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#BloggerTalk: a weekly community event

One of the most rewarding aspects of blogging is the community. I’ve met some very talented people here and am grateful to now call a number of them friends in real life. As I’ve written before, the secret to blogging success is getting involved – who knows who you’ll meet?

Whenever I have questions or need advice, I’m thankful I can turn to my blogging buddies and pick their brains. But what if you’re just starting out on your WordPress journey and haven’t yet built up that support network? It can be difficult to know where to turn to for unbiased opinions on your site design or guidance about something you’re writing. And what do you do if you’re looking for real answers from people who know what they’re talking about – rather than just the generic recommendations provided by a Google search?

When I started thinking about this late last year, I realised there’s no simple way for us to get good advice about our hobby. You could reach out to other bloggers via email but might not feel comfortable being so direct, and you may not even know who to contact. Whether you’ve been blogging for years or have just taken your first steps, we’ve got a wealth of knowledge and experience here within the community; so how can we share that and learn from each other even more?


As mentioned in my resolutions post yesterday, something new I’d like to try for 2020 is #BloggerTalk. This is a weekly event that will take place over on Twitter between 21:00 and 22:00 GMT every Thursday. There’ll be a different blogging theme each month with a question connected to it both tweeted and posted here at Later Levels each week, and everyone is invited to share their thoughts. This event isn’t strictly for gaming bloggers: everybody is welcome to join in, regardless of what their blog is about.

January’s theme is ‘looking forward’ and the first #BloggerTalk question will be announced at 21:00 GMT this evening. Feel free to share your answers in the post comments or in a response published on your own blog, but head to Twitter if you can. The more people involved in the discussion, the more we’ll learn from each other, and hopefully these weekly events will be a safe space for us to talk, hear other writers’ thoughts and even make some new blogging friends.

If you’re a long-time blogger, perhaps you’d be willing to share some of your experience and help guide those who are new. And if you’ve just joined the community, welcome – you’re part of one of the best and most supportive groups out there. I look forward to seeing you all tonight for the first #BloggerTalk.

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Video game lover, Later Levels blogger and SpecialEffect volunteer. Big fan of wannabe pirates and fine leather jackets.

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  1. Are you sure Twitter is the right platform for a discussion-based event? At least in my opinion, the reasoning behind an answer is as important as the answer itself. Especially for newer bloggers, a simple “I do it that way” won’t be enough. They need to know WHY people do this, and not that. Even simple yes or no answers often need some amount of explaining, and with the limited space on Twitter (and its weird layout), giving these thorough and though-through answers won’t be possible.

    I know you’ll post them here as well, but I fear that the comfort of just typing on the fly on Twitter could lead to shallow and “lazy” answers. Twitter probably reaches more people, but I think a bit of emphasis on high-quality answers would help a lot.

    Or maybe I’m just paranoid, who knows. Anyway, the idea is great, and (in the spirit of January’s theme) I am looking forward to it πŸ™‚

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    • Don’t worry, there is some method to my madness! There’s something else I’m planning to go alongside #BloggerTalk, but it’s not quite ready yet – there should be more details coming soon in the next few days. Hopefully the two channels will work well together and be somewhere bloggers feel they can go to when they need advice or want to share their experiences. πŸ˜€

      The good thing about Twitter is that it can far more people than the blog does, and I wanted #BloggerTalk to be a way of showing new bloggers how welcoming the community is and how much support there is here. There’s no reason why readers can’t use the questions as writing prompts if they wish – that would be awesome!


      • Well, I’ll just let it surprise me πŸ™‚
        You’re right, Twitter has a much farther reach, and for “broad” questions like “What is your 2020” goal it’s perfectly suitable. I’m still curious about how it will look like for advice-type questions. It would probably be for the best if people, like you said, wrote an in-depth answer on their blog, and posted the link through Twitter.

        I’ll just let you do your thing and try not to get my deeply rooted aversion against Twitter get in the way πŸ™‚

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