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Gamers blog party: autumn 2019 invitation

Autumn officially starts this month so that means colder days, longer nights and preparations for Halloween and Christmas! But before we get wrapped up in cosy blankets, it’s time for our latest blog party here at Later Levels. There’s no better way to celebrate the start of the weekend as well as meet some new blogging friends and read their awesome posts.

The rules are simple:

🎉   Arrive at the party: don’t be shy and stand in the corner – say hello and introduce yourself in the comments below! Give an introduction to your blog to welcome new readers and let us know what you’re all about.

🎉   Present your gift: think about the posts you’ve written during the past three months and choose your favourite or one which was fun to write. Leave a link to it in your comment and explain why you’ve picked it.

🎉   Get the conversation going: so many video games yet nothing to play! Help me find some new titles to pique my interest and kill my gamers’ block by telling everyone what you’re playing right now and the upcoming release you’re most looking forward to.

🎉   Be sociable: grab yourself a drink, put on a party hat and get to know your fellow guests! Check back on the comments throughout the day to discover excellent sites and meet new bloggers.

🎉   Party all day: the comments below will be open for 24-hours until 06:00 GMT on Tuesday, 17 September 2019 so you’ve got plenty of time to meet and greet. Plus your posts will be shared on the Later Levels’ social media channels!

These blog party events are my way of giving something back to the amazing WordPress community and showing my appreciation for all of your support. I’ve had the opportunity to meet some lovely people and talented writers over the past three years; here’s a little thank you and a way of finding some awesome blogs you may not have come across already.

Last time we beat the record number of posts shared in a single event, hitting 36 articles and 348 comments. Can we beat it yet again? Enjoy, and excuse me while I grab a controller so I can join in with the fun!

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Video game lover, Later Levels blogger and SpecialEffect volunteer. Big fan of wannabe pirates and fine leather jackets.

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  1. I am fashionably early I see! Which is good cause I am very much the type of person that arrives early. *puts on festive party hat*

    Hello to all that know me and those that don’t! I’m Michelle of A Geek Girl’s Guide! I cover all kinds of geeky topics from gaming to comics to Disney and beyond. My humble offering is a post I had ridiculous fun writing which is my Video Games to Play Based on Your Zodiac Sign.

    I’ve been quite busy as of late so not much gaming beyond some weekly board gaming with a new friend. I’ve got a backlog of review copies to get through soon though.

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    • Morning Michelle! I do like a bit of punctuality. Sounds as though you’ve had a lot on lately so I appreciate you making the time to pop over. 😀

      In some ways I’m a typical Aries but the one trait I lack is competition. I do need to get around to trying Overwatch though, because my stepson has recently become interested in it and I need to keep up with what’s going on!

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        • Oh yeah, I know exactly what you mean. I reckon at least 90% of the games I play are by indie developers. I’m not saying that the big-budget stuff can’t be good (come on, Fable 4!) but sometimes it seems to lack the same ‘heart’ as indie releases.

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      • It’s great seeing how you try to play and get into the same games as your stepson. Even if he never says it I bet he appreciates it on some level. For a stint my dad played Pokemon when I was younger, and my mom got into Animal Crossing a bit when I first started playing that. I never said it, but always appreciated it even though neither really stuck with playing games in any capacity.

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        • Video games were how we bonded when we first met. At first he was a bit surprised that ‘girls play video games’ and expected me to like titles that were gentler and with less action, but after a few weeks of proving my credentials he forgot all about that! It’s something we’ve done together as a family since – although Overwatch I’ve been a little hesitant about so far, because I know I’m not going to be great at it and I don’t want to let a team down.

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          • That’s awesome. Glad to hear you were able to bond over something you both enjoy. You definitely get to be the cooler of the step-parents with that being the case.

            So here’s the thing…Overwatch has that Blizzard design philosophy of being fun for a very broad audience. The character roster has a diverse range of characters, which include options that are accessible for newcomers. For example: Mercy is a character who has the ability to heal and buff nearby teammates. You only have to aim in the general direction of whoever you want to apply these heals/buffs to and you’ll shoot a beam that latches onto the person. Similarly, characters like Winston, Torbjorn, and Symmetra all have a decreased emphasis on aiming so they’re easier for newcomers to play. I think if you give it a go you’ll be able to find at least one character you’re comfortable playing (probably more).

            There are also casual game modes where wins and losses don’t affect anyone’s ranking online. If anyone gets salty about losing a casual match they’re likely the kind of person who is liable to get upset at anything not going their way and not worth paying any mind too.

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            • Oh that’s good to hear – I have to admit that I don’t know much about Overwatch other than the very basics, so this is useful information. Would you say it’s best to start with one of those characters you’ve mentioned above? Or is there one that’s particularly suitable for a newcomer?

              Anyone who doesn’t require exact aiming is great, because my hand-eye coordination is terrible! ha ha


              • Those might be good ones to start with. My info for the game is a bit dated, so I don’t know if any of the characters that were added over the past several updates also fit the mold of beginner friendly. Someone else might be able to chime in and let you know if there are other characters that don’t require precision aiming. Those are the ones I’d recommend for someone who lacks confidence, skill, or both when it comes to FPS. Mercy is an especially good pick as finding someone willing to take on the role of a healer isn’t always the easiest thing in the world.

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                • Noted! There are a few games I need to install on our Xbox after getting a few recommendations today so I’ll definitely add Overwatch to the list. There might be a post next month about how well (or not well) it does, we’ll see. 😉

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                  • Junkrat is pretty fun and doesn’t require as much precise aiming as others. I can’t think of who else to mention. Overwatch is great for just being able to try characters out and work out who is who and what suits you best.

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                    • Junkrat… noted also. I’ve got a few characters to start with now and will have the house to myself tomorrow, so it seems like the perfect time to sneak in some practice!

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    • Just commented on your blog. Pisces and I def felt the vibe from it. The only shooter I can’t let go of is overwatch but I am a sims Og since day 1. As a streamer I even tell people I’m a variety gamer bc I want to play all the games lol

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    • As a Capricorn, I totally agree with the simulation games suggestion. I adore Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, The Sims, Fantasy Life, etc. I really love these suggestion posts you put out! I can’t wait to see more like this. I’m sure you already have ideas for the 16 personality types, too! (Unless you’ve already done it and I forgot!)

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  2. Hello, this sounds like a lot of fun and I’m always down for that.
    Online fam knows me as Luna and I am a streamer and content creator and well, now blogger but it’s not my first blog.
    My blog will consists of games and anything geek news that pulls me in.

    This post I entreated into a dead by daylight beginners guide contest and I had so much fun doing it and plan on tweaking more in the future.

    I live stream during the week and the blog is still in the first month brand new. Enjoy all : )

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  3. *… Stumbles in to the party wearing a denim jacket and global hypercolour t-shirt, tripping on the carpet threshold before looking around and realising that it isn’t a 90’s themed party*

    Hellloooo!! I’m Luke from and I do the blogging about games and stuff… Increasingly my articles have been descending in to vague rambles on the subject like this one

    * Fishes a piece about the Sega Game Gear out of his jacket pocket and starts handing it around the room*

    I guess what I really want to ask is, does anyone know where I put my Sega Game Gear? Anywho, I’ve just finished playing Golf Story on Switch which was kind of engrossing, not a statement I ever thought I’d say about a golf sim / rpg. Now, where are the twiglets?

    *Wanders off to find twiglets and tell people how he’s just noticed that when babies spit-up milk they look like the androids from Alien and now it really weirds him out*

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  4. Good morning guys!

    Some of you know me, to others, Hi!

    Let me grab a sausage roll and a pimms and introduce myself awkwardly with my hand covering my mouth because I mistimed my eating…

    I’m Aaron, I run This is art, not real life, where I blog about video games, dungeons and dragons and books!

    One of my fav recent articles is on mental health in video games as explored by Persona 5:

    I am currently playing Persona 5 and Alien: Isolation, I am currently reading The Shining by Stephen King and I am currently DMing one game of dungeons and dragons whilst playing a separate game!

    Pleased to meet you!

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  5. G’day cobbers, I’m Pete, and I run both ( and Atari A to Z (, the latter of which is an archive of three ongoing video series I’ve been working on.

    I’m a former professional games journalist (GamePro and USgamer are the two publications I’ve worked on that you probably heard of; I also contributed to both PC Zone and the UK Official Nintendo Magazine back in the late ’90s and early ’00s) who now does this stuff for fun, and my specialisms are overlooked and underappreciated titles (particularly, though not exclusively, those of Japanese origin) and retro games on Atari home computer platforms.

    I think the piece I’ve written recently that I’m most pleased with was this one: It’s part of my currently running Cover Game feature. Cover Game features on MoeGamer are where I take a game or series and explore it in exhaustive depth from a variety of different angles over the course of several articles.

    This particular piece is part of my currently running feature on the Senran Kagura series, and it explores the musical themes of the group of characters that hail from the Gessen Girls’ Academy. They’re all based on classical themes, so I discovered a variety of ways on the Internet that help you to identify all those tunes you recognise but can’t remember the name of, and cross-referenced them with the Gessen girls’ themes. It’s a multimedia extravaganza — make sure you have headphones or speakers to hand, as there are some cracking tunes here.

    Right now I’m playing Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal as part of the aforementioned Cover Game feature. As a complete remake and mechanical reimagining of the very first game in the series that originally came out for 3DS, it’s actually a great jumping-on point, and it’s by far the most mechanically elegant of the beat ’em up installments in the series. If you enjoy a combination of hacking and slashing your way through hordes of enemies and 3D arena-based one-on-one combat with elements of stuff like Power Stone and Final Fantasy Dissidia, you’ll dig it. Narratively, it’s also a thoughtful exploration of the definitions of “good” and “evil”, a tale of how people can find friendship, mutual respect and love despite seemingly diametrically opposed worldviews, and it delves into weighty topics like self-esteem and survivor’s guilt with sensitivity and grace.

    If you want to check out everything I’ve written about the series, see for the currently running feature, and for the first Cover Game feature I ever wrote, on a specific installment in the series and its historical context as part of the brawler/beat ’em up genre.

    I also leave long comments on other people’s blogs. Now who’s got the gin?

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    • Hi Pete, lovely to have you here! It’s not a blog party without a comment from our favourite former professional. 😀

      I do admire just how much effort you put into your series – they must take an awful lot of work. I’d love to do something similar with the adventure genre but I’m not sure I could be so organised! I tell you what though, a post about matching gins to video games…

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      • Haha, do it! Although I don’t recommend combining gin and Overwatch; booze really makes your aim suffer.

        Adopting my current format was as much an attempt to organise my own gaming life as anything. I’ve found that I enjoy games the most if I focus on something specific until completion rather than hopping around between lots of different things… but I also wanted to write about the things I was enjoying, so I needed to figure out a way to not feel bad about writing about the same thing several times.

        As such, I came up with the Cover Game idea, whose rough original concept was “you know how commercial press sites posted three billion articles about [insert big triple-A game that brings in the clicks here] in the month running up to its release? What if I did that for games fewer people had heard of?” Over time, it’s evolved into its current form, where I either take installments of a series one at a time, or focus on a very specific aspect of an individual game in a single article, usually leaving the narrative until last. (Can’t talk about a narrative knowledgeably and confidently without seeing all of it, after all!)

        It’s worked for me so far, and I punctuate those long-term features with one-off stuff about specific things I can research and cover fairly quickly — or just topical opinion pieces.

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        • Hmm… I do want to do a big personal project on adventures, and your experience is big inspiration. It’s just figuring out what that project would be and the direction it would take exactly; and then being organised enough to be able to pull it off to a level I’d be happy with. I know there are a couple of other bloggers doing year-long collaborations in 2020 though so perhaps this isn’t the best timing. 🤔

          You’ve certainly given me something to think about. No doubt I’ll sit on it for another few days and then have a eureka moment at 3am.

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      • It’s worth your time! The anime barely scratches the surface of what these delightful girls have to offer, and it does so across several disparate game styles at this point.

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  6. Hello, it’s lovely to see everyone!

    *puts on party hat and places cake over on the table*

    I’m Krista aka LeeksEverywhere and I have a little blog where I talk about video games, technology & sometimes a few other topics (

    My most recent post was a little one celebrating The Sims 4’s fifth birthday ( Currently working on some new posts for the next few weeks after taking a little time off and looking forward to my first EGX next month too!

    Anywho, there’s a piece of cake with my name on it. I’ll be over here eating that and catching up on some blogs!

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  7. Hello there!

    I’m Ellen (who loves Lightning Farron) and I’ve been blogging in the WordPress community for 4 years now. I love to ramble about video games (been a gamer since I was 5), books (recently got into reading), and life stuff (#MentalHealthMatters). I’ve met a ton of cool people online and will always treasure the special connections I’ve made over ze years. If I consider anyone a close friend (online or offline), I’ll always have their back, no matter what. ⚡

    A post I enjoyed writing recently is my GreedFall first impressions post:

    That’s also the game I’m playing now. It’s rare for me to play a game at release these days (backlogs and all that). I’m really enjoying it! It’s a BioWare-style action RPG with cool companions. I love Vasco and think he’s super-BFF worthy already. 😁💗

    A game I’m looking forward to is the Link’s Awakening remake, although it’ll be a while before I play it. After GreedFall, I’m resuming my crazy quest to Platinum the Mass Effect trilogy, which I’m also blogging about in detail, haha. 🌌

    All the best, everyone!

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    • Wooo it’s my favourite lightning lady! Lovely to see you here.

      Remember I said that I couldn’t get Mass Effect working on my PC and would have to dig out the Xbox? Well, I found out last week that it’s available through my other-half’s Game Pass. You know what I’ll be doing very soon…

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    • Hey you! Thanks for stopping by today. 😀

      I haven’t played a Batman game in ages. I might have to introduce Ethan to them at some point – I have a feeling he’d really enjoy them.


      • The Batman games are great fun. I started Arkham Knight on PS4 because it was on PS+ and thought it would be fun to play again. It is but I forgot how much I got annoyed about Riddler trophies. So many of them to collect and as usual I’m starting off thinking I should collect them all. I’ll give up on that at some point!

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  8. Hi everyone,
    I’m Dale from Uncapt, where I write reviews and about games in general, along-side my closest mate Lloyd we try to get a new post every week!

    Enjoy one of my favourite posts, where I talk about using games to cope with stress and just what games help me manage my stress. It was an interesting write!

    I’m currently playing two games. Firstly Borderlands 3 with my wife as she loves shoot and loot style games. Secondly, anyone who reads the blog knows, I’m currently playing through Monster Hunter Worlds new DLC Iceborne and its incredible.

    I’ll leave on a quick question, I’ve already seen a few bloggers mention it. Is anyone attending EGX in London next month? I’ve been to a few insomnias and one EGX all in Birmingham, so I’m excited to see how good it will be in London! Me and Lloyd are going to be there every day! I’m so excited!

    Hope you’re all well!

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    • Hi Dale, thanks for coming along! 😀

      The game I turn to when I’m stressed is usually ESO. It’s like junk food: you don’t need to concentrate too much if you’re just doing quests, and you can zone out while your mind wanders. But seeing you mention Viva Pinata in your post… I realised the other day that it’s available on my husband’s Game Pass so I’ll be installing that very soon.

      We’ll be at EGX on the Thursday and Friday – I’ll keep an eye out for you!

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      • Thanks for hosting!

        I really need to try ESO again, I played it on release and have not touched it since 😥 You have to install Viva Pinata again!! Such a good game, so relaxing but so addictive!

        It’ll be nice to say hello! I’m really excited for it, will be nice to go away for a few days and talk nothing but video games! 😁

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        • Yes, play ESO again! You’d be more than welcome to come and hang out with us one evening if you’re on PC.

          I’m a bit sad that EGX is no longer at the NEC, because I really like the venue and my only excuse to go there now is Insomnia. Still, the Excel is really easy for us to get to so that means a quicker journey home and more time for video games!

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          • I would love to get a PC, probably my next purchase! When I do I will take you up on that offer!

            I enjoed the NEC too, I’ve been to the past two insomnias and we visited EGX in 2017, when they had the sea of theives bus! It was such a good time, can’t wait to go to London for it! Gives me another excuse to visit the national history museum if anything!

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            • Argh – you were at the last Insomnia? So were we and I didn’t even realise! Were you there for the BYOC or just visiting?

              We’d love to do the whole weekend and bring our PCs, but sadly the stepson is too young so it’s going to take a bit of planning and finding a babysitter. We’re going to give it a go for next August so fingers crossed.

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              • Yeah! I popped down for, I think the last day? But i went with some of my family, we didn’t go for the BYOC we just visted, played some old retro games and bought way to many Pokemon Cards 😦
                I’ve never really checked the BYOC area out… since I don’t have a computer I unfortunetly have nothing to bring! Fingers crossed for you, the people that I know that do it, absolutely love it! I hope you get to go!

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                • I think you can hire a PC while you’re there so that’s always an option!

                  We were there on the Sunday so it sounds like I might have missed you anyway. The retro section was good this time though, wasn’t it? I can’t even say how much time we spent on House of the Dead and Street Fighter. 😀

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                  • I spent so much time playing through simpsons hit and run! It was nice because it was full of games me and my brother used to play when we were younger. I’m not good at fighting games so we avoided street fighter haha!

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    • It’s my first gaming show as well! Did a couple of ‘cons in the summer but this is my first specific gaming event so should be fun!

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      • I’ve been to around three and they’ve always been so much fun! It’s a nice experience being in a room full of people that love gaming! 😁

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        • Yeah. Loved the communal feel of other events and hoping this is the same. I’m glad it’s at the excel as a lot of space to move around even when it gets busy.

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          • I’ve never been to the Excel, so it’ll be my first time! Me and Lloyd are going Thursday-Sunday, so I’m hoping with how big the excel is, the event will also be packed with loads of things to do.
            The communal feel of gaming events is awesome, everyone’s just excited to play games 😁

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            • Bring your walking boots and possibly the one ring and some elven lembas bread, a big venue and lots of walking and that’s just to get in lol though probably similar sized halls to the NEC 🤷🏼‍♂️

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              • haha! I will pack acordingly, although I would like to try some Elven Lembas bread… I imagine it wouldnt be much bigger that the NEC, but I can safely say from past experiences there is always loads to do 😀

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    • Hey Dale!

      Love that I’m seeing more and more articles that mention mental health and gaming! Stardew Valley is also one of my de-stress games. Animal Crossing is definitely my favorite though.

      I wish I was going to something like EGX but I’m afraid I live across the pond in the US!

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  9. Hello everyone! I’m Megan over at A Geeky Gal! I enjoy writing reviews for games and anime, convention and cosplay tips, geeky lifestyle and fashion, and I just introduced a new category called Mental Health in the Geek Community where I dive into mental health topics in fandoms and online communities as well as issues that geeky people like myself deal with. Super excited to attend another of Kim’s blog parties! These are always a lot of fun. I can’t wait to meet some new bloggers here! 🙂

    For my gift, I brought my 30 Day Geek Out Challenge. I just completed it last month. It’s been a labor of love and a culmination of 3 years of what I learned from creating other challenges!

    Currently, I’m playing Final Fantasy X is preparation for Normal Happenings’ Characters That Define Us collaboration! Nothing like a refresher before diving into such a personal piece.

    I’ll be in and out throughout the day as it’s been pretty hectic at work with important people coming by. Can’t wait to read some of these lovely blog posts that I may have missed in my reader! ❤

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    • Heya Megan! Hope you’re having a good day over there. 😀

      I thought I’d finished my piece for The Characters That Define Us last week… but I realised over the weekend that there was some additional points I wanted to talk about but forgot to include. I sense a re-write happening very soon. No doubt it’ll be an entirely different post by the time the deadline comes! ha ha

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      • So far so good! How’s things looking for you? 🙂

        I started on mine last week but am still adding and moving things around! Sometimes I find that the more personal the piece is, the harder it is for me to find the right words!

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        • Oh yeah – I know exactly what you mean. Because it’s something so personal, you want to find the perfect words to convey exactly how it sounds in your head and feels in your heart so you do it justice. Matt has certainly got us all thinking with this collaboration!

          Hopefully this week will remain relatively calm so I can make some changes and finally be happy with my contribution. 😉

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          • Exactly! I felt this way about The Games That Define Us collab as well. When my post went up and I re-read it, it was like reading it for the first time. It felt incredible. I hope this one can feel that way, too.

            Here’s to that! My week is looking pretty hectic (especially with some big bosses visiting for the next few weeks). But I’m sure I can get it done before the deadline. I just hope I’m happy with it.

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    • Hi Megan, good to see you again! Always happy to see someone playing FFX too and I’m always intrigued to ask these questions. Favourite FFX party member and do you ever use Kimahri?

      I’ve cleared it 3 times and each time Kimahri just doesn’t make the cut and so I’m wondering if he makes yours or anyone’s at this party?

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      • Hey Fitzy! Favorite is probably Lulu; she kicks butt! And I definitely use Kimahri every fight. I like to rotate everyone so they all get exp. Try using lancet at least once on different baddies that way he gets experience, and may learn a new Ronso Rage!

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        • Lulu’s great, especially when you get Doublecast. She was always on my first squad. I need to learn to love Kimahri. I did do Lancet for a bit but think I need to stick with it. Once he falls behind I struggle to appreciate him. Poor Ronso.

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            • Yeah I think that’s my issue, especially if going back through areas. If flying through enemies I’d rather just expend team A’s MP then switch in my B team (which Kimahri isn’t a part of) rather than mixing it up. Have fun getting Doublecast 👍

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  10. Good afternoon all.
    I’m Charles and I contribute and mainly run the Around The Bonfire page with a few friends from my school days. Live and work in and around London whilst writing about games, movies, tv and the odd politic heavy diatribe although try and keep those contained for when I’m feeling soap boxy. Blogging and twitter really has become the digital speakers corner 🤔

    Tend to write book and game reviews which was never my sole intention but there we go 🙂do attend the odd event and show so for my about me piece, a visit to Nintendo World last year in NYC. Spent way to much money there, could easily spend more!🙈

    I’m currently playing through Mafia 3 at the moment and intend to do a double piece next month. Interesting game, not the most life changing experience you’ll ever encounter but has its moments.

    As I’m very conscious this is sounding like the worlds worst gaming tinder profile, gamder? Sounds wrong…will check back in during the day and this evening and try and comment and join in as much as possible. Love what everyone has contributed so far and thanks to Kim for being a great host.

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    • Please tell me you’re going to write a post about gaming dating profiles very soon, I’d love to read it! 😂

      I think I’d be scared to go to Nintendo World because I couldn’t be sure what state I’d make it out in: either not at all, or bankrupt. Will we be seeing you spending more money at EGX next month? 🙂

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      • ‘Royal princess, attracted to rough plumber types, potentially has Stockholm syndrome with giant turtles’

        Writes itself really…

        I want to be sensible and mature and in the absence of guest stars to get autographs and such refrain from being to extravagant however did end up buying a Skyrim beer tanker at CC in May because it looked cool. Shiney things are my weakness lol

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          • That Bethesda stand…was to tempting. I don’t know the ratio of games to merch at egx, If you ever get over to Manhattan would definitely recommend Nintendo NYC for the sheer range of Zelda and Mario shirts alone

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            • I know exactly the stand you’re talking about. It’s easy enough for me to stay away from the stands at something like EGX because there’s so much other stuff to distract yourself with. But while volunteering at Comic Con and you’re on your break… yeah, it’s tough. I’m going to have to strengthen my willpower before next month! ha ha

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                • We’re still considering whether to go again as attendees, but I’m volunteering for SpecialEffect again on the Friday. So I’ll at least be there in some capacity. 🙂


                  • This is definitely a whim attendance if I manage to go again but would probably go on the Saturday again and give myself time to recover. Walking for hours is exhausting, no idea how people manage it in full cosplay short of surplus energy drinks

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                    • Tell me about it! I’m always amazed by the women who turn up in cosplay in really high heels, and are still wearing them at the end of the day. I can barely walk after a day on the SpecialEffect stand.


    • I don’t know if I could trust myself in Nintendo World. I think I’d have to go in with someone to watch me and my spending. Though the same goes for Pokemon centres and I am so keen to go there.

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    • How awesome you got to visit Nintendo world. I was never crazy about mario or nintendo but my boys are. I made me think of Lego Land discovery center up by chicago that we go to.

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      • I had become a little jaded after the Wii but I do appreciate their legacy and they had a lot of cool old style Zelda stuff. I do love visiting Lego stores around the world when I can, proudest possession was a Lego key ring from Denmark, seemed appropriate

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  11. Hello everyone! I’m Fitzy and I can’t believe it’s already time for another of Kim’s shindigs! This year is flying, it’s very scary IMO. Anyway if you like video games, which I’m sure you do as you’re an individual of fine taste, then you could perhaps peruse my game related nonsense on my blog, Game Time. There isn’t really a pattern to my posts but that’s just the way I like it!

    I’ve actually not been on WordPress much lately but I’m always happy to attend a blog party. I’m due to start a uni course in computing next month so I’ve been doing less writing and more soaking in the free time and getting stuff organised before I am fully committed. Saying that though, I realise I’ve hit 100 followers (yay) so I’ll be doing a post on that soon. But I did a post recently non-gaming related which was:
    Basically, I was in a singing mood and always enjoyed world building through visual or audio aids, so I thought I’d share a few of my favourites of recent memory.

    In terms of gaming, I’m playing and enjoying this hot new release called Undertale, and no, I’m definitely not years behind the craze. I’ve also been dipping my toes into The Outer Wilds which I absolutely adore the concept for. A space exploration/puzzle game set in a small solar system with an Edge of Tomorrow type situation occurring? Yes, please!

    With all that said I’m going to go demolish a few plates of buffet grub and mingle with my fellow bloggers!

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    • Oh wow, congratulations on both the 100 followers and the uni course! Sounds as though you’ve been very busy with amazing things. 😀

      I take it you’re enjoying The Outer Wilds then? I’ve been keeping one eye on it as it kind of interests me, but haven’t yet played or even watched any of the game.

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      • Thank you! And yes, exciting but nervous times for me. I’ve not studied in over 10 years and that was Psychology and Media Studies. So, not much help in Computing unless a spreadsheet has an Oedipus complex. Then I can go all Fraud on it!

        I’m about 3 hours into The Outer Wilds and I’m really enjoying it. If you don’t know much about it then I’ll refrain from spoilers besides the Edge of Tomorrow thing, which is what got me hooked on the idea. I really recommend the game though, especially if you want something a bit different. Lots of ‘what’s going on with this planet?’ or ‘what am I even looking at?!’. One of the best games I’ve played this year, so far, anyway.

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        • I’m really jealous! I’d love to do a computing degree and I did look into it earlier this year, but I’m just not sure I’d be able to fit it in with ‘life’ right now. You’ll have to keep us up to date on how you’re getting on, I’d be interested to hear how you’re finding it. 🙂

          Silly question: is The Outer Wilds difficult to get into or is the entry barrier pretty low? I ask because spare time in the evenings is a somewhat limited commodity, so anything that’s easy to pick up works well!

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          • That’s fair enough. I’m honestly not sure how I’m going to manage either so I’ve done it with the Open University. I can’t commit the time to a brick and mortar Uni but a home based one I think I’ve got the right amount of time for. If it’s too much I can always do less modules next year. Might be ideal for you, even if you do it over more years. I’m aiming to do it full time but if it gets too much I am going to half the work per year.

            Not silly at all, in fact I’d say it’s perfect for little spare time. The game is designed in a way that you only need half an hour per play session. It has a very easy stopping and picking up point as you have a very handy journal/objective system. The game is built for bite sized sessions. The tutorial is very basic too and there isn’t much to the game besides exploring and puzzle solving.

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            • Oh that’s what I was looking into also! It was the number of hours per week that concerned me because we only get to see my stepson on the weekends and I’d have to leave a lot of the ‘house’ stuff to my husband. Both of them were very supportive and encouraged me to do it but I just didn’t feel comfortable, if you get what I mean. Please do let me know how you find the course – hearing positive words from someone who’s actually doing it might be the final push I need!

              Looks like I might be turning on the Xbox tonight and taking advantage of Pete’s Game Pass…

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              • Understandable. Both me and wife are concerned about chores and dinner situations as we’re both going to be pretty busy and our shifts don’t align. But I think as long as everyone chips in when they can it’ll work out.

                I know what you mean about not feeling comfortable about it. I feel a bit guilty about giving the uni course a go but it’s all swings and roundabouts. It’s going to be tough for us both but we’ll adapt. Sounds like they’d support you but I get what you mean. I’ll definitely be posting on Twitter and probably here now and then so I’ll let you know how it is. See if I can convert you to it haha.

                Ooh if you’ve got it on Game Pass then I highly recommend giving it a go. If you do, don’t be put off by the starter area. Bit chatty at the start but rest of game isn’t like that so far.

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                • I’ve got a few Microsoft SQL courses coming up over the next couple of months so that will be a good test to see if I’m ready to jump back into studying. I haven’t done any properly since my IT qualifications, and that was almost ten years ago!

                  Alright, The Outer Wilds it is then. 😉

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                  • Well if it helps your confidence, you’re steps ahead of me. I’ve not got any of those courses and I don’t have an IT qualification. I did their ‘Are you ready?’ quiz for the course and was satisfied with the results. From what I understand, the 1st year is meant to get everyone on the same level, as Open Uni accepts all kinds of students on different learning scales and paces. You sound ready in terms of IT 😊.

                    Hope you enjoy it The Outer Wilds!


                    • Thanks so much for the confidence boost! I have to say, the degree is still something I’d like to do one day and I’m very tempted… I’ll be keeping an eye out for your progress updates. 😀


  12. Hey all. Frostilyte here. I write about (mostly) indie games over on my expertly named blog. The bulk of my content consists of reviews, or lists highlighting smaller games that are coming out or are already available for purchase. Occasionally I do editorial pieces about game design, or something I have a strong opinion about. And last month I got back into doing goofy digital art with my ruining your favourite Pokemon posts.

    I can’t believe it’s been 3 months since the last blog party. Looking forward to meeting some new bloggers and saying hi to several of the faces I already know within the community. 🙂

    As for my gift…well I suppose that depends on your perspective:
    This is one of the aforementioned art posts where I draw people’s favourite Pokemon goofy. I’ve been blown away by the reception to them so far, so I hope anyone here who is new to my blog will enjoy them too.

    As for what I’m playing: I recently finished up Minoria (review out later this week), and Child of Morta (review next week hopefully). I’ve been playing Fantasy Strike for the last several weeks with the intention of reviewing it as well. And if Steam’s upcoming games tab can be trusted than I might be playing Jenny LaClue later this week. All the games!

    Will continue to check back throughout the day. Looking forward to meeting some new people. 🙂

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    • I’m so glad you brought this post along because it’s been one of my favourite series from the past few months! Firstly because I wish I could draw like that, and secondly because they’re flipping hilarious.

      Will we see any other franchises ruined in the future?

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      • I’m glad the reception to the drawings has been mostly positive. Also might swap over from doing everything with a mouse and finally invest in a drawing tablet so I get the same range of motion I have while using a pen.

        I’m not sure. I know people have requested and want me to do a second “season” of Pokemon drawings after I get through the first set. Pokemon is something I have a long history with so drawing various Pokemon comes fairly easy. Plus they have simple designs.

        For what it’s worth I have done a few doodles from other things, but I haven’t liked how any of them turned out. When the source is a lot more complex it’s harder to figure out how much detail you can get away with removing, but still have it be recognizable. Hopefully with more practice though…we’ll see some goofy doodles for stuff outside of Pokemon. 😛


        • I have limited creativity and no drawing skills whatsoever, so I have nothing but admiration for you. I think the Squirtle one has been my favourite so far because he just looks so sorry for himself. 😂

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  13. *Shuffles in, suitably windswept* Hello everyone! This seems like a very fun place to spend the afternoon! I’m Pix and I write a gaming/anime blog called Shoot the Rookie – I would love to meet some wonderful new bloggers today 🙂 I have recently been taking part in the best blogging competition on the internet – Blogger Blitz! If you are new to this you definitely need to go and track down its creator – Adventure Rules – and find out more! In anticipation of the championship match next Monday I’d like to share with you my semi-final entry, which, in an unlikely turn of events, saw my chosen character (Itsuki from Tokyo Mirage Sessions) babysitting a toddler. It was so much fun to write and brought back happy memories of when I used to write a lot of fanfic –

    Gaming wise, well, I’d rather not talk about what I’m playing right now because it is the same as what I was playing at the last blog party (and at least the two before that), however, from Friday I’m putting it to one side to concentrate solely on what will surely be the best game ever in existence – Untitled Goose Game!!!

    Looking forward to some mingling…and did someone mention gin?

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  14. Hey!! Sorry I’m super late this time, been really busy!

    Anyways, I’m Nana, and I mostly talk about Japanese games on my blog, though I also talk about anime and sometimes do deep dives on topic. I also did a review on Life is Strange if want to read about that game:

    As for games, I’m playing? I just the played Indavisble demo, and am currently Playing Hyperdimetion Neptunia Re:Birth 1. Are the PS3 games that bad? TBH, I don’t know.

    Looking forward to meeting some new people!

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    • Hi Nana, it’s great to have you here! Thanks for coming along. 😀

      I still haven’t been able to bring myself to finish Life is Strange. I made it through the first episode and then into the beginning of the second, but then had to put down the controller. I could tell that it was just going to be an emotion-overload and I couldn’t face it!

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    • Did someone say Neptunia…? Prepare yourself!

      The PS3 games are nowhere near as bad as the Metacritic score makes out. In fact, they’re the specific reason I completely disregard Metacritic and review scores altogether these days after the wonderful time I had with them. It’s also interesting to see Idea Factory/Compile Heart really refining their craft over the course of them.

      The first game is probably the toughest to get to grips with as it chugs quite heavily and has some absolutely bizarre mechanics, particularly with regard to item use… but playing through that made me a lifelong fan of the series, so it must be doing something right. There are some really great aspects, too; creating your own combos and loading in your own images for special attacks and clothing textures never gets old, but sadly the series has kind of left these things by the wayside in later years!

      It’s also worth noting that while Re;Birth 1 is a “remake” of sorts, it’s *completely* different in terms of both mechanics and narrative, so they’re still both worth playing.

      mk2 introduced me to my all-time forever-ever waifu Nepgear, so I will always have fond memories of that one — though unlike Re;Birth 1, Re;Birth 2 simply tells the exact same story with much better mechanics, so you can skip mk2 in favour of Re;Birth 2.

      Likewise for Victory. Victory’s mechanics form the basis for the three Re;Birth games, but Re;Birth 3 adds some additional stuff to do, so you may as well go for that one.

      Megadimension was a huge leap forward for the series, appropriately enough for the first PS4 installment. I haven’t tried VIIR as yet; apparently that’s different enough from Megadimension to make it worth a play, especially if you have a VR headset.

      Don’t sleep on the spinoffs, either. Megatagmension and Blanc + Neptune vs. Zombies are enjoyable arena brawlers in the Senran Kagura style (same developer) and Cyberdimension is a wonderful (if short) proof of concept of the series playing as an action RPG rather than a turn-based one.

      Producing Perfection is super-cool if you like the characters and want to spend more time with them — despite marketing itself as an “idol management” sim, it’s more of a dating sim.

      Hyperdevotion Noire is the most accessible strategy RPG I’ve ever played, so a particularly enthusiastic thumbs up for that one.

      The only one I haven’t actually got around to playing so far (aside from VIIR) is IF’s game, Superdimension Neptune vs Sega Hard Girls, but people I know who played that seemed to enjoy it a lot.

      I’ve written about both Megadimension and Cyberdimension on my site if you want to know more about those ones specifically; there’s a few bits and pieces about the other installments throughout those features, too.

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  15. I too am excited as heck for Untitled Goose Game. I still can’t get over that the devs never came up with a name for it and just stuck with Untitled Goose Game though. XD

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    • It works though because for some reason, to me, it looks like an Untitled Goose Game. It’s hard to explain but the name fits the look of it. I also can’t imagine any name or pun that would have been satisfactory for the game.

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  16. Hi everyone, my name is Meghan, from Meghan Plays Games, where I review video games! (shocking, I know). I’ve been wanting to branch out a bit, and have also started reviewing some books.

    My most recent review was of Persona 5, as I just completed my first playthrough:
    But my favourite post of mine is probably the one I wrote for Backlog Crusader’s Video Game Literary Classics, called The Philosophy of Ocarina of Time:
    Any excuse I can use to write about the Zelda games works for me!

    I’d definitely recommend Persona 5 to break through gamer’s block – it was a super fun title and I had a lot of fun with it. Bit of a time sink though. Whenever I’m suffering from gamer’s block I usually go the opposite route and start replaying older games to sort of cure my burnout. I’ve been playing some Mario Tennis (Game Boy) and Majora’s Mask (3DS) to get my gaming fix lately.

    I’m looking forward to Link’s Awakening dropping at the end of this week, but am mostly excited about Pokemon Sword/Shield coming out in November. National Dex controversy or no, I’m still incredibly excited for these new games.

    I found a bunch of new blogs to follow at Kim’s last event, so looking forward to finding some more great new writers!

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    • Heya Meghan, hope you’re having a great afternoon! 😀

      So many people have been telling me about Persona 5 but I’ve never played any of the games. I did watch a bit on Aaron’s stream recently though (from This is art, not real life) and it does look kind of interesting…

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    • I’ve owned Persona 5 for a few months now and haven’t gotten the chance to even install it yet. I only bought it because it came with a snazzy steel book lol.

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    • Have you played through Majora’s Mask on N64? I finally played through the 3DS version and am always curious to hear what others thought about some of the changes. Mario Tennis for GBC and N64 are still my favorites of the series as they were less reliant on all the special shots and everything, I thought it started getting a little excessive once it reached the GameCube version.

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      • I have! Unfortunately my N64 copy freezes constantly – not sure if it’s a common issue, or just my cartridge. It makes playing the game really hard because of how the save system works. Overall I do prefer the N64 version, though I don’t necessarily hate the changes the 3DS version made. I think they made it a little too easy, with the boss alterations (though Gyorg was an improvement tbh) and weird hint system in the clock tower. They changed a couple of NPC locations, and some of the mask designs which I wasn’t crazy about. Overall though, nothing game breaking, but I wished they had stayed more true to the original.

        Mario Tennis was always my favourite GBC game, and I agree that the simpler mechanics were preferable (for me anyway). I just really enjoyed the story (getting to do doubles and singles) as well as the RPG aspect of getting to build your characters skills the way you wanted to. It’s a game I keep going back to.

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        • I also think the N64 version is still my favorite, if only I could play that but have the streamlined Bombers notebook and then of course the bank being right behind the Clock Town owl statue was convenient too. After developing the two Zelda remasters on 3DS, I’m excited to see how Geezo did for the Link’s Awakening remake.

          The RPG elements of the GBC versions of Mario Golf and Tennis were excellent! I have been meaning for the longest time to download and play Golf Story on my Switch as it has many similarities.

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  17. Hello everyone! Brandon, here and I write on my blog That Green Dude. I mainly write about video games and sometimes other random stuff. I was in a bit of rut and writing blank a month and a half ago but thankfully I am out of that and I am buzzing with ideas and things to do and write about.

    (Are we actually approaching Autumn? Good heavens time has gone quick.)

    My most recent post is Y’know What We Need? Brown Toilet Paper. It was a comedic blog post that’s done quite well for views. If you want a laugh why not give it a read:

    I’m currently playing 2 games Final Fantasy VIII Remastered and Borderlands 3. Borderlands 3 is more looting and shooting with cheesy humour which is good enough for me. FF8 Remastered is special as FF8 is my favourite Final Fantasy and playing it again has been a delight.

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    • Hi Brandon, thanks for joining us this evening! Hope you’ve had a fab day. 😀

      Sorry to hear you’ve been stuck in a writing rut… but very glad to hear you’re back on fine form! I think it’s natural for bloggers to suffer from a lack of motivation every once in a while because we put so much into what we do. Got any tips for anyone out there who needs a bit of a boost?


      • I’ve got a few that helped me.

        – Focus on other hobbies other than blogging/ writing. You’ll enjoy doing those that you’ll miss writing.

        – Even though you are taking a break from blogging, keep intereacting with the blogging community. The blogging community is wonderful and if you are in a rut the community is there to support you.

        – Go out for walks. Seriously, this helped me so much. I went out for random walks, I’d mark out a route and have Google maps handy and then just walk and take in the fresh air and nature. If you can have a friend or friends to walk with you that’s even better.

        That’s just a few there. If anyone is in a rut, you’ll get out of it don’t worry. 👍


        • Well said, my friend. ❤

          I know what you mean about taking walks. I recently started running again and am finding that I end up drafting posts in my head while I'm out. It must be something to do with the change of scenery and concentrating on nothing but the road ahead of you!

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        • I like the Skag, but I use the monkey thing. Throwing toxic barrels at enemies and the constant gun fire from that thing is fun. I’m not sure if the other two pets do this, but he finds treasure for you too which is cool.

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  18. Hi, I’m McKenna from McKenna Talks about Games! I like to write about what games I’m playing or looking forward to. I have an Animal Crossing Diaries series which currently focuses on New Leaf and will switch over to New Horizons when that comes out in March. I also have a Music Mondays series, which is a lot of fun for me, because I get to spend a lot of time listening to my favorite game music.

    I enjoy writing wishlist posts (things I’d like to see in upcoming games), especially because they’re a combination of things I think could realistically appear in games and things that would be a bit of a stretch. Here’s my Breath of the Wild sequel wishlist:

    Right now I’m playing Yomawari, which is really appropriate for the upcoming spooky season. It’s both scary and sad – it made me cry – but it’s a nice game that’s pretty different from anything I’ve played before. I have a lot of games I’m looking forward to, but as for 2019 releases, I’m most looking forward to Pokémon Sword and Shield!

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    • Hey McKenna, welcome to your first blog party! It’s lovely to have you here with us. 😀

      Yomawari keeps coming up in my Steam suggestions, but I’m a total wimp when it comes to the horror genre so I’ve avoided it so far. It doesn’t look like the type of game that contains many jump-scares though; what kind of ‘scary’ is it? Would you recommend it for the story?


      • Thanks for hosting!

        Yomawari’s not too heavy on the jump scares – it’s kind of a jump scare when you’re attacked, but you always know when it’s coming because you’ll see the monsters following you first and you’ll have a chance to escape. It’s fairly light on story, but it has a deep impact – young girl dealing with death. There’s also a lot of Japanese lore with the monsters, which I think would be neat to research.


        • I’m definitely intrigued – I really like the way the visuals belie the fact it’s a horror game. I might have to watch a bit on YouTube to see if I think I could cope with the fear!


          • Awesome! I’m really enjoying it. I actually found out about it on YouTube – I tend to watch more horror games than I play, especially because a lot of them are first-person, which I’m not very good at.


            • I hear you! I’m so bad at first-person games, which is why I don’t tend to play many FPS. I just seem to have more coordination when there’s a third-person perspective. 🙂

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  19. Hello, sorry I’m late! I had trouble parking, then I got all wet in the rain and… Well I’m here now 😉

    I’m Kate (aka PiecesofKate) from Musings of a Nitpicking Girl. I mostly write about old video games, with a few other topics thrown in. I brought my latest post about playing Half-Life for the first time:

    I’m an adventure gamer at heart so it’s been interesting trying out the FPS genre this year. I loved Doom but turns out Half-Life is a different story! I had fun making that post because it was decided off the back of a Twitter vote, and felt nicely community-driven 🙂

    I’m kind of in between games at the moment, but hoping to start The Castle soon, a retro styled game based very closely on Maniac Mansion.

    As for a recommendation, have you played Thimbleweed Park yet?

    Nice to meet you all and hello to old friends! Please help yourself to this mulled cider I made. I’m going to check out all the other comments now…

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    • Hey, it’s my favourite adventure gamer! 😀

      Thimbleweed Park: I have to confess I haven’t played it yet. But my husband realised yesterday that he’d actually signed up for the Ultimate version of the Xbox Game Pass and told me to get it installed on my PC! He’s off out tomorrow night so that’s the perfect excuse to start it.

      How did you know mulled cider was my favourite? ❤

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      • Perfect excuse! I’m really curious about what you’ll make of it, especially with your background in fine leather jackets.

        It’s so yummy, mmmm. But very strong. Key is to not breathe in the fumes 🥴


        • To be honest, I’m not entirely sure why I’ve held off on playing it for so long. The feeling of not wanting to be disappointed, perhaps? I’ve heard a lot of positive things about it from friends though so I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about!


        • I was really excited for it when it was announced, but I totally forgot all about it until it recently came to game pass. Instantly downloaded it and played all the way through. Didn’t realize how long it was, but man was it great!

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  20. A little late to the party! First time being here, but definitely familiar with a lot of these faces.
    My name is Slannxe and I run The Tired Obsidian blog. Its a pretty straight forward blog with games reviews and impressions, but it my own style. Unfiltered and honest. I like writing about games that I play but also about other random things like remastering the originally Assassin’s Creed game.

    My posts can be pretty sporadic. I’ll write five things in two days and then disappear for two weeks. It really just comes down to when I have time to release my thoughts out. I am pretty consistent in reading other peoples posts though!

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    • Morning Cody, welcome to your first blog party! I realised that I’m not already following you so I’ve just corrected that – looking forward to digging into some of your reviews later. 😀

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      • Thank you! I forgot to say what I’m currently playing, oops.

        Playing 3 big games right now. Control, Borderlands 3, and Gears 5. Also jumped back into Enter the Gungeon again since it is in Game Pass now. Such a great game.


          • Control is fantastic! The sound design and the abilities just feel so great. When you get around to play it, definitely make sure you use head phones.

            I’m a huge fan of Remedy games and They knocked it out of the park with Control.


            • Oh well that’s sounds promising! I still need to play Quantum Break too – my backlog is getting bigger. 😉


                  • There are actual apps and things on the internet that will help track your backlog for you! I’ve never used them myself, but I know plenty of people do.


                    • I tried using HLTB once but then just got depressed about how long it would take me to get through all my games ha ha! I’ve made a list of the titles recommended to me during this blog party, so at least I’ve now got somewhere to start. 😉


                    • Lol yeaaah I have way too many games sitting in my backlog. And yet I keep buying new games. This summer I should have caught up on a bunch of them, but ended up playing The Division 2 lol.


  21. Hi I’m Kelly from Why We Play Games! I basically like to focus my blog on why gamers enjoy games. A post I would love to share would be my post on Bayonetta and Femininity!

    I am actually playing three games! I am playing Catherine: Full Body on the PlayStation 4 and Astral Chain on the Nintendo Switch. I also will be starting Borderlands 3 on the PlayStation 4 soon and I am really excited to start playing it!

    I’ll be dancing at the party because I do love dancing at parties!

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    • Also, Kim, if you are looking for more point-and-click adventure games, I would highly recommend The Nancy Drew mystery games. There are a lot of them with the next one coming out in November being the 33rd game called Midnight in Salem.

      They cover multiples topics such as Mayans, Italy, Japan, Victorian mansions. They are considered edutainment games so they cover multiple topics so you can learn more about a particular topic and they are also mystery games so you basically learn, solve puzzles, and try to solve the mystery!

      For someone who is knew to the series, I would either pick a topic you like or my favorite is Shadow at the Water’s Edge. It’s about Japanese culture with plenty of puzzles and it’s horror themed so perfect for Halloween coming up!


      • 33 games? Damn, that’s a whole lot of adventures I could get stuck into! I’ve never tried any of the Nancy Drew titles but I read your post about them a while ago, and they do seem like something I’d enjoy. Is Shadow of the Water’s Edge scary?

        Morning, by the way! Hope all is going well over there. 😀


        • Good morning to you too! All is going well and I hope things are going well for you also!

          This will be my first time with Catherine so I’m really excited to play Full Body!

          As for the Nancy Drew games, they used to make 2 games twice a year and they’ve been around since the late 90s. That’s why there is so many!

          Shadow at the Waters Edge is a bit scary because it’s Halloween themed. But, these games are older so it’s nothing too bad!


          • Phew, that’s what I like to hear! I’m so bad at playing anything that’s remotely in the horror genre. Sounds like Shadow might be a great Halloween game for me. 🙂


            • I hope you enjoy it and for a backup, I would go with Warnings at Waverly Academy. Still Halloween based, but it’s not scary at all!


    • I’ve still got my original copy of Catherine that I picked up when it was released – I keep seeing it on the shelf and meaning to play it again!


  22. Hey everyone, I’m Nathan and I post on Gaming Omnivore. I post weekly, if not more, about anything gaming related, whether writing my thoughts about games I’m just playing through for the first time or re-playing from years ago. I don’t have any specific genre of games that I write about, it’s mostly what interests me at the time…which I realize has been quite a bit of Nintendo games in the past few months. One of my favorite posts from the past few months would probably be playing through Link’s Awakening on my old Game Boy and then writing about some of the things I liked and how playing through it actually made me more excited for the remake on Switch due out in mere days.

    Games I’ve been playing recently are mostly ones that I’ve been playing for a while like The Division 2 or Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I’m also just finishing Layers of Fear as there’s no shortage of indie games that I haven’t gotten around to yet like My Friend Pedro It’s usually this time of year that I try to go back and wrap up some backlog games before I inevitably pile on more games as we reach the big fall releases. I did also just download Celeste and am looking forward to FINALLY playing it…

    As for game recommendations…if you’re someone looking to play something more fitting of the upcoming Halloween season the indie game Blasphemous just released last week and looks a bit like Bloodborne as a side-scrolling hack and slash game. It looks quite interesting if you’re looking for something macabre this Halloween season…

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    • Morning Nathan, and welcome to your first blog party! Hope you find some new friends here. 😀

      How are you finding Layers of Fear? We recently started playing Blair Witch but it’s not as good as I’d hoped it would be (post about that coming very soon). I can’t see my other-half and I finishing it, so we’ve installed another of Bloober Team’s games – Observer – to see it that suits us better.

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  23. At this point, I’m something of a regular guest at these things – there must be enough of us now for an entire conference. Tonight’s article I’ll be presenting is one which is still vaguely relevant – Blogger Blitz: Shipping Wars Round One Match Schedule — Adventure Rules. My contest was Wacky Wedding, in which I represented Mortimer Goth and Bella Goth nee Bachelor from The Sims. Unfortunately, I was beaten with a tiny margin by pix1001, who represented Itsuki Aoi from Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. Now, she’s made it through to the final match and what that will involved was revealed earlier today. As it happens, I was beaten by a finalist in last year’s Blogger Blitz, Wacky Wedding:

    Currently, I’m playing WRC 8. It’s the only game I’ve started playing as soon as it’s come out but it really is that all-consuming and addictive. Most of my evenings are now spent in the weekly online challenge, trying to cut down my fastest time by a few more seconds to rise further up the leader-board. Unfortunately, in the time it takes me to do that, more players have also done the same so I actually end up going down it. It’s like swimming against a rising tide but that’s what makes it so fun. This week it’s Torsby, and that means snow. If anyone here finds themselves playing it, I dare you to be me.

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    • Hello hello, thanks for stopping by! 😀

      Maybe one day these blog parties will turn into blog conferences? Seems like a a good excuse to get together to me. Good luck with getting up the leaderboard, you can do it!


  24. Ah sorry I’m late. Didn’t see anything posted about this until the day of. Might have missed it?

    I’m Angie! I do essays on gamer culture as well as Nintendo switch game reviews over at

    I’ll share my recent post about my PAX West experience since it was so darn fun. I’d definitely suggest Creature in the Well for a new game experience. I’m most excited for Sayonara Wild Hearts coming out on the 19th. 😀

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