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London Gaming Market July 2019: a round-up

The London Gaming Market takes place every four months at the Royal National Hotel in Russell Square, London. With a hall full of stalls selling hardware, games, artwork and other gaming merchandise, it’s a great way to add to your physical collection for older consoles and PCs.

At the last event in March, I came away with a PlayStation 2 after the hunt for my other-half’s original machine in our loft earlier this year proved unsuccessful. I also picked up a couple of titles: Fahrenheit (because playing it on PC now just doesn’t feel right) and ICO. As Pete had never played the latter before, we finally got around to streaming it a few weeks ago; and you can read all about his reaction to the game, along with my thoughts on how the Team Ico releases handle the theme of trust, in a post coming next month.

We returned to the London Gaming Market last weekend with a view to buying more titles for the console and didn’t do badly at all. First was Herdy Gerdy, a puzzler that didn’t receive great reviews at the time of its release in February 2002 but I really liked. Then there was Beyond Good & Evil, because I just can’t seem to get my PC copy to work. Next we found Syberia and Syberia II, games which I’ll no doubt end up streaming in the near future. And finally we decided on Tetris Worlds, because the split-screen element could be perfect for GameBlast20.

The other title that caught my eye was Lemmings. I’ve had copies of this game for multiple platforms over the years but don’t recall ever completing it, so the thought of trying again got me excited. The box I found however was special because it was still in its cellophane wrap and had never been opened. While I wad tempted, it didn’t seem right depriving a collector of an item like that; so I slowly backed away from the stall and vowed to order a physical copy online that I could actually play. Watch this space!

My stepson had been saving his pocket-money since our last trip so he entered the market with a 12-year old’s desire to spend as much of it as possible. Two more Funko Pop! Vinyl figures now means he’s only three away from completing his entire Fallout 4 set so I expect his obsession won’t end until he gets his hands on them. He also decided to buy himself a green Game Boy along with Super Mario, Double Dragon and James Bond 007, so that will see him through the upcoming summer holidays.

Did you go to the London Gaming Market? If so, what did you find there? Sadly we won’t be able to make the next event on 03 November 2019 because it clashes with AdventureX, but we’ll be back at the first market of 2020!

London Gaming Market July 2019 photo gallery

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6 thoughts on “London Gaming Market July 2019: a round-up Leave a comment

  1. Looks super cool! I’m drooling over those images of boxed retro games. What are prices like?

    I wish events like this would pop up somewhere other than London or Birmingham sometimes. Hampshire needs retro gaming love too!


    • The prices are pretty reasonable, although can vary depending on which stall you stop at. I picked up Herdy Gerdy for £5 and then found it for £3 a little later; and one guy was selling Shadow of the Colossus for £40 when it was around £28 on other stalls. It’s a case of shopping around, and picking a price and seller you feel comfortable with.

      We’re going to have to drag you over to London for a market one day! 😀

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  2. I saw this advertised a little while ago just always wary about conventions or events in hotels. Not that every event has to be excel or Olympia sized but just makes me…wary 🤔


    • When we went to our first event, we made the mistake of thinking we’d be there all day. But it’s not like that at all: it really is just a market and you’ll be there for a few of hours at the most! If it’s easy enough for you to get to and you’re after some physical retro items, I’d recommend it – I’ve come away with at least one item from every market I’ve been to. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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