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It might not be the new year yet, but I’ve been thinking about a makeover.

I returned to writing at Later Levels towards the end of April this year after taking a break for around seven months. I’ve been using the current theme since then and, although I still like it, I’m thinking that it perhaps isn’t the best one to represent where the blog is going to head in the future.

This opinion has been inspired by part by everything that’s been happening with social media. If I’m considering about changing the channels I use, why not think about updating the blog at the same time? I know Twitter isn’t somewhere I really want to be any longer but haven’t quite figured out where to go instead. I like the look of Cohost and am for my account to be approved so I can give it a try, and Mastodon seems ok too.

The other reason for the makeover is to do with the amount of work I need to put into my apprenticeship and new role. I need to get to grips with now being a Service Management Improvement Lead as well as with Python over the next couple of months. The current blog theme feels as though it needs regular posts to be relevant, but I need something more casual so it fits in around other commitments.

While I figure out what to do about a makeover, Christmas is fast approaching. Several of the seasonal events we usually go to have been cancelled due to the cost-of-living crisis and it’s hard to feel festive when you’ve got rich politicians telling you there are going to be ‘tough choices ahead’. I can’t deny I’m looking forward to the break though. We’re going to be hanging out with family for a few days, before hiding ourselves away with video games and a huge box of chocolates during a week off work.

Progress report

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The Blackthorn Manor

Game of the month

I haven’t played as many games this month as I would do normally, but it has been difficult to pick a standout title for November because they’ve all been so good. Tall Story’s Lucy Dreaming is excellent and I’d recommend it to any point-and-click fan who’s looking for something with a retro vibe. I finally got around to playing Color Grey Games’ The Case of the Golden Idol in full after trying the demo in October and it was worth the wait. And Subcreation Studio’s The Looker is a wonderful parody of The Witness with a humorous twist.

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Event of the month

After COVID-19 stopped it from taking place for three years, we were finally able to return to AdventureX at the beginning of November. My favourite talks this time were those by Yoyu Li from Infinite Whys on multiplayer narrative experiences, and Dave Gilbert from Wadjet Eye Games on modular design during which he announced he wouldn’t be speaking at the event for the next few years. From the twenty demos on display, it was Paul Hart and Lee Williams’ Cryptmaster which intrigued me the most and was immediately added to my wishlist.

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Photo of the month

It had been a while since we’d last seen Luke from Hundstrasse in person, so it was lovely being able to hang out with him for a few hours at the London Gaming Market this month. The event held a couple of other highlights in store alongside the awesome company. I came away with a Commodore 64 along with a copy of Little Computer People, a ‘social simulation’ I used to play with my brother when we were very young. There’ll be a post coming in December about my history with this home computer and why I wanted one as an adult.

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Plans for next month

I’ve been well and truly sucked back into The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) once again, even going so far as to renew my ESO Plus subscription for the third time. There’s something nostalgic about this game for me and I always seem to return to it in this winter, losing myself for hours while wandering through the environment. I also need to make time for The Past Within after Pete picked up a couple of copies for us. The plan is to play this cooperative puzzler together while drinking a glass of wine and waiting for our Christmas dinner to cook.

As mentioned above, a few of our usual seasonal events have been cancelled. But the fact that Phantom Peak is making a return with its Wintermas special somewhat makes up for it and I’m so excited to return again after attending the Halloween version recently. We’re also looking forward to spending a festive weekend in a hired cottage with friends-of-the-blog Tim, Jake and Phil. There are board games, an augmented-reality escape room, plenty of Christmas food and a few trips to the pub planned.

Our plans for GameBlast23 have finally been announced: The Super Excellent SpecialEffect Great Dapper Gaming Decathlon. From Friday, 17 February to Sunday, 26 February 2023, we’ll be hosting Twitch streams every day and celebrating each year of GameBlast’s existence with a different game. Ellen from Ace Asunder, friend-of-the-blog Phil and Kevin from TheLawfulGeek will be joining us too – everyone is welcome, and details are included in this post for anyone who’s interested in being a part of the team.

Now over to you guys: what have you been up to lately, and what have you got planned for the coming month? Take care of yourselves and make sure you wrap up warm as the nights get colder.

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  • charlesfwh
    2 months ago Reply

    Ahh no, not good to hear December plans being cancelled 🙁 Hope you all get to still do something festive and fun. ‘Weird’ feeling working in London at the mo, the lights and stuff all look festive as always just a strange sense of frustration under the surface with the strikes and protests you don’t usually see at this time of year. Hopefully the Christmas Spirit will win over…

    • Kim
      2 months ago Reply

      I don’t go into the office very often any more, maybe once a fortnight at most, so haven’t yet seen what Christmas in London is like this year. I do get the feeling though that I’m not alone in not feeling particularly festive and there’s a lot of talk about the cost-of-living crises at work. It’s a shame, because I used to love the run-up to Christmas… I’ve still got my fingers crossed that I’ll get bitten by the festive bug at some point.

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