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World Kindness Day 2020: intentional acts

2020 has been a rollercoaster. The first couple of months were normal enough but life has been strange since the UK was placed on lockdown in March due to the threat of COVID-19. We’re all trying to stay positive but sadly, there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight right now.

Some days are better than others for me personally. It can be nice staying at home, knowing that my family is safe and having extra free hours to spend on video games and finding new hobbies; but sometimes I feel like I’m climbing the walls and just need to get out of the house. Spending so much of my time in front of my laptop for both work and socialising tends to leave me digitally drained and there are some evenings where I can’t bear to pick up the controller.

I think this is normal though and similar feelings are likely to be hitting a lot of people. Humans are wired to focus on the negatives affecting them so, even if something good happens during the day, we almost immediately go back to our previous state. But what if we started paying more attention when those positive things appear? And what if we took it a step further, by making a point of trying to create those moments that put a smile on someone else’s face or make their afternoon a bit brighter?

make kindness the norm, World Kindness Day

This is what World Kindness Day is about today: to stop seeing them as random and begin thinking of them as intentional acts of kindness. We’re all encouraged to look for ways to make kindness the norm in our daily lives and take some time to recognise when those positive moments are happening. Even something small – sending an uplifting text message, paying someone a compliment, letting a driver out in front of you with a smile – can make a big change to how we’re feeling.

Is there a blogger who has done something amazing, written a post worth shouting about, been there for you when you needed an ear to listen or is just an all-round awesome person? Then we want to hear about them in the comments below. Take a minute to explain why you think they’re great and shout about their work. There are so many talented people and wonderful friendships here, and it’s the perfect day to celebrate them.

Kindness starts with one little act and if there are enough of them, then there are definitely brighter days ahead.

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Video game lover, Later Levels blogger and SpecialEffect volunteer. Big fan of wannabe pirates and fine leather jackets.

3 thoughts on “World Kindness Day 2020: intentional acts Leave a comment

  1. Surprised I’m the first, but here goes:

    Always gotta give a shout-out to my buddy Quietschisto (did I spell that right?). Oh all the people I’ve met and interacted with in the blogging community he is my favourite. We have a lot in common in terms of our interests in video games (specifically related to design). This has led to numerous great discussions both on and off wordpress and in some cases that makes the act of taking the time to write and discuss whatever topic a lot more rewarding than it otherwise would be. Always a treat when I get to go back and forth with him.

    Kim (& Pete) from Later Levels. 😛
    For real though, I said it during a live stream a few weeks back, but your blog parties were a big part of how I was able to crawl out of my shell, if only briefly, to meet some of the other folks within the community. Getting to continue knowing you and your other half through twitch over the past several months has been great. You folks always have a great sense of humour and hanging out as part of my Friday stream has more than sufficiently replaced my pre-covid tradition of going to the pub. For that I am eternally grateful.

    And to keep this from getting too wordy I’ll say AK from Everything is Bad for You as a final shout-out. We have fairly different tastes in games, but I really enjoy how he writes as I’m able to easily digest why he enjoys the games he does. There is something to be said for folks who can clearly convey a point in as few words as possible. In addition, I’ve gotten exposed to so much great music through his monthly update posts, which have continued to be a treat as I’m terrible at discovering new music on my own.

    There are other folks who are great, but I don’t want to write an entire post of text here. I’ll leave space for others to chime in.

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  2. Definitely got to say you and Pete. For all the reasons we have all probably covered in blog comments, twitter, twitch chats and wherever else. You are both amazing.

    Nowisgames. Dan is awesome. Whether its to have a random chat or just his support of people all round its wonderful.

    Phil. Can’t get anywhere without a pun but he always has something to make you smile. Even if he denies us all cookies…

    Pix1001 at Shoot the Rookie. A wonderful person to talk to, really good at events in the community and can introduce you to places or things that really she is passionate about and that is exciting.

    Genniz0rz/AceAsunder. She is a one person hype squad. Always full of enthusiasm and support for everyone. She manages to bring such brightness (and cats) into your day if you see her name pop up.

    AdventureRules. His creativity, his acting talent and his passion shows through everything he does. He is great to chat to and is just full of kindness in his thoughts and actions.

    Again I want to leave people who fully deserve shoutouts and all the love but don’t want this too long or it to become repetitive if other people add to the comments.

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  3. /me pretends World Kindness Day wasn’t two weeks ago… oops! (Yes. I’ve been spending too much time bugging people on Twitch 😅)

    In all seriousness, there are SO MANY amazing people in our blogging community that it’s hard to pick people to directly shout-out. I’m just going to say YOU are amazing since you created this post, have done SO MUCH for the community and are an awesome friendz0rz. ♥

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