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Big-Up the Blitz: episode 2-and-a-bit

Welcome back! Presumably you’ve just changed channels after watching the first half of the second episode of our unofficial commentary couch for 2019’s Blogger Blitz, but if not then please go and check that out now, because second halves don’t make much sense if you’ve not seen the first!

Chris: Event number three sees Lightning take on Persona 5’s Morgana in Hectic Hiking, a challenge for the competitors to turn a disastrous expedition in the woods into a great day out for themselves and their Ship. This one strikes me as being open to a lot of different approaches: we could see them using their own sheer force of personality to cheer up their partners or drawing on all sorts of equipment or skills to develop fun activities! It feels like this one’s very open to interpretation, so we could see a really fun difference of styles here.
Kim: The thing that everyone is going to be looking for is Livid Lightning’s awesome LightningEllen’s take on the subject. As the winner of the first Blogger Blitz in 2017 and a competitor again last year, her previous experience is going to be invaluable and she can make a good guess as to what will stand out for the judges. It’s added pressure for Winst0lf’s Portal’s excellent Winst0lf – but if he can beat Ellen in the first round, that will position him as an extremely strong competitor for the rest of the competition.
Chris: Indeed – my friend the Bizzaro Mage is in the interesting position of having his first match against a known contender and one who’ll be perhaps a favourite to do well. If he can pull something out of the bag here, that’ll be a big confidence boost and put eyes on him as a strong competitor going into the next round!
Kim: Can you see either character as having the upper hand in this match?
Chris: I don’t know all that much about Winst0lf’s pair, but I don’t think this match is one that bestows an advantage either way. It’s so open that I think any pair, in the hands of a creative competitor like both of these are, could excel.
Kim: I think that’s like most of BB this year so far: right now, it’s anybody’s game!
Chris: Exactly! There’s really very little point at this stage trying to predict who’ll come through. There are so many factors at work, and every entry is always deserving of victory, and it’s often the smallest and most unexpected things that end up resolving what’s always a very hard decision for the judges.
Kim: Finally we have Wacky Wedding, which will see Itsuki Aoi and Mortimer Goth battle it out to save a wedding from a freak storm after being invited to the event as their Ships’ plus-ones. This is another round where the competitors have chosen characters I’m not very familiar with – how do you think Pix 1001 from Shoot the Rookie and Alex Sigsworth from the Purple Prose Mage will do when it comes to making sure inexperienced readers are brought up to speed?
Chris: I think once again creativity is the name of the game! The problem to solve here is how to save the wedding in the face of freak weather conditions, which might involve tackling the storm itself or might end up being an alternative: escape or some other solution. Whatever our competitors choose to do, they’ll just need to make sure they explain really clearly why their characters are well suited to this. Examples of when they’ve previously used the abilities, skills, knowledge, or equipment they’re relying on here will be helpful to show that their solution is a viable one! What would Guybrush do?
Kim: This is Guybrush we’re talking about, so… probably make things worse! Pull out a monkey wrench, cover all the guests in root beer, then make a few sarcastic comments before suggesting the event is moved to the Scumm Bar? Now that’s a wedding I’d like to go to.
Chris: Now, of course, Pix is a good friend of mine and we know she can write creative descriptions of characters doing things from the High Score Haute Couture events she and I have done together. As for Mr Sigsworth, we know from his appearance in last year’s Blitz that he’s extremely smart and detail-oriented, so I’m expecting to see some smart application of a specific skill of his characters’ that will let him make a good, strong argument.
Kim: Any final thoughts, Chris?
Chris: I think yet again this will come down to the wire and be decided by the tiniest thing: I also think, when we come back to do our next show (which will be after these four matches and before the two semi-final matches in the second round), we’ll have a lot to discuss about how the judges’ dynamic has worked and how that’s informed the results.
Kim: Well we won’t want to wait long to find out, because the fun starts today when Around The Bonfire and FlameFlash tackle the first match. I can feel the anticipation building already.
Chris: Holy heck, Kim. We’re in for a treat, that’s for sure!
Kim: Stay tuned, fight fans, and we’ll see you after 23 August 2019 once the final round one results have been revealed for some more hot commentary action!

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