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All I want for Christmas

Christmas is less than a month away and we can’t wait for copious helpings of turkey and roast potatoes. There’s still some preparation to do first however and some of you may still have presents to purchase. Never fear however because you’ve come to the right place: the following gifts are sure to bring a smile to the face of the gamer in your life.

Before we launch into the list however, I feel I must make a confession. I did try to bring you a varied gift guide that would cater to a whole range of gamers’ tastes, and completed plenty of research online in order to make it as comprehensive as possible. I can’t help feeling that it’s just ended up being a wishlist for myself however so I probably owe you all an apology – but on the flipside, hopefully my other-half and stepson are reading this post and will get a few ideas. Hint hint.

Under £10

Luck potion, candle, Gametee, dish, peaches I’m a big fan of Gametee and have bought plenty of their products including t-shirts, bags and tin signs. The one thing I don’t yet have though is the Luck Potion candle to go with the Health and Mana versions I already own so it would make a nice addition to the collection.

Horizon Zero Dawn, video game, mug Pete and Ethan both have their own special mugs but when I want some tea, I’m stuck with one with a picture of a cartoon cow on it. Yes, a cartoon cow. I think it’s time I got a new one and seeing as Aloy is still my girl, I think this Horizon Zero Dawn version would be perfect for a cuppa.

Blue Shell, Mario Kart, badge, pin, Etsy, Fuck You, PinMeRightRound I know it’s a little rude but I think this Mario Kart pin by PinMeRightRound on Etsy is awesome. I’m starting to get a bit of a collection and it would make a great addition to the Sensitive Badass badge I picked up through Kickstarter – my denim jacket is going to look great next summer.

Under £20

Ten Things Video Games Can Teach Us (about life, philosophy and everything), book I saw the book Ten Things Video Games Can Teach Us (about life, philosophy and everything) when my other-half and I visited the Videogames: Design/Play/Disrupt exhibition at the V&A recently. I’ve had it on my reading list since and it could be great for whiling away a few hours during the holidays.

The Secret of Monkey Island, glass, grog, Etsy I’m sure everyone’s aware by now of how big a fan I am of The Secret of Monkey Island. So what better way to serve your mulled cider this Christmas than in a personalised pint glass from LittleGiftstudioGB on Etsy, which even comes with groggy gift box.

Myst, video game, t-shirt, falling, Fangamer I’ve been playing through the Myst series after receiving my rewards from the Kickstarter campaign for the 25th Anniversary Collection. I may not have had much luck with Myst V: End of Ages last month but it doesn’t stop me from wanting this excellent t-shirt by Ian Wilding on the Fangamer website.

Under £40

Duck Hunt, video game, artwork, Etsy My other-half would tell you we already have too many pictures up around our house, but can you ever have too much video game artwork? I love this Duck-Hunt-inspired altered painting by jamesBit on Etsy because it’s the perfect blend of kitsch and pixels.

The Elder Scrolls Online, ESO, book After buying a PlayStation 4 Pro in October and deciding to keep the previous console, Pete and I are planning to set-up a second television in our living room so we can play The Elder Scrolls Online while we have some time off. Volumes I and II of these books are sure to help us on our adventures.

Humble Bundle, Humble Monthly, video games, website If you’re not sure what to get the gamer in your life then how about the best possible thing: more video games. You can grab a three-month Humble Monthly subscription to whet their appetites for a longer subscription, giving them access to around nine titles each month.

Blow the budget

I’ve already got my tickets sorted for next year’s Rezzed event but if you haven’t yet picked up yours, you can grab a Super Pass for under £40. That’ll get you access to all three days, hundreds of games, developer sessions and project creators – the chance to bump into me.

Xbox, Adaptive Controller, XAC I got the chance to try out the Xbox Adaptive Controller when I volunteered for SpecialEffect earlier this year, and it blew me away. It’s great to see companies such as Microsoft starting to consider accessibility in gaming and thinking of ways to ensure everybody can play.

Tetris, video game, earrings, gold Got several hundred pounds to spare? Then why not consider this range of Tetris-inspired 18k gold earrings by OctaHedronJewelrySF on Etsy that really will blow the budget. You’ll no longer have to long for that straight piece ever again when you’ll have one attached to your ears.

Disclaimer: the list above consists of items which caught my eye but I’m unable to comment on their quality or the performance of their sellers. Later Levels isn’t affiliated with the sites mentioned and I won’t receive any money as a result of clicking on the links in this post – although if the sellers read it and would like to send me these items, I’m not going to complain and would accept them gratefully. Thank you.

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