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Just say neigh: National Face Your Fears Day

What are your fears? Even the bravest person has a weakness. It could be a phobia of something like heights, spiders or flying; or it could be something a more obscure. National Face Your Fears Day tomorrow encourages everyone stare their fear straight in the eye.

For me, it’s horses – yep, horses. I know they’re considered to be majestic and graceful but I’d rather not be around the creatures and certainly wouldn’t stroke or ride one. Their huge size and the fact you just can’t tell what they’re thinking make me feel very uncomfortable. But Fed from Fed’s Life asked his Sunshine Blogger Award nominees last month what their irrational fears were so perhaps it’s time to get over my equinophobia. In honour of Fed and National Face Your Fears Day, here are six video games containing horses.

Ponies from Pony Island

Ok, so the first entry on my list doesn’t feature horses but it does include another type of four-legged steed. In Pony Island by Daniel Mullins you’ll find yourself trapped in a malevolent and malfunctioning arcade machine. The surprise is that it was actually devised by the devil himself and you’re now forced to play along with his demented game of ponies. Certain sections require you to jump your creature over obstacles – but make no mistake, this is a ride into digital hell rather than pleasure.

Four Horses of the Apocalypse from Red Dead Redemption

With the Undead Nightmare downloadable content (DLC), Rockstar Games unleashed all sorts of supernatural baddies into the world of Red Dead Redemption. One welcome sight however was the Four Horses of the Apocalypse: War, Famine, Pestilence and Death. Each mythical steed had unlimited stamina, extremely high health and their own special power and aesthetic. They could be found and tamed so they were the ultimate companions, but remained a nightmare to look at.

Agro from Shadow of the Colossus

The world created by Team Ico in Shadow of the Colossus is a lonely one, but Agro is there to keep Wander company and watch his back. There aren’t many horses who are brave enough to ride headfirst into battle with a stone giant for their master. A real bond is formed with her throughout the course of the game, so much so that watching her ‘death scene’ towards the end is absolutely heartbreaking. As much as I don’t like horses, I can see how everyone would want an Agro.

Mounts from The Elder Scrolls Online

You may begin your journey with a standard brown Sorrel Horse when you reach level ten but that doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade as you gain experience. Perhaps you’d prefer a White Mane, a cross between a midnight steed and a Skyrim ice-horse; or a regal Aurorian Warhorse with its gold-plated armour; or even a flaming Nightmare Courser, whose origins are mysterious and obscure. I think I’ll stick with my Pride-King Lion though – primarily because it’s not a horse.

Epona from The Legend of Zelda

What kind of list about video game horses would this be without mentioning Epona from The Legend of Zelda? She’s first encountered in Ocarina of Time as a young filly who’s wild and untamed, shying away from Link when she approaches. But after Malon teaches him Epona’s Song on his Fairy Ocarina, the creature develops a fondness for our green-suited hero and a life-long friendship commences. Nintendo have created one of the most famous and well-loved relationships between a boy and his horse here.

Hudson Horstachio from Viva Piñata

This entry has been added on today’s list for Dale from UnCapt because I know he’s a fan of Viva Piñata! But unlike the other horses in this post, Hudson Horstacio is a lover rather than a fighter. Give him a toffee apple, a few carrots and a snazzy rosette and he’s in the mood for romance: he’ll stare longingly at his mate from across the house to the sound of his jukebox, before rushing towards her and planting a kiss on the muzzle. I’m sure that would be pretty hot if you were a horse.

So am I ready to face my fear of horses and go riding some time soon? No, definitely not; but hopefully I’ve reminded you of some of the best steeds in gaming with today’s list. Thanks once again to Fed for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Will you be facing your own phobias tomorrow?

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6 thoughts on “Just say neigh: National Face Your Fears Day Leave a comment

  1. Ahhhhh this is a nice post 🙂 Agro definitely stole a place in my heart on SotC back in the day. Thanks for replying to my question! Horses are an honest answer 🙂✌


  2. I know a few people who are afraid of horses, and it’s usually to do with their size. It’s so interesting, because all the horses I’ve met – even the sassy ones – weren’t mean or purposefully trying to hurt people. But I think everyone has a fear that other people look at and think it’s interesting… If I were going to talk about a *fear* fear of mine, like an irrational fear, I’d have to go with dolls. I have a very healthy respect for dolls. Interestingly, I’m not afraid of Barbie dolls, but I’d say that the other 98% of dolls…. I would rather not be around them.

    …there is a reason they are always possessed in movies. That’s all I’m saying.


    • See, everyone says how nice horses are. But that’s just a front and you shouldn’t trust them – let your guard down for one moment and BAM! They’ll steal all your apples and sugar-cubes.

      I wouldn’t say I have a doll phobia but I do get what you mean. My grandparents used to gift me these creepy china Victorian dolls when I was a kid and I always felt as though they were watching me. 😳


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