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Purrfect protagonists

Canines are having a moment when it comes to video games. With the advent of the Can You Pet the Dog? Twitter account, gamers are finding out whether they can stroke their furry friend in their favourite titles. There’s nothing like venturing into an online world with a pawsome partner by your side.

But let’s not forget about their feline counterparts: don’t they deserve a scratch behind the ears and a tickle on the tummy too? Thanks to Jonez from NekoJonez’s Gaming Blog, a fellow cat-lover, and a very kind Sunshine Blogger Award nomination recently, I’m giving these cool kittens a chance to shine by creating a list in his honour. Put down the controller and pick up the catnip, because it’s time to paws and show the following furry friends some love.

The hero from Cat Quest

We first came across RPG Cat Quest at last year’s PC Gamer Weekender where my stepson quickly fell in love with it for its witty use of catty puns. Heavily inspired by series such as The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy, the hero pounces into the massive continent of Felingard to search of his catnapped sister and purrsue the evil Drakoth. Although I haven’t finished this game, what I have played is incredibly cute; and it’s very family-friendly so there’s sure to be hours of fun for cat-lovers of all ages.

Alvina from Dark Souls

Similar to my own cat, Alvina can usually be found crouching on a window while watching over the garden and staying alert for intruders. Choose the right options when speaking to her and she’ll allow you to join her gang, even giving you a Cat Covenant Ring. Who doesn’t want to be a member of a cool cat club and summon a giant kitty to help them luck the butts of anyone who has wronged them? Sure, doing so might be considered a sin in-game but it would be totally worth it for that sweet membership card.

Evil the Cat from the Earthworm Jim series

The first ‘present’ my cat ever brought us was a worm so it’s quite fitting that Evil the Cat appears on this list. Despite his super-villain status, he can often be found licking himself or playing with a ball of wool when he’s bored – even going so far as too groom himself between shots of his huge fireball gun. Because he is the personification of malevolence and all immortal, Evil the Cat can never truly be destroyed; his ways are shrouded in myth and darkness, so it’s better for all worms to simply steer clear.

Khajiit from The Elder Scrolls series

When you consider how addicted I was to The Elder Scrolls Online and how much I love cats, it’s weird that I’ve never played an Elder Scrolls game with a Khajit character. I’m just not a stealthy player and that’s what this race is good at due to their natural agility, acrobatic abilities and night vision. These skills lead many Khajit move outside of their home province and become bandits or professional assassins – perfect for stealing your last sweetroll when you’re not looking.

Meowscular Chef from Monster Hunter: World

Unfortunately I didn’t get on well with Monster Hunter: World and stopped playing after a couple of hours, but there were a couple of things I did enjoy about it. First was being able to customise my Palico companion to look like my own black-and-white cat; and second was meeting the Meowscular Chef. Encouraging hunters to ‘bulk up’ by eating at his canteen in Astera throughout the day, I’m sure he goes home at night to a bowl of kibbles and an hour with a catnip mouse like any good cat does.

Every cat from The Cat Machine

My stepson and I watched a friend stream The Cat Machine one evening a couple of years ago, and for the next few days Ethan answered everything with a ‘Meow’. The machine itself is a secret underground contraption which maintains the stability of the Earth’s orbit around the sun and you’re in charge of designing of it. It works by having cats of various colours ride around on trains that can only go on certain tracks and it’s up to you to make them all fly into the ether in order to save the planet. Obviously.

The panther from Torchlight II

After being introduced to Torchlight II, I spent the entire day playing it and wracked up 16 hours in the first weekend alone. My Embermage character and her panther pet roamed the world, fighting beasts and exploring dungeons while I constantly clicked away until the early hours of the morning. I haven’t played the title in an incredibly long time and writing this makes me want to revisit it, so I might see if I can rope a couple of friends in for a stream in the very near future (Tim and Jake, if you’re reading this!).

Burgerpants from Undertale

Burgerpants works at the MTT-Brand Burger Emporium inside a fast-food restaurant – and he thoroughly hates his job. He originally wanted to be an actor, which explains some of the dramatic facial expressions he pulls when talking to him. Although he can be sarcastic and maintains a cynical view of the world and his future in it, he can be rather hopeful at times and gets some of the best lines in Undertale: “Never let hot people think you care.” Now that’s some good advice.

Our very own Zelda

What kind of cats-in-video-games list would this be if I didn’t include my very own fluffball? We adopted Zelda almost three years ago after she’d had a bit of a rough time, and we wouldn’t do without her. She can often be found sitting somewhere on the sofa while we’re streaming or lounging on the table next to the laptop in an attempt to distract me whenever I’m trying to blog. And if you can’t find her, all you need to do is shake her packet of cat-treats and she’ll quickly come running.

Thank you once again to the pawsome Jonez for the Sunshine Blogger Award, and to all the developers who decided to add feline friends into their projects. Hopefully some of the characters on this list are furmiliar and you think this post is purrfect, no kitten around. I’ll stop now.

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20 thoughts on “Purrfect protagonists Leave a comment

  1. You can totally pet the various cat Pokémon in X/Y and Sun/Moon, just saying. Also, props for mentioning Burgerpants in this article. I tend to point to stuff like Undertale over anything Naughty Dog has made when extolling the values of video game storytelling.

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  2. Yay for love of cats. I’m such a cat lover it’s almost excessive.

    The only other cat in video games I could think of is Mae from Night in the Woods, but she isn’t really emphasized as being feline. I really just need more cats in everything.

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