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The Point-and-Click Puzzle Pinnacle: the results

Calling all adventure fans: the moment you’ve all been waiting for is finally here! At the end of October, Quietschisto from RNG and I set out on an epic quest to discover, for once and for all, which point-and-click puzzles should be given the official titles of ‘best’ and ‘worst’.

We didn’t embark on this journey alone however, for a band of brave warriors decided to join us. From wannabe pirates and sentient disembodied tentacles to anthropomorphic detective duos and minefield bunnies, we each scoured the adventure world to put forward two challenges which had the potential to be the pinnacle or the pits for the genre. Check out the following posts to get inside the head of each member of our party if you haven’t seen them already:

The best:

  • Human beauty-contest – Gao Li Occasionally Reviews
  • Insult sword-fighting – Later Levels
  • The Healing Room – NekoJonez’s Gaming Blog
  • Swapping with Saturn – RNG
  • Prison breakout – The Platformer
  • The worst:

  • Boris Charov’s lair – Gao Li Occasionally Reviews
  • Cat-hair moustache – Later Levels
  • Monkey combat – NekoJonez’s Gaming Blog
  • Monkey wrench – RNG
  • Monte Carlo fake ghost – The Platformer
  • The community has been helping us find the winners in both categories by voting in our polls since 01 November 2019, and it’s now time to reveal the results. We could do this via a simple announcement post but oh no: that just wouldn’t be awesome enough for The Point-and-Click Puzzle Pinnacle! Instead, Quietschisto and I have put together a little treasure hunt which, if you’re willing to accept the challenge, will lead you to the winning puzzles. Here’s your first clue:

    To set their answers free, one must reach for the questions.

    Work out the answer correctly and you’ll end up with a four-digit number code which will allow you to open the next clue at RNG link below. Keep going until you’ve solved all six challenges, and you’ll be awarded with a big reveal of the winners of The Point-and-Click Puzzle Pinnacle! Alternatively, if you don’t have the patience for all these puzzling shenanigans, use this link to go straight to the results and use this password:  pixelhunt . Don’t worry though because no angry goats are waiting for you.

    A huge thank you to Quietschisto, Gao Li, Sebastian and NekoJonez for taking part – it has been a pleasure working with these fine adventure game fans. May your futures be filled with plenty of pointing-and-clicking!

    Now, click on this link to start your adventure…

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    Video game lover, Pragmatic Pixel blogger and SpecialEffect volunteer. Lifelong fan of wannabe pirates and fine leather jackets.

    3 thoughts on “The Point-and-Click Puzzle Pinnacle: the results Leave a comment

    1. And thus, it ends. The one true monarch of Point-and-Click Adventure Games has been crowned. We are awaiting orders 🙂

      It was great fun doing this collaboration together and I’m looking forward to the next one 🙂

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