to your opponent’s girlfriend about what would happen to the intimate side of their relationship after your fight takes place at the end of the month:

How’s he going to go down on you with a busted lip? I’m sorry Chloe but, after the 25th August, Logan’s going to have to f**k you like a prostitute if you know what I mean, huh? No no no, no kissing today aha! But hey, Chloe, you can always join the Wakanda side. You know what they say, we do it forever.

This was followed by a press conference on 18 July 2018 at which you made a challenge to Logan, once again involving Chloe. I feel it’s necessary to also point out here that this was after you’d jumped up and down on stage in front of the crowd, waving your arms in the air and encouraging your supporters to chant ‘She’s a ho!’ more than a few times:

So, why don’t you introduce me to her? Huh? Apparently you only have 85% of your testicle. Let me give her the other the extra [15%]. Let me show her a real man.

So are we to assume you believe these are the sort of comments about women that a ‘real man’ would make? It seems you’ve learnt nothing since that big mess back in October 2012. As if going to a gaming expo in London to sexually-harass the females there on camera wasn’t bad enough, you actually believed turning the resulting footage into a ‘hilarious’ video for your channel would be a good idea. It’s just idiotic and embarrassing.

Well… not as embarrassing as subsequently getting dropped by Microsoft and receiving a lifetime ban from the EGX event. Or as being seen hanging around the tube station opposite the expo when it took place the following year so you could get some attention (yeah, I saw you). Or as having your manager issue a statement about ‘moving away from any unfortunate content’ in November 2013 and then completely disregarding it.


Hey Logan, it’s your turn now. You’re not completely innocent either and this isn’t even about what happened in Japan in January (although that’s on the same level of idiocy as shown by KSI). You may have admitted being guilty of the objectification of women in the past, referring to your song No Handlebars in a video published on 28 July 2018, but there’s no getting away from some of the things that happened on the set for the music video.

Did you ever think about how the girls involved would feel when you abruptly announced you wanted them to form a ‘human bicycle’ so you could ‘ride them’? If not, you might want to take a look at this article on the Psychology Today website from March this year. It seems as though model Eliza Johnson wasn’t as happy with the end result as you were or how it left her feeling:

I definitely became uncomfortable when [Logan] wanted to just get on my back like that, because it’s rare that you’re on set and they just throw something at you… I felt kind of abused. Of course, I felt ashamed, and when something like this happens and we kind of become victimised, we don’t really realize it, we want to just block it out, or say maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s not happening. It’s a very confusing type of thing to experience.

But all of that’s excused because you repented for your sins on camera, right? If only it were that easy. You’re now trying to position yourself as some kind of knight-in-shining-armour for women everywhere, deleting the music video above and issuing statements to KSI like the following (before telling him he’s getting ‘too caught up in the media, the money, the views’ and then immediately promoting your pay-per-view channel):

My girl is not an object. She is a real life human being, not a girl who gets passed around to the dude with more ball percentage… This year I’m learning from my mistakes and honestly [KSI], the point is that you haven’t for six years. So please, stop objectifying women, especially my girlfriend.


Guys: let’s get this straight right now.

Women aren’t there for you to use when you need some ammunition to throw at your opponent. You’re really showing your lack of intelligence and creativity if the only comeback you can think of involves the sexual compromise of their partner or another female relation. We’re not objects to be utilised when you want to cause hurt or humiliation – and there’s a very good chance we wouldn’t be interested in you ‘proving yourself to be a man’ anyway.

We’re also not there for you to use when you want to be the champion to your opponent’s villain. Females have had a difficult time in the past in terms of achieving equality and, even though there’s still a way to go, we didn’t get to where we are in 2018 by needing you to rescue us. Promote the requirement for equal rights, support the cause, treat every person with respect regardless of their gender; but don’t use us to make yourself look good on camera.

It’s this sort of behaviour – the manufactured drama, the egos, the disrespect – that sums up everything I dislike about YouTube culture. And the worst of it is that your young viewers are seeing you behave in a terrible way they then think is acceptable. Don’t give me any rubbish about not signing up to be a role-model; you wanted fame, which comes with side effects both good and bad, and excuses aren’t adequate dismissals of responsibility.

You two boys are as bad as each other. Continue your feud and your stupid boxing match if you must, but please: focus on each other and leave the rest of us out of it.

Yours sincerely,


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Video game lover, Pragmatic Pixel blogger and SpecialEffect volunteer. Lifelong fan of wannabe pirates and fine leather jackets.

28 thoughts on “KSI vs Logan Paul: leave us out of it Leave a comment

  1. I think this entire fight is utter ludicrous. Both of them need the sense knocking into them before the weight of their egos weigh them down. Its taking advantage of younger audiences to spend money they don’t even have, while also settling a bad example that talking about women and mental health in a bad light is acceptable.


    • I *completely* agree with you; when I found out about the fight and then saw the associated videos, I was so angry. Hopefully both of them will end up getting knocked out during the boxing match. 😡

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Well said. I didn’t even know there was a fight. I’m sorry, but with everything that’s happened with Logan Paul in the past, he just needs to go. He needs his channel taken down, people need to stop giving him attention. It bothers me people like this get glorified attention – even if people disagree about it because they don’t care – attention is attention. I couldn’t imagine living like that with such an attitude…


    • They both need to go, and as quickly as possible as far as I’m concerned. I hate the messages they’re sending out to their fanbase and it worries me that people aspire to be like these YouTubers. What happened to having a bit of respect for one another, and the community?


  3. People like this say these things precisely for the free publicity it generates when people are inevitably outraged by the stupid things they say. Rule #1 of the internet: Don’t feed the trolls.


    • I was pretty surprised on how little outrage there seemed to be when I was reading up about it. A lot of news outlets had reported on it but their slant was more towards the boxing match than the surrounding drama; the only negative articles I remember coming across was the original post on Business Insider and an article about Radio 1 cancelling an interview. Maybe I should take a tip from them…


  4. This was so well said Kim!

    There’s a reason you’re on of my favourite blogs, you’re not afraid to speak your truth and say it with a mic drop at the end! 🙂


    • Aw thanks Quinn, that’s very kind of you! 😘

      I’ve not been around much lately due to work unfortunately; how’s it going with GameRVW?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Aah those pesky adult responsibilities!

        And it’s going well thanks! I’m working on a post at the moment surrounding AI and trying to get in touch with some game devs, hopefully some get back to me ^_^


        • Ooh now that sounds interesting… we’ve been looking at AI in a work capacity recently so the subject is high on my agenda. Make sure you pop back to share a link when your post has been published!


  5. I remember when I was 12 and didn’t know what sex was but pretended to reeeaally hard.
    That’s what those two sound like. And it sucks that they got so much attention and coverage for it. You know the mass media is gonna jump on that and use it to blame and antagonize all Youtubers, like they do with Millennials every time one asks for no bun on their burger.
    It’s a shame, really.


    • I think you hit the nail on the head there ha ha! This whole thing is just so manufactured and done for attention – as if both KSI and Logan Paul need or deserve any more of it.

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  6. I think it’s important to note that note every content creator on YouTube and Twitch are like KSI and Logan Paul. There are so many fantastic content creators out there that produce engaging, entertaining and interesting content. Whilst some of these creators have large and dedicated fan bases, some of the smaller and up and coming channels are channels are being overshadowed by the rabid internet, drama seeking horde and by YouTube themselves.

    The very platform they post on is promoting this fight as if it is the biggest “sporting event” of the year. The fact that YouTube is promoting this over someone who pours their heart and soul into something is sad.

    We need more content creators like Maximilian Dood. He makes good quality content that is entertaining and informative whilst being mindful of the audience he has as he knows that people look up to him.


    • Sometimes I can be harsh on content creators but you’re absolutely right: not every YouTuber is like those in the subject of this post and it’s unfair to tar them all with the same brush. It’s a shame that people such as KSI and Logan Paul get all the attention for the wrong reasons when there are other creators who offer far more positivity. Sadly, I can’t respect YouTube for promoting people like this – creators who have been openly offensive, dividing, and downright idiotic.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t really care about morality, only numbers and money. A good content creator that YouTube actually push into the mainstream is unfortunately rare. The only two “massive and mainstream” YouTubers with positive thinking, content and audiences are Markiplier and JackSepticEye.


        • I’m going to Insomnia on Saturday and what with the event’s heavy focus on YouTube, it’ll be interesting to see whether the atmosphere has changed in light of everything that’s happened this year. Saying that though, Alfie Deyes is the ‘big name’… so probably not.


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