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gamescom 2019: the fun starts today

Today is the opening of gamescom 2019 for the general public and the first time I’ve travelled outside of the UK for years. I’m drafting this post before leaving for the airport. I’ve been to EGX and Rezzed which are significant in size, but gamescom is even bigger.

I’ll be looking out for anything Bethesda-related, as I’ve spent almost all my time playing their games recently and we may get some new information on The Elder Scrolls 6. Otherwise, the list of games and developers attending the event is endless but we’ve got four full days to explore everything. Please do leave any comments for titles you’d like me to try out and I’ll be happy to give my feedback!

In terms of scale, it’s suggested that the event will be host to hundreds of thousands of visitors and this is significantly more than any gaming event in the UK. Having been squashed into Tobacco Dock for Rezzed with only hundreds of attendees, gamescom is a daunting prospect. We’re also staying at a hotel 40-minutes away from the venue by train because that was the only real option when I arranged the trip four months ago, so we know it will be packed.

This year there won’t be the usual conferences from the likes of Microsoft, Nintendo or Sony but an opening-night live event hosted by Geoff Keighley will contain any big announcements instead. Guests include Hideo Kojima with more previews of Death Stranding and exclusives from all the other major companies in one conference. At the time you’re reading this, the live stream will be available on YouTube.

I originally planned the trip this year expecting an unveiling of the next generation of games consoles, but that’s now looking unlikely. Hopefully, I’ll get my hands on Borderlands 3 instead to see if the core gameplay has changed much or if there are any more freedom and scale to the environment. I’ll also be looking out for anything more on the Final Fantasy VII remake.

Could 2020 be yet another year of sequels and remakes? So far it does appear to be going this way, but I’m hopeful we see new story-based single-player experiences including Cyberpunk 2077. I’ll be posting photos from the event on Twitter so be sure to follow me, and I’ll have some posts here on Later Levels at the end of the week.

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