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The Ultimate Video Game (a QotM answer)

September’s Question of the Month is brought to you by Ian from Adventure Rules: Nintendo fan, Blogger Blitz host and an awesome writer who brings the community together. To find out more about him and his site, as well as how you can get involved, take a look at this post.

As mentioned by Annie in her own QotM response over on Guardian Acorn last week, the elements for an awesome video game are purely subjective and dependent on a players’ personal preferences. But what if The Ultimate Video Game was being made just for you: what ingredients would a developer need to throw into the mix to make a release tailored to your tastes, and one which would forever cement its place on your favourites list?

*queue wavy dream sequence*


The Ultimate Video Game launches 17 September 2018

London, UK – 12 September 2018 – the alternative-reality adventure by independent studio Dream Development Team, The Ultimate Video Game, will receive its official launch on 17 September 2018.

This long-awaited title has been in development for the past decade and will feature over 50 hours of content, as players explore a world where nothing is as it first seems. Travel through more than 70 unique locations, populated by 250 key characters with 200,000 lines of dialogue, and discover which of 12 different endings you’ll arrive at based on your choices throughout the game.

Following a successful closed beta over the summer which helped inform final tweaks and improvements, Dream Development Team is now ready to reveal its project. And what’s more, the title will be released fully-tested and in its entirety so players can forget about bugs, lengthy updates and DLC and simply enjoy themselves.

About The Ultimate Video Game:

This science-fiction adventure takes place in the not too distant future, in a universe not entirely dissimilar from our own. Players are transported from the comfort of their own home as they embark on a mysterious voyage of discovery to set the future back on the correct course; can they save humanity before time runs out?

Develop your character on an epic journey through beautiful and strangely-familiar worlds, with a deep story to embrace, unique history to uncover and cerebral challenges to solve. It’s up to you to use your wits to expose exactly what went on here and determine just what happens next.

  • Choices matter – Influenced by narrative classics such as the The Longest Journey series, your choices have consequences and will affect the characters around you, for better or for worse. Individual story elements are joined in ways which may not be obvious at first and weaved together to create a sense of dawning realisation, resulting in an alternate-reality world which feels connected.
  • Thoughtful and challenging gameplay – in a move away from combat and pixel-hunting, logical visual and audio puzzles combine to create an experience similar to more thoughtful titles like Myst. Enter the right combination or figure out a use for that strange contraption, because solving a challenge in one area may just open a door in another and allow you to progress.
  • A detailed, living world – Using the same form of hyper-realism and procedural generation as Horizon Zero Dawn, gorgeously-designed environments bring the world to life and give players something new to take in at every location visited. An added photo-mode allows for capturing sun-filled dawns and sparkling twilights in the perfect screenshot.
  • Atmospheric sound and powerful voice-acting – Inspired by Gone Home, superb voice-acting draws the player into characters’ emotions to enable them to see the world from their point of view. Expert sound design builds upon the distinct atmosphere of each location visited, from the neon lights and noise of the metropolis to the silence and shadows of abandoned castle ruins.

  • About Dream Development Team:

    Dream Development Team is an independent studio full of likeminded individuals from across the globe, united by the idea of making amazing video games with enjoyable mechanics and well thought-out worlds. They share ideas, learn from each other and overcome obstacles, moving ever-closer to their goal together.

    Media contact:

    Blogger, Later Levels

    Kim View All

    Video game lover, Later Levels blogger and SpecialEffect volunteer. Big fan of wannabe pirates and fine leather jackets.

    5 thoughts on “The Ultimate Video Game (a QotM answer) Leave a comment

    1. Nice! I love that you pitched the concept for the whole game rather than just touching on which four you would put together. While I haven’t played any of these titles myself, the concept for the ultimate game gives me a strong idea of what they are like.


      • This week’s Blogger Blitz entries inspired me to try something a bit creative! Thanks for giving us such a good question this month. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

    2. This is a fantastic answer. I have something in mind now for the QotM but I don’t think my answer will be the this thoroughly detailed. I’ve got to up my game.


      • I do have a bit of an unfair advantage though: I get to find out what the question is around a week or so before it’s published so I have more time to prepare an answer! That’s why I can’t be picked as a winner, but I still enjoy taking part by writing a post. 🙂

        Looking forward to seeing what you come up with this month!

        Liked by 1 person

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