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Gamers’ blog party: autumn 2020 invitation

Before we get wrapped up in cosy blankets, it’s time for the latest blog party here at Later Levels. There’s no better way to celebrate the start of the week as well as meet some new blogging friends and read their awesome posts.

The rules are simple:

🎉   Arrive at the party: don’t be shy and stand in the corner – say hello and introduce yourself in the comments below! Give an introduction to your blog to welcome new readers and let us know what you’re all about.

🎉   Present your gift: think about the posts you’ve written during the past three months and choose your favourite or one which was fun to write. Leave a link to it in your comment and explain why you’ve picked it.

🎉   Show off your costume: Halloween may be a little way off yet but who doesn’t love dressing up? That’s why we’re going with a fancy-dress theme for this party. Tell which video game character you’ve come dressed as and why.

🎉   Mingle: grab yourself a drink, put on a party hat and get to know your fellow guests! Check back on the comments throughout the day to discover excellent sites and meet new bloggers.

🎉   Party all day: the comments below will be open for 24-hours until 06:00 BST on Tuesday, 15 September 2020 so you’ve got plenty of time to meet and greet. Plus your posts will be shared on the Later Levels’ social media channels!

These blog party events are my way of giving something back to the amazing WordPress community and showing my appreciation for all of your support. I’ve had the opportunity to meet some lovely people and talented writers since starting the site at the end of 2016; here’s a little thank you and a way of finding some awesome blogs you may not have come across already.

Have fun – and excuse me while I grab some more ice for the drinks and turn the music up louder!

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Video game lover, Later Levels blogger and SpecialEffect volunteer. Big fan of wannabe pirates and fine leather jackets.

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  1. Arriving nice and early for Autumn’s awesome Blog Party (thank you once again Kim and Pete at Later Levels for hosting) I’m Charles from Comfortably Adventurous, I live and work just outside London in the ‘exciting’ and ‘creative’ world of Banking but try and escape the suit and spend most weekends in museums and galleries taking the odd photo here and there.

    I used to write at the Around the Bonfire site but have been doing my own thing for the last eight months finding my groove and tone for this new venture. It was a challenge at first but now I believe I’ve found a voice for this site, writing about the fun things I enjoy, gaming, media and travel. And the occasional food review 🙂

    For this fab occasion I’m gifting a review of the stately home of Highclere castle, the setting for the period drama Downton Abbey. I did have to make a point to remind those outside the UK we don’t all live in such opulence lol but it’s fun to dream if only for a little while.

    I hope you all appreciate my Resident Evil 4 Leon inspired outfit with his trademark leather jacket, keeps the heat in, its chilly in the morning here. Now to socialise and mingle, I’ve brought the Appletini’s.

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    • Morning Charles, thanks so much for being our first guest this time around! Hope Monday morning is treating you well so far. 🥳

      I’ve been to a few of the places you’ve written about before but Highclere Castle isn’t one of them. I was hoping to be able to get out and about a bit more once things had eased a bit here in the UK… but now that looks like it could be changing again… so we might end up having to resort to more video games indoors again.

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      • It feels like the first day of school today going back to my normal working hours, it’s a nice day though so could be worse. Keeping my fingers crossed the UK stays open for at least another two weeks to make it to Edinburgh and back. I definitely want to make it to your side of London at some point, that bunker you visited sounds like such an awesome place to go. It helps Highclere was only about 30 minutes from where I live (sorry non UK’ers, it’s not really in Yorkshire)


        • Ah, the Secret Nuclear Bunker. My stepkid loves it there and it’s definitely worth going for a day out. It has a unique atmosphere: I’m not sure how to explain it, but it’s almost as though you can sense the ghost of history and some of the areas make me a feel a little uncomfortable! I played The Bunker before going and it was really interesting seeing how they’d used the space for the game.


  2. Good morning Kim and everyone attending this blog party, I hope you all have been doing well!

    On my side everything’s still the same as always: working non-stop from home and gaming when I’m not working. It’s an unfortunate time we live in right now, but it’s still very much managable for me. Regarding my blogging: A lot has changed since the last blogging party! I now have a site mascot called Nepiki, and also re-designed most of the site as well. It’s exciting times for me as I’m going to spend the coming months doing everything in my power to make the blog more my own, as well as more professional than ever!

    I wish I had my newest review ready for this blog party, but the game I wanted to beat took me a bit longer than I wanted to. It’s coming this week for sure, but I hope I’m able to please you all for now with my latest review which does also have the new format I’m working with for reviews! The game I’m talking about is SUPERHOT, the time-manipulating indie FPS hit from 2016!

    I’m looking forward to all of your posts as well. Let’s have a great party as usual!

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    • Good Morning 🙂 great review of SUPERHOT. I remember seeing that game on launch, looked mad interesting but a really great review style, very colourful.

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    • Good morning, hope you’re doing well over there! I noticed the new-look over on your site last week and it’s looking great. Big thumbs-up for the colour-scheme from me, it all ties together wonderfully! 👍

      I really like the ‘question of the review’ section too. Don’t be surprised if a number of bloggers start picking these up as topics for their own posts! 😀

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      • Thank you so much, I’m really proud of it myself as well! And I would love to see the Question of the Reviews being taken as a topic for people their posts, that would be great! I’ve got a lot of interesting topics coming up for those questions, so I’ll definitely be looking forward to them when that happens 🙂


        • Ooh now that sounds very interesting… I’ll keep my eye out for future reviews and questions. Thanks for giving everyone some writing inspiration! ❤

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  3. *Scuttles in to the party wearing a cardboard box, Solid Snake style, and subtly slides some chocotastic poptart on to the food table. Proceeds to manoeuvre around the party bumping in to furniture and shedding twiglets*

    Hello everyone, I’m Luke from over at, and … well… I’ve been on an unscheduled blogging hiatus whilst I rediscover my blogging motivation, but don’t worry, I will be back! I normally like to ramble on about games and suchlike that I’ve been playing, or things I’ve been thinking about the games I’ve been playing, or … stuff…I like the moderns and the retros, but I guess I’ve been leaning on the Switch and retro consoles more recently. I have managed to write some articles in the past 3 months, so for your reading pleasure I present my thoughts on ‘Night Trap’, that mischievously controversial FMV game from the short lived MegaCD era:

    *Sneaks off to try and find some IrnBru flavoured fizzy sweets… I was promised IrnBru flavoured fizzy sweets*

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    • PopTarts and Irn-Bru sweets. Now that’s a good party right there. 🎉

      I love old adventures and FMV games but Night Trap has never been one I’ve been tempted to try. You’ve pretty much summed up the reasons why in your post! I know the story behind it and the controversy surrounding the game, and it’s one of those points in video game history that’s worth noting. But I get the feeling that if I were to play it for myself, it would kind of take something away from it, if that makes any sense.

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          • Oh, you’ll be hooked! Slightly annoying that although the remaster has a cinema mode, you need to unlock the different scenes by watching them fully in game, which can be be a bit tricky as it’ll probably cause you to fail, so I haven’t spent the time working to unlock them all. Would’ve been better if they just all unlocked once you’d completed it.


            • Yeah, that’s what I would have expected. It seems a bit strange that they didn’t make that choice and give players who completed the game something to look forward to. I do love a bit of bad FMV though – I’ve been on the hunt for more games this year, and there are a couple I’ve got my eye on so I’m looking forward to some more bad acting. 😆

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    • Gave that a little reblog, was a game I was aware of but was one of them there fancy things for the mega cd owners not us poor mega drive onlys

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  4. Hello everyone! I’m Nathan and I haphazardly post things on my blog site Gaming Omnivore. I don’t really have a specific rhyme or reason to what I write about, it tends to be mostly whatever random shotgun blast of video game thoughts come to me throughout the week.

    One of my recurring blog post ideas is to pick out a random indie game I know nothing about and write up a short summary of my thoughts about the game. It’s sort of an indie game-roulette as there’s some good ones I’ve happened to play and other times…not so much. For my contribution to the blog party I have my most recent(about 10 minutes ago recent) random indie game from the bundle I purchased earlier this summer. I came across a little 8-bit platformer called Halloween Forever and I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it.

    I didn’t have much of a costume lined up….I’m still wearing around the black trench coat that is in NO WAY necessary to survive New Orleans heat while I unravel clues regarding the recent voodoo murders…

    As it’s the middle of the night on this side of the Atlantic, I’m gonna savor my last sip of smoky scotch before heading to bed for a while…but I shall return later.

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    • Morning Nathan, thanks for stopping by despite the time difference! Go get some sleep and we’ll make sure the party is still going strong by the time you wake up.

      How is Gabriel Knight going so far? Some of the puzzles are… well, just what you’d expect from a 90s point-and-click, but Tim Curry makes pushing through them worth it. I’ve got your VOD lined up as today’s lunch-time entertainment. 😄

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      • I’m liking it so far, though I felt pretty stupid pretty quickly when I was just wandering from place to place not realizing what I needed to pick up or interact with. I think I’m finally starting to get the hang of which icons perform which actions(pick up, inspect, etc.).

        Upon listening back to the stream afterwards, I may have to adjust the audio a little bit for next time as my mic audio wasn’t quite as loud as the game’s. My mic was a little quiet in places where I’m pretty sure I was laughing at Tim Curry and Mark Hamill’s southern accents…😅


        • They’re so bad they’re good, right? I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it because some of the puzzles are terrible, but it’s worth checking out the third Gabriel Knight game purely for some of the Tim Curry lines. 😆

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          • Definitely, and I don’t think it’s just me being up here in “yankee country” that some of those accents made me laugh. Certain words like “murrrder” or “Graaace” are pretty entertaining, as well as “Do you know the meaning of Cabrit Sans Cor?”. I still haven’t found anyone in the French Quarter of New Orleans who can tell me what that means….🤔

            Also, me in 2020: Google translate, dude!


            • Is it bad that I read those words and phrases in Gabriel’s voice?

              I’m really going to have to make sure I’m able to watch the next stream when you’re live, so I can join in by helping with the sarcastic comments in chat! 😀

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    • I really like the idea of a games roulette of this type, what a really cool idea to select a game and go from there, beats the procrastination of trying to decide and giving up in frustration

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      • I believe it started off as a way to make sure I would have something to consistently write about and work towards improving, but since then it has become something I’ve really enjoyed writing about. Sometimes it feels easier to write about a game I’m discovering for the first time than explaining what I love about a game I’ve played a hundred times.

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        • Uh huh. I’ve felt that way trying to muster the energy and motivation to review Resi 4. Before I started all this would have been the game I’d be certain to review first but now just a struggle 🤷🏼‍♂️

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      • Yeah. I’ve lost count of the times that I’ve had a particular idea for a weekend post, only to decide to replace it with something I JUST thought of at the last second because I’m “feeling” that more at the time.

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  5. While taking a break from the official blog party festivities, you find Solarayo passed out on the front lawn of Later Levels HQ. She appears to be sleeping peacefully, using a crushed traffic cone as a pillow. The hows and whys of the traffic cone remain a mystery.

    Interaction options:

    1. Call security and have her roughly escorted away from the premises. Best tell the guards to prepare for a fight first.
    2. Let her sleep in peace. She will likely wander away on her own once sober and awake.
    3. Leave a case of beer near her feet and poke her with a stick from a safe distance. Let’s hope she sees the beer first…

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    • Or option 4: whisper in her ear that somebody needs to be punched, and there’s a vodka-soda waiting for her if she fulfils her task.


      • Solarayo immediately jumps to her feet with an evil grin and a sarcastic gleam in her eye. She cracks her knuckles before seeking out her target with haste. Nothing goes better with sweet punching quite like sweet vodka soda does!

        Let’s… hope she finds the correct person. ✊

        (Congrats on finding the super secret hidden option!! You’ve unlocked a…um, trophy? Yep. A trophy emoji:🏆)

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    • I’m just gonna plonk down nearby and go to sleep too, I reckon. (And hope that when you wake up you don’t think that’s a very strange thing for me to have done and/or be surprised that I’m there and end up punching me or something.)

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      • Solarayo suddenly stirs, rolling over to reveal another crushed traffic cone she was lying on. She gently throws one of the traffic cones at Chris.

        She wouldn’t want a good friend to be uncomfortable, after all! 💤

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  6. Hello!

    I am actually kind of hyped for this particular blog party because I’ve been woefully inactive lately in this wonderful community, so I’m grateful for an opportunity to catch up on what everyone’s up to! I shall be lurking in the corner disguised as the Merchant from RE4 and huskily asking people what they’re buying, then rudely telling them ‘not enough cash, stranger’.

    For the first time in… I think maybe literally years?, I wrote a blog post about games the other day! So that was cool. Felt like going back to my roots a bit 🙂

    Much love to everyone 😀

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    • Hey you! How’s it going? I’ve been meaning to catch up with you for ages… but I’ve been absolutely useless during the lockdown, with all the days seeming to merge into one. That’s no excuse though so I need ro start making up for it. Is everything ok? 🙂

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      • ahh, don’t worry, for I have been just as useless if not more so when it comes to staying up to date and connected with everyone :3

        I think everything is OK! Busy, but mostly in a good way – ie most of the stuff is stuff I want to do and am enjoying doing, but I may sometimes have too many of those things to feel in control of getting them all done!

        How’s tricks around LaterLevelsLand?


        • Oh yeah, I totally know that feeling. On one hand we’ve had more free time than ever during the lockdown, but on the other hand I still don’t seem to have to time to do everything I need to do! It’s certainly been a weird year. I’ll have to drag you back over to London for another hot chocolate once everything has calmed down.

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    • OH, and I should probably also share a non-gaming related post from the stuff I’m currently doing (I’ve moved from games blogging to fiction stuff, which has been kind of sad to leave that behind but also cool to try new stuff!).

      If anyone here is a creative writer and wants to be part of the strangest, coolest anthology on the planet, why not apply for Tales of the Year Between’s second volume? 🙂

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  7. Hello! I’m Skylar-Mei, a gaming blogger who also talks about anime and music from time to time. I haven’t been posting as much over the past year, but I’ve set myself a challenge to write a post every Wednesday and Sunday throughout September to try to motivate myself to get back into regular writing. So far… it’s actually working! Since this year has basically been a write-off, I’ve also set myself the challenge of completing 60 games this year. So far I’ve finished 39… it’s going to be a close one!

    As for my favourite post, I present “The Steam Games Festival: Summer Edition” , a post co-written by myself and partner WesleyWhale about a selection of demos we tried out during The Steam Games Festival back in June (we wrote it in July so I’m not cheating… honest). We both hope to write in this style as a more regular feature on the gamergal.exe blog – we have something planned for Hallowe’en already!

    As for my costume… it’s Rachel Alucard from BlazBlue. You couldn’t tell? This black umbrella with a cat face drawn on it obviously isn’t enough (clearly, I need to work on my costumes).

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    • Morning, Skylar-Mei! Welcome to the party and hope you’re doing well over there. 😀

      It goes to show you just how many demos were available at the last Steam Games Festival: it looks like we only checked out two of the same games. I actually enjoyed Chinatown Detective Agency and Children of Silentown so they both got added to my wishlist. It’s great that they were able to cater to so many gaming tastes!

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      • Thanks for hosting again, Kim! All is good over here, hope you and all the guests are also doing well 😄

        There were SO many demos available! We struggled to narrow it down to the 12 we talked about in the post so it ended up being quite long, but we tried to select a variation of genres to try and cover something for everyone. The festival was a great idea and and hoping they’ll do something similar for next year!


        • Yeah, it’s great being able to play the demos at home! I’ve missed the physical expos this year because you can’t recapture the buzz online – but I do like being able to enjoy a demo on my own, in the quiet. 😉

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    • Hi 👋fun read, I like the dual narrative approach as it adds something a little different in how you tackle each game. Great stuff

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  8. Well hi there, this is such a fun idea, I’m William and it is great to meet you! I have gotten back into writing on games, films, and more during this lockdown with work being so turbulent, and am trying to make it regular!

    To pick one example, I’d go with the first of my new series of film reviews where I limit myself to 500 words to get my thoughts across, which has been a really fun, if at points tough, exercise! The first one is for A Silent Voice: The Movie: I have also written in this series for Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms and Tenet since!

    As for my costume, I’m considering playing with making my hair blue, so I’m going with cosplay of Ephraim from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones! Such a great game. That pixel art!

    Now, back to reading through these and discovering new bloggers!

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    • *Waves hand from under cardboard box*

      Just read your thoughts on the Mario 35th Anniversary Ninty direct – good stuff! I’m kind of annoyed that the games in the 3D collection wont be available individually. I guess they’re trying to justify the pricetag, but I’d probably pay a bit more than a third for an individual title *shrugs* Oh well, just inline with the great ‘N’s pricing strategy I guess…

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      • Oh, didn’t see you there, the cardboard strategy is so stealthily effective aha! Thanks, yeah, Nintendo seems to often combine amazing game reveals with strange decisions, eh? It could be that once the collection is out for a while, they split them up? Especially if Galaxy 2 arrives later. Really though, who knows with Nintendo eh? Are you going to get the collection?

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    • Hi William, thanks for joining us and welcome to your first blog party! Hopefully you’ll make some new friends here and find some great blogs to follow. 🥳

      How are you finding fitting reviews into 500-words? I don’t write them often myself but when I do, I often tend to ramble… I’m lucky if I manage to keep it within double that number of words! ha ha

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      • Hey, thanks for the warm welcome! Part of why I did it is because for films specifically, I find it tough to find the balance of discussing the plot without being either too vague or too detailed, so this makes me decide on the information I find essential. I’ve gotta say though, for a film as complicated in concept as Tenet, it was difficult! For game reviews I still prefer not having the limit, as I am more comfortable writing on them.


        • Do you think being comfortable comes from practice, or something else? I’d really like to be able to write more reviews but I’m finding the lockdown in the UK is messing with my motivation. I’ve played more games this year than I’ve been able to in a very long time, but there haven’t been that many that I’ve actually been inspired to write about in an analytical way. 🤔

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          • I’d say that is part of it, I used to write game reviews a lot years ago so have much more experience of it, especially compared to, say, films. I’ve had more time to work on this, too, with lockdown, and have tried to make it into an aspect of my day that helps me feel productive with all the days merging together it seems! I guess it is also down to the person; I find games have multiple elements to talk on, from gameplay to narrative to presentation, and it depends how you write and where your passion is. Your articles on the very narrative, text-based games are awesome, I can tell you enjoy them, for instance.


            • Oh yeah, I’m total adventure fan at heart and it’s the genre I turn to most frequently. I love a good story. I need some of the games on my wishlist to stop being delayed and finally release, so I can play something I’ve been looking forward to for ages and then be inspired to write about it! I’m going to have to start reading more of your reviews now that I’ve found your blog and take some tips from them. 😉

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              • Haha, I appreciate such high praise! Which game do you reckon is next up for you? I am excited for the 3D Mario collection and then for Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, and otherwise trying to get through my backlog! So. Many. Games.


                • I managed to finish The Painscreek Killings last night and absolutely loved it. I’ve been on a bit of a detective-game-kick this year and so now need to find my next one! It’s just a shame that Chicken Police isn’t out just yet. 😆

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    • Hey 👋 could really do with following your strategy of keeping to a strict word limit as definitely go off piste from time to time and get lost in my thoughts. Great site 👍🏻

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    • Hello! I really liked your 500 word reviews – they’re both fantastic film choices and it seems like it makes a fun challenge for your writing.

      Be careful with that blue hair dye though… it’s an absolute pain to get rid of if you change your mind! 😅

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  9. Firstly, I’d like to thank you for the Horace key. I wasn’t posting in the live chat of the virtual pub quiz because I don’t have a Twitch account but I was watching; I haven’t been able to play it yet due to an uninteresting problem with my Steam account but I should be able to start it next month.

    This year, I’ve booked-out my posting schedule exclusively for sharing each instalment of The Characters That Define Us, according to its originally planned publishing schedule. Until the last quarter of this event, the most recent one is your article about Murray from the Monkey Island series.
    Monkey Island is also one of the games featured in the latest episode of Untitled Video Game Music Podcast (hosted on YouTube), which I make. In every episode, a different guest introduces and discusses the eight video game music tracks of their life. There are at least two more episodes coming but prospective guests can use my Contact page to apply for the show (unless you know me well enough to have some other form of getting in touch).

    As per the previous blog party, I’m experimenting with microblogging this year on Twitter (@AlexSigsworth) and have, among other things, discovered that some people regard that as giving “one word answers” – there’s a bit more to it than that, guys.

    Another place I’m active is Letterboxd, where I write a lot of film reviews. I’ve been developing my critical writing skills recently and, in fact, my best review so far is of Big:
    I’m quite pleased with this one. You might think it’s a bit self-indulgent but I don’t see the point of writing a review without making it personal.

    And that’s about it for me; if you want to come talk to me, I’m the guy cosplaying Claude from the 3D Grand Theft Auto universe – it was the easiest cosplay to put together from my own wardrobe; all I had to do was find a baseball bat and stick my hair up.

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    • Hey there, thanks for joining us today! I’ve bookmarked the YouTube link so I can catch up on the podcast – looking forward to hearing what Pix has to say about that Monkey Island track. 😉

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  10. Hello everyone! I’m GD from Gaming Diaries and at the moment I’m rather tempted to go for a nap alongside Solarayo… or see where Hundstrasse is hiding the sweets….

    I bring my first post after a rather frustrating break
    Funny how things turn out when you need a break but don’t want to take it. I’m hoping to add a few more posts to my schedule so I don’t end up having more regular/longer breaks as I miss blogging.

    Thanks for the blog party fun!

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    • Well hello there, thanks for coming along today. It’s lovely to have you here with us!

      About your comment last night: don’t worry about Pete. I’ve told him that he can’t keep signing himself up for random stuff while and stream and then not following through on it, so he *has* to wear the Pikachu costume. 😆


      • Oh he is definitely wearing that onesie. We all want to see it. Plus whatever reasonable target you set we will make sure we raise to make sure he has no escape from the onesie wearing 😉 Plus the evidence he agreed is on stream with witnesses so he has no way out haha. I know Pete is just being a wind up as well. I need to find more good images to send him 😂


        • *Please* keep doing that. I can’t help but laugh when he comes home from work and ask him how his day was, and he says ‘Bloody Pikachu pictures…’ 😆

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          • Is suggeSt the fetching gentleman Pikachu apparel. A top hat, brief case and suit jacket over a yellow pikachu onesie. They were mad popular at the Pokemon store last year

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            • Pete? A gentleman?

              Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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            • I so wanted one of them but alas it wasn’t to be. Apparently a day/2 day trip to the Pokemon pop up store is not realistic considering the combination of night shift, travel distance, cost, actually trying to get to the store early enough and be able to buy one and whatever other reasons people kept telling me… I mean these sensible people did they not see how adorable that Pikachu is?!

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              • Can you imagine having a day off work and willingly deciding to queue for six hours with thousands of others just to buy a gentleman Pikachu plushie….

                I mean….you’d have to love that squishie face an awful lot….

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                • His little face is so adorable. Also he would be right at home with the other one or two *cough* pokemon things and Pikachu plushies I own 😆 I kept hinting at people who lived near London if they could go and buy me one I would cover all costs of buying and posting me one but no one wanted to stand in a queue for a pokemon pop up shop to get me one. Almost like the thought of a 6 hour queue didn’t excite them 🤣

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                  • *shuffles awkwardly*yes…who in their right mind queued for that long and didn’t at all slightly regret the decision after sitting down after being on their feet in a super massive queue….


                    He is a cutie though. Did you ever pick up the Japanese themed Pikachu? Seen him floating on the webs

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  11. Late as usual, but on-time by my own clock.

    Anyway, hi all! I’m Frosti and I write almost exclusively about video games over on my blog. I somehow unknowingly fell back into writing a new about once a week over the past year, so that’s a thing. As far as what content is covered I’ve got opinion pieces that delve into game design, some reviews, and the occasional post where I showcase my goofy art. If that sounds like something you’d enjoy I’d be glad to have you along for the ride.

    As for what I’ve brought:

    A few weeks back I had the opportunity to commentate as part of the AnimEVO tournament for the game Fantasy Strike. It was really fun and I used this post to summary my thoughts on the whole affair.

    I aint much for Halloween, so I think I’ll remain as is. I do (now) have a heck of a lot of reading to work through for the rest of the day so there’s that.

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    • Hey Frosti! Obviously this is a party… and it’s rude to turn up empty handed… so I’m hoping you brought some nice, fresh flang with you.


      • But of course. It isn’t really a party without flang. There’s enough here for everyone to be blessed with creamy goodness. Only the freshest of flang.


        • And this right here is why Pete and I love your streams so much. I know you said Frosti Fridays won’t be a forever thing, but I’m enjoying them while they last. 😆


          • Well…an outbreak happened at the local university before classes even started so…there will still be Frosti Fridays for a while still. Not the best circumstance for it, but I can’t control what happens. I can control my response to it though. 😛


            • Oh wow, that sounds pretty scary. The outbreak at the university I mean, not the fact that Frosti Fridays can continue for the moment. Clouds and silver-linings…

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  12. Ah, a party. Put another shrimp on the barbecue and pass me a Cuba Libre.

    Hello, I am Roger Edwards and I’ve been inflicting my views on gaming, movies and popular culture on an unsuspecting public since 2007, over at Contains Moderate Peril.

    Here’s an unusual post for me, in so far as it is quite positive in its nature. A few thoughts about how online friendships have become an integral part of my life over the last decade and are even more important during the lockdown.

    And here’s a post about the concept of “losing” in video games and how it is viewed and dealt with by players.

    Nice to meet you all. Shall be adding your blogs to my feed aggregator.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Hi Roger! Thanks for coming along to today’s blog party. 😀

      I just read your post about the community and I absolutely love it. Most of my real-life friends now are people I’ve initially met through blogging and then progressed to meeting in the real world. I might not have had a chance to get to know them otherwise, so I’m really grateful for the opportunities I’ve had in the past few years. These lovely people have taught me an awful lot!


    • You’re welcome to a blog party at any time. I love both margaritas and steaks. 😆

      I didn’t realise you’d been blogging for so long! Five years is an impressive achievement. Do you think you’ll still be going for another five years?

      Liked by 1 person

  13. G’Day, my fellow fellows!

    Just quickly doing the rounds, before I pick up a friend and we’ll drive to the countryside for two weeks, without Internet or anything. So behave while I’m gone, everyone! 🙂

    Liked by 6 people

  14. Hello all! DanamesX decided to arrive. On my way here, I passed a local zoo and the animals looked like they needed fun as well. So, I decided to bring a few along! Some of them might have wondered into the yard next door, but I don’t think the neighbors will mind.

    I am taking a break this month to do some refocus of content. In the meantime, enjoy my last post that accompanies my costume:

    My costume this year is the meme where the person is wearing a mask with a smile on it, but crying on the inside. I think that perfectly describes myself as of late. Now if you excuse me, I need to find the flamingo that took my car keys. I’ll make sure to check out some of the blog sites while I’m around!

    Liked by 6 people

    • Lately I’ve been trying to persuade my other-half to let me get a pika, a quokka and a duck, but he keeps telling me no. So I’m not going to complain that you’ve turned up to today’s party with animals!

      I’ve not played Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles myself, but I’ve just read your post and it seems like the remaster really didn’t live up to your expectations. It’s so disappointing when a new version loses what made the original special. 😦

      Liked by 1 person

  15. Hey, I’m McKenna, and I blog about video games. I have an Animal Crossing Diaries series that’s been going on for over a year now and I just started a Legend of Zelda series meant to celebrate the series’s 35th anniversary, and lead up to the Breath of the Wild sequel. Lately I’ve been dipping my toes into the waters of streaming and working on content for a totally new (non-video game) blog coming soon.

    I’ve brought my latest post for my Zelda series, a dungeon ranking for the original Legend of Zelda

    As for my costume, I’ll be dressing up as Princess Zelda, and since we’re going with a fancy-dress theme, I’ll go with her blue dress from Breath of the Wild!

    Liked by 4 people

    • Hi McKenna, hope you’re doing well! Welcome to the party. 🥳

      I didn’t realise your Animal Crossing series had been going on for as long as it has – that’s really impressive. Has it changed how to look at and feel about the game?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks! I definitely find myself thinking “oh, this would look good on the blog,” while I’m playing, but I don’t let that dominate my thoughts. I try to play like normal and take screenshots of things I like, so it feels natural writing a blog post. I don’t want to force content for the series, so I don’t have a schedule for it, but it seems like people enjoy checking it out and it’s a fun way for me to look at my progress.

        As always, thanks for hosting! I’m always looking forward to these blog parties.

        Liked by 1 person

  16. Hello all! It is lovely to see so many familiar faces and some new ones too! My name is Pix and I write a wee blog called Shoot the Rookie which is all about video games and anime. I can’t believe we are talking about Halloween already!?! I mean, where has this year gone? But anyway, I’m all dolled-up as Joker from Persona 5 today as it is one of my regular cosplays anyway and it is so fun to wear! I won’t be stealing any hearts though so don’t worry! I’ve brought some home-brew and several tubes of salt and vinegar pringles so do all help yourselves!! The blog post I’d like to share with you today was actually not written by me, but instead was a guest post written by my partner all about his favourite JRPG characters. I was super proud of him for writing it so wanted to share 🙂

    Looking forward to reading some more of the excellent posts shared here and getting to know some awesome new bloggers!!

    Liked by 5 people

    • Hey Pix! What I wouldn’t give for some home-brew and Pringles right now, I’m starving…

      I love that you managed to get your partner to write a post for you blog. There’s no way I’d be able to convince mine to do this – but that’s probably for the best. His two-word reviews – ‘It’s alright’ – aren’t exactly enlightening. 😆

      Liked by 3 people

  17. Hello! *places the cake on the table and puts on her party hat!*

    Hope you are all well. It’s lovely to see some familiar names here!

    I’m Krista and I run a little blog called LeeksPlays where I write about my adventures in the world of video games, technology, and a few other things. Recently I’ve been talking about Fall Guys, Power Wash Simulator, and a little bit about the Xbox Series X. I also have been playing a lot of Final Fantasy XIV lately too!

    Looking forward to reading everyone’s posts 😀

    Liked by 4 people

    • Hiya Krista, thanks for coming! Finally – someone brought cake to the party.

      *cuts a massive slice*

      I haven’t yet played Fall Guys, but it’s been fun reading everybody’s posts about it. It now looks like I’m going to have to check out the Twitter account too! 😀


  18. Heyo everyone! Nice to see you all. I’m Brandon and I run things at That Green Dude. I write about a variety of video games.

    We’re coming up to the spooky month which is my favourite because Halloween rules. Gives me an excuse to watch horror films. I’m bringing some Coke Zero because it’s tasty and some Orange Chocolate Buttons which are very, very yummy.

    I do have a post from last month where I showed off some gorgeous looking shots of cars. The reason I’m sharing this is because its the last post I have done on my site but also it could very well be last Car Photography piece for Gran Turismo Sport as Gran Turismo 7 may be just a few weeks away.

    The reason I haven’t posted as much is because of my focus on streaming. Shameless self plug – follow me on Twitch – ThatGreenDude95

    Another reason is because WordPress changed its editor and the new one sucks. 😦

    I hope everyone is doing well and is enjoying what they are currently doing. 🙂

    Liked by 5 people

    • Hey Brandon, lovely to see you here!

      *looks around the room to find out if Rocket Duck made it too*

      Another person who doesn’t like the new WordPress editor, huh? I really can’t get to grips with it. I’m still opening my drafts in the ‘classic’ view – and then swearing at the screen when I forget to click the right button, and the new editor appears. 😆

      Liked by 2 people

      • I’m going to start writing my stuff in Word or Notepad and then copy and paste into WordPress.

        I don’t understand why they changed it. The previous editor worked fine. Hoping they will notice that the new editor isn’t popular and give us the option to switch back in the future.

        Rocket duck is here somewhere. I think he may rocketed off to the sky again. 😂

        Liked by 1 person

    • The new editor is confuddling, I like blocks as much as the next person but cannot get to grips with it fully. I miss the classic mode, *sigh*

      Now is that coke zero or coke zero cherry? the latter is my default sugar free drink of choice at these sort of things

      Liked by 1 person

  19. Oh no, I hope I’m not too late!

    It’s me! Ryan from Games with Coffee here: the blog for the Mature, Distinguished Gamer. Previously, I’d talk about the various games that have shaped who I am as a person, along with other interesting gaming related things. As of this summer, my site is the home of my fanfiction magnum opus – Mobius VII – wherein I will return to more distinguished articles once it’s fully published.

    Speaking of Mobius VII, that’s what I want to share today! A story fifteen years in the making, it asks the question: “What if the plot of Final Fantasy VII happened in the extensive Sonic the Hedgehog universe?” This story answers that question. I’ve finished the rough at the end of June and am in the process of uploading chapters weekly. You should come take a look! PLUS, I got official(ish) artwork of the story done by Tracey Yardley, famed Sonic the Hedgehog comic book artist!

    If anything, I’ll be dressing up as Sora from Kingdom Hearts. Specifically from II because that’s the best Sora of the bunch! Now, show me to the coffee! I need beany goodness right now!!!

    Oh, and thanks Later Levels for hosting another wonderful #blogparty!

    Liked by 4 people

    • Hi Ryan, thanks for coming over! Well done on Mobius VII. I always admire someone is able to not only create a story, but also put that story down into words for other people to read; I wish I could be that creative. Keep up the good work! 😀

      *hands over the coffee*

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you so much! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the story so far. We got a long way to go to reach the end, but encouraging words from people like you make all of this worthwhile!

        Liked by 1 person

  20. *Checks to make sure fake tattoo hasn’t smeared, and is feeling pretty good about this Meryl Silverburgh costume*

    Hello, all! I’m Athena from AmbiGaming Corner, and if you’ve been looking for a blog that looks at games through a “lens of reality,” I’ve got you covered. Linking the psychology and philosophy (and sometimes sociology, if we’re listing -ologies) to video games is a habit-turned-hobby of mine, so give me a shout if you ever want someone to overthink a game with!!

    My blog post is one that took an unexpectedly personal turn, but I like to think it illustrates the point I was trying to make about sanity meters in 2020:

    Now if you excuse me, I see there is someone hiding in a cardboard box that I have to go and say hello to….

    Liked by 5 people

    • That’s an awful lot of -ologies but always appreciate a deep introspective gaming take. Unfortunately all I can chip in is some economics here and there, sometimes makes for interesting reading but not often lol.

      Great article, always enjoy any reference to Eternal Darkness.

      Liked by 2 people

      • haha Did I mention I’m terrible at describing how I discuss games? 😛

        Economics can be fascinating. I’d totally read an analysis of a game from an economic perspective! haha Anyway, I’m so happy you enjoyed the article!!

        Liked by 1 person

    • Good morning, Athena!

      *glances sideways at the cardboard box*

      Thanks so much for coming along and sharing your post. I think it’s good for us to all take a step back sometimes and look at video games with a more analytical eye.

      *nudges the box gently with foot*

      Can’t wait for you to play SOMA and hear what you think about it!

      *realises that Luke has fallen asleep in his box again and then goes to get more coffee*

      Liked by 1 person

      • Good evening! I’m so glad I was able to make it, and share a post and some cake 😛

        I’m looking forward to SOMA as well! I’ll pull it out and do a test-play of it probably this weekend, and then decided if I’ll be able to stream it haha

        *looks at box curiously*
        Snake? Snake?? Snaaake??

        Liked by 1 person

  21. *has been standing perfectly still in the corner this whole time, purely because it’s more menacing to do so in his Slenderman Outfit… what, he’s been in some games :P*

    Hi! I’m Joe from the JVT Workshop where I post about games, movies, TV shows … anything really, but most of the time it’s about games. It seems to be an addiction I can’t kick… just like chocolate! As for a gift… hmm, this one was quite fun for me to write – as are all the ones related to GTFO – an obscenely difficult cooperative horror-shooter for those that don’t know. With no exaggeration I think our record is something like 3 wins to 70+ losses thus far. It’s great!

    Anyway, here’s the post – probably meaningless for most people but that’s ok. I like writing for myself. =)


    • Morning Joe, and welcome to the party! Ever since someone dressed as Slenderman chased me around an expo, the character has freaked me out. 😆

      Wow… three wins to 70 losses? I’ve heard of GTFO but haven’t played it, although I didn’t realise how difficult it was! I think I’ll leave this one to the professionals – there’s no way my lack of coordination would ever stand a chance. 😉


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