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Horrifically bad: worst horror games

There are plenty of articles dedicated to the best horrors in honour of Halloween. But what about those at the other end of the scale: releases so toe-curlingly bad that, rather than covering your eyes in fright they have you laughing at the screen in disbelief?

As if making ourselves watch the trailers for the worst-rated games on Steam earlier this year wasn’t painful enough, my other-half and I recently decided to subject our minds to a special extended Halloween edition. Read on to find out about the worst-rated titles with a ‘horror’ tag currently on the platform and our reactions to them. Prepare to be scared… or probably not.

10.   Bunker 58

Steam rating:   Negative (0%)
Example review:   What the game description on the store page should be: ‘After playing this game, you will question yourself how much the devs value their reputation, and how far will they go to pursue their dreams.’

Kim:   “Oh look. Zombies, now there’s a surprise. Hang on a minute – did that zombie just run through a wall?”

Pete:   “Yeah. This looks absolutely terrible.”

Kim:   “It just seems really boring, like the same thing over and over again.”

Pete:   “I wouldn’t play it even if it was free.”

Kim:   “What, no jump-scare ending?”

Pete:   “Now I’m really disappointed.”


Steam rating:   Very Negative (19%)
Example review:   I’d rather have someone squeeze my nipples until they lactated than ever even look in this game’s general direction ever again.


SECTOR, video game, box art, spaceship

Kim:   “Ok, I can’t seem to find a trailer for this game anywhere so you’ll just need to look at the description and screenshots for this one. *Reads description out loud*

Pete:   “If you’re not going to have a trailer and are going to rely on your write-up, you’re going to need to come up with a better description than that. I’ve not even seen the screenshots yet and I already don’t want to play the game.”

Kim:   “And now for the screenshots!”

Pete:   “I don’t really want to see them.”

Kim:   “Tough. *Shows screenshots*

Pete:   “I still don’t want to play it.”

8.   VIGIL: Blood Bitterness

Steam rating:   Very Negative (17%)
Example review:   No other game quite has the gameplay or graphical stylings that this does. However it soon becomes apparent WHY no other game has these.

Pete:   “Well he looks about as evil as my arse. I’m sure Frank Miller appreciates the Sin City rip-off but the rest of us aren’t so bothered.”

Kim:   “I kind of like the way it looks though. I wonder why the reviews are so bad?”

Pete:   “Because it’s quite obviously s**t.”

Kim:   “Ok, it seems as if the majority of people on Steam are complaining about technical issues. They’re reporting a lot of bugs.”

Pete:   “I suppose ‘buggy as hell’ sounds about right for a horror game.”

Kim:   “Maybe we’ll skip over this one too then.”

7.   The Tower

Steam rating:   Very Negative (16%)
Example review:   This isn’t a game, it’s a poorly designed chore. An actual chore wouldn’t have you bumping into invisible walls the entire time.

Pete:   “Well that doesn’t look that bad, compared to the other ones anyway.”

Kim:   “Considering all these games come up under a search for ‘horror’ on Steam, I’m really surprised at the lack of jump-scares we’ve had so far.”

Pete:   “The developers were just trying to build the atmosphere with that trailer.”

Kim:   “Sounds as if you’re contemplating buying it then.”

Pete:   “No. No I’m not.”

Kim:   “Let’s move onto the next one then, shall we?”

6.   VERGE:Lost Chapter

Steam rating:   Very Negative (16%)
Example review:   One of those games that even if they paid you to play would be considered a horrible waste of time.

Pete:   “Surely if you had several dismembered bodies hanging from chains from the ceilings, the floor wouldn’t be spotless would it?”

Kim:   “Maybe they cleaned up before we arrived.”

Pete:   “What is this game? A zombie-type thing?”

Kim:   “*Reads description out loud*… but is it really abandoned? ”

Pete:   “Well apart from the monsters and the cleaner, obviously not.”

Kim:   “I hope they get paid well.”

5.   Age of Survival

Steam rating:   Very Negative (15%)
Example review:   [insert negative review here]

Pete:   “A dude threw sticks at an elephant.”

Kim:   “I can’t believe we’ve just watched a trailer where some guy takes ages to craft a beating stick, which then just turns out to be a branch.”

Pete:   “It’s quite obvious that the person who did the backgrounds isn’t the same person who drew the sticks.”

Kim:   “So this is a horror game about sticks then?”

Pete:   “And elephants. And there was a helicopter.”

Kim:   “Nope. Still not getting it.”

4.   The Culling 2

Steam rating:   Very Negative (15%)
Example review:   If you for some reason bought this game, remember that it is possible to get a refund.

Pete:   “Yet another battle royale game. It wasn’t really horror though, was it?”

Kim:   “Yes it was. It’s an example of how horrifying it is that developers want to continue ripping off Fortnite.”

Pete:   “Still wasn’t horror though, was it? Although I suppose any game where you’re shooting someone is now classified as a horror. I expect more from the genre.”

Kim:   “Can we go back to Bunker 58? At least that game had zombies.”

Pete:   “Would you really want to go back?”

Kim:   “On second thought, maybe not.”

3.   Skyscraper Simulator

Steam rating:   Very Negative (6%)
Steam rating:   Very fun, if you like watching paint dry.

Pete:   “Another one. How is this horror?”

Kim:   “Either the Steam tags are screwed or the reviewers have been having a bit of a joke.”

Pete:   “I don’t know what’s worse: the game itself, or the fact they’ve marked it as a horror. Someone call Trading Standards and get that sorted out.”

Kim:   “The game is so bad, that even the backing track sounds like a death march.”

Pete:   “It just wasn’t a horror. I don’t understand. Why is it in the horror category? Why is it there? And why would building a skyscraper be entertaining in a video game anyway?”

Kim:   “Sweetheart, I think you just need to let this one go.”

2.   GASP

Steam rating:   Overwhelmingly Negative (19%)
Example review:   The only good thing about this game is that after the insufferable torture that is GASP, they were kind enough to plant a massive tumor in my head to end my misery.

Pete:   “What was that that just hit his head?”

Kim:   “*Laughs hysterically*

Pete:   “He must be the unluckiest astronaut alive.”

Kim:   “*More hysterical laughing*

Pete:   “*Joins in with hysterical laughing*

Kim:   “That has to be the funniest thing I’ve watched in a very long time.”

1.   Flatout 3: Chaos & Destruction

Steam rating:   Overwhelmingly Negative (12%)
Example review:   After playing this game, buying a noose seems like a great idea.

Pete:   “Hang on, didn’t this one come up the last time we looked at bad games on Steam? The one with the really bad physics.”

Kim:   “Yes, this is the one. Still got dem physics.”

Pete:   “Apparently it’s one of the best driving games of the year according to the trailer.”

Kim:   “But notice how that’s not even a quote – the line isn’t attributed to anybody. The developers just slapped the text in there.”

Pete:   “And also notice how it’s still not a horror game.”

Kim:   “So much for a great Halloween post.”

That’s all we can take for now – we’re going to lie down in a dark room for a while and recover. If you made it to the end of this post, congratulations on making it through and have a excellent Halloween!

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Video game lover, Later Levels blogger and SpecialEffect volunteer. Big fan of wannabe pirates and fine leather jackets.

13 thoughts on “Horrifically bad: worst horror games Leave a comment

  1. What a terrifying post 😛 I quite enjoyed Gasp – the realism of asteroids bouncing off of an astronaut’s head over and over again added a layer I was not expecting. And FlatOut 3… I didn’t realize it was possible for a passenger to be ejected out of the bottom of the chassis. That had to have been some heck of a crash…

    In regards to building a skyscraper, I offer Sim Tower as an example of a pretty interesting game about building a tower (at least, I enjoyed it), but when I saw Skyscraper Simulator… yeah I’m not sure what the draw for that one might be… The horror of all of these games is, as they say, not that they occurred, but that they were allowed. Happy Halloween!


    • Sounds as though it almost deserves a place on this list then! I wonder who on earth thought it would be a good idea for a video game.


  2. Even though I enjoyed it, I did a lot of WTFing during the Silent Hill 2 Let’s Play I watched. Everyone in those games just acts so WEIRD, and I think SH 2 was the worst in that regard. There’s completely nonsense going on, but their conversations don’t even recognize it. I know what’s going on under the surface, but the most egregious scene was after a boss fight with a monstrous table and the other character started berating the protagonist for not being a good husband to his dead wife. Like you DO realize you’re in a flesh wall papered room with pistons in the walls, right?


    • I’ve never played any of the Silent Hill games (shocking, I know) so I really must get around to it one day. And reading your comment above just makes me want to play SH even more now. 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh me neither! I didn’t even really know what they were about (save Silent Hill and a vague knowledge about Pyramid Head) until now. They’re definitely something you should experience. They’re not scary, but they’re creepy, interesting, and fun!


        • One day I’m going to write a post about all the well-known series I haven’t actually played, as a way of making sure I eventually get around to them all!

          Liked by 1 person

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