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Save Point: July 2022

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There’s one word that can be used to sum up this month: hot.

The UK saw one of its hottest days on record when temperatures went over 40C recently. I’m sure that’s not much to folks from other countries, but it’s almost double what we’re used to on average. Fires broke out across London, commuters stayed away from work, and everyone hunted for an air-conditioner.

I’d been reluctant to turn on my PC because the additional warm air had been unbearable. But thankfully the weather has returned to a more normal level, so I’ve been able to do plenty of gaming during some time away from work recently. Pete has been tied up working on a project for a client so we’ve been unable to finish Inscryption yet, but it does mean I’ve been able to play the kind of games he isn’t keen on.

I’m talking about ones which tell a story – you know, with feelings and emotions and all that other stuff his black heart detests. When I’m feeling under pressure and want to hide away in a video game, I find myself gravitating towards titles like this which focus on narrative so I can get lost in a good story. I’ve had the chance to experience a few good ones this month and you can find out about my favourite below.

That pressure has started to decrease though. My apprenticeship update earlier this week was more positive than the last and things are slowly getting better. Work continues to be incredibly busy as I’m still trying to manage three roles, but at least my mindset is different now and I’m learning not to feel guilty at not being able to do more. I can go into August knowing what my priority is and with more positivity than before. And who knows, maybe there’ll be more time for video games too.

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Game of the month

Placebo Love came close to being featured in this section thanks to its cast of wonderfully realistic characters and mystery story about doppelgangers. But right at the last moment, it has been pushed aside by As Dusk Falls. It may still be a narrative game but I loved the way it was far grittier than a lot of other releases. I’ve already completed my first playthrough, and I’m looking forward to seeing another version of the story when I play via the companion app with Ellen from Ace Asunder and friend-of-the-blog Phil next week.

Event of the month

It surely has to be our trip to the London Gaming Market as that was the only gaming event on the calendar! I managed to find myself a physical version of 9: The Last Resort complete with postcard, while Pete unexpectedly came away with a Mega Drive and copy of Micro Machines. Push me though and I’d probably choose my first time at Wimbledon as my event of the month. I didn’t expect to enjoy myself as much as I did but I’ve since been watching tennis on television. Who’d have thought I’d ever be into sport?

Photo of the month

While popping into our local collectibles shop one afternoon, I found physical version of The Secret of Monkey Island. When the guy behind the counter told me it included the original Dial-A-Pirate, how could I resist? I’d also like to mention the photograph at the start of this post though. This was taken when we popped out to pick up supplies for a barbecue and Pete came face-to-face with his favourite barbecuer. Diva Q was so friendly and gave him plenty of advice – and the ribs that night were excellent.

Plans for next month

We’ll be heading to Phantom Peak in the middle of August and I can’t wait. This is pitched as a ‘fully immersive open-world adventure’ set in a steampunk town somewhere in London and it sounds just like a real-life video game. Before that, we’re going to The Magpie Mystery this weekend so there’ll be another entry to add to the list of escape rooms I’ve completed so far. There’s also a trip to the Great British Beer Festival lined up with Darkshoxx and Ashnas, where I’m sure many pints will be drunk.

In terms of gaming, we’re aiming to complete Inscryption now that Pete is back working his normal hours again. I think we’re about halfway through so there are still plenty more secrets to discover. We also want to get started on Stray, although I’m a little nervous about playing it because I hate seeing animals get hurt in video games. I’ve also promised Luke from Hundstrasse that I’ll finally get started on Kentucky Route Zero too, seeing as it’s a game he always recommends.

Now over to you guys: what have you been up to lately, and what have you got planned for the coming month? Enjoy your weekend tomorrow and take care in the sun!

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