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GameBlast20: GIFs and games galore

Here’s the latest update on our 50-day challenge for GameBlast20, an event starting on Sunday, 05 January 2020 which aims to raise funds and awareness for SpecialEffect. This amazing charity puts fun and inclusion back into the lives of those with physical disabilities by helping everyone to play video games through technology. Find out more on their website or take a look at these posts.

With now only a month to go before the start of our 50-day challenge, we’ve been hard at work getting things set up over the past few weeks. Game suggestions are being collected; new hardware is being set up; and a few expletives have been uttered when things haven’t worked as expected! But that’s all part of the fun and we’re looking forward to starting the charity streams. Read on to find out what we got up to during November and what we’re currently working on.

The donation page

JustGiving, LaterLevels, GameBlast20, SpecialEffect

Registration for GameBlast20 participation opened shortly after our last update in November and Later Levels is officially on board! That means we’ve been able to create our JustGiving page for the event, where every donation made will go directly to SpecialEffect to help them continue their work. A huge thank you to the gorgeous Ellen from Livid Lightning: this awesome blogger has helped get the fundraising started and taken us to 5% of our £500 target. And there are still over four weeks to go before the start of our streams!

The games

We’ve received some great suggestions for games to play during our streams since GameBlast20 participation opened shortly after our last update post. We’re looking for more though so please keep your ideas coming! These will be used to create a poll for each genre category in our 24-hour stream for the official GameBlast20 dates on 22-23 February 2020, and you guys will be able to cast your votes next month to decide which titles we should play. We used this method to organise GameBlast19 and ended up with a great schedule thanks to the community’s help.

The streaming set-up

Xenyx X1222USB, mixer, switches, dials

But before the streaming can commence, we need to get our set-up in order. We’ve been putting quite a lot of time into this over the past month and have purchased a few bits of new equipment – and this hasn’t come without a few technical difficulties! Fortunately we’ve managed to sort them out and can move on to designing an overlay and other artwork. A Xenyx X1222USB mixer will hopefully resolve the sound problems experienced during our previous marathons, and a DeckLink Quad HDMI capture card will mean we play games on multiple platforms without having to keep switching inputs and disrupting the stream.

The GIFs

We’ve got a bit of a head-start on our artwork thanks to help from a lovely blogger friend. During our 24-hour stream and shorter streams for our 50-day challenge from Sunday, 05 January 2020, tune into the Later Levels‘ Twitch channel and you’ll see some gorgeous little GIFs. These were created especially for us by the talented Gao Li and one will appear each time we receive a donation, a viewer says hello, we get a new follower or Zelda (our cat) decides to make an appearance! Head over to Instagram if you’d like a sneak-peak, and be sure to check out this lovely post about the event on the Gao Li Occasionally Reviews site too.

Other activities

ASICS London 10k, training, running, watch, 5k

Although the cold weather is impacting my motivation somewhat, training for the London 10k in July 2020 is continuing. I’m pretty pleased with the progress I’m making: from being unable to run for five minutes straight when I started in August, I’m now completing at least 5k during each session and am on course to complete the race in under an hour. If you’re a runner, I’d be interested in hearing how you cope with the winter months; how do you convince yourself to keep running when it’s dark and wet outside? I’d love to hear your tips.

That’s it for December’s update. The countdown will begin soon – and in the meantime, we’d better get in some more streaming practice!

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Video game lover, Pragmatic Pixel blogger and SpecialEffect volunteer. Lifelong fan of wannabe pirates and fine leather jackets.

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