GameBlast23: the schedule confirmed

There’s now less than a month to go before GameBlast23.

Every February, hundreds of gamers from across the country come together on Twitch to take part in extended gaming sessions. Their aim is to raise funds and awareness for SpecialEffect and help the charity continue their work to bring the joy of gaming to even more people.

The organisation believes it’s everyone’s turn to play. It wants everybody to be included, and at the heart of its work is the mission to maximise fun and quality of life by helping people with physical disabilities to play video games. A range of technology including modified controllers and eye-controlled software is used to find a way for individuals to play to the best of their abilities.

The annual GameBlast marathon is the perfect way to do what we love and have a positive effect on the lives of others at the same time. Participants have traditionally completed in 24-hour streams, but this has evolved since the event began in 2014. Pete and I have taken part in longer marathons, dares, challenges and more – and we’re now preparing for its tenth anniversary.

In November’s update, we shared that we’ll be hosting Twitch streams for ten days between Friday 17 February and Sunday, 26 February 2023. Our plan is to celebrate the past decade by playing a different game from a year of the event’s existence each day. Some awesome friends have agreed to join us for GameBlast23 experience, and we can now reveal below the schedule for what our group has decided to call The Super Excellent SpecialEffect Great Dapper Gaming Decathlon.

The Super Excellent SpecialEffect Great Dapper Gaming Decathlon will see us celebrate each year of GameBlast’s existence between Friday, 17 and Sunday, 26 February.

All donations received through our JustGiving page go straight to SpecialEffect and allow it to continue its fantastic work. At the time of writing, our kind supporters have raised 46% of our initial £500 target which is amazing! Not only will this money be used to create custom gaming setups for people physical disabilities, it also makes a global impact by funding innovations such as the EyeMine software and enabling the charity to provide more freely-available game accessibility advice.

It’s not just about donations though. Anything you can do to help spread the word about SpecialEffect is hugely beneficial as this increases the potential for the team to reach more people they can help. Check out examples of the organisation’s work and spread the word on social media; watch and cheer on everyone taking part in the event on Twitch; share our press release, which will be coming in a couple of weeks. It’s all valuable and we really appreciate the support.

There’s still time to sign up for GameBlast23 if you’d like to participate – or get in touch if you’d like to join our team! Head over to the SpecialEffect website to find out more about the charity, and follow the official GameBlast Twitter account to receive regular updates about the event. It’s time to help everybody get back in the game.

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Kim and Pete on LaterLevels:

Date Time Year of release Game
Friday, 17 February 20:00 GMT 2014 The Elder Scrolls Online
Saturday, 18 February 10:00 GMT 2015 Contradiction: Spot the Liar!
Sunday, 19 February 10:00 GMT 2016 The Witness
Monday, 20 February 19:00 GMT 2017 The Long Dark
Tuesday, 21 February 19:00 GMT 2018 The Shapeshifting Detective
Wednesday, 22 February 19:00 GMT 2019 Flotsam
Thursday, 23 February 19:00 GMT 2020 Tell Me Why
Friday, 24 February 19:00 GMT 2021 It Takes Two
Saturday, 25 February 10:00 GMT 2022 Placid Plastic Duck Simulator and Tinykin
Sunday, 26 February 10:00 GMT 2023 Ten Dates

Ellen on PragmaticPixel:

Date Time Year of release Game
Friday, 17 February 20:00 GMT 2014 The Elder Scrolls Online
Saturday, 18 February 12:00 GMT 2015 Fallout 4
Sunday, 19 February 12:00 GMT 2016 Final Fantasy XV
Monday, 20 February 23:00 GMT 2017 Horizon Zero Dawn
Tuesday, 21 February 23:00 GMT 2018 God of War
Wednesday, 22 February 23:00 GMT 2019 The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening
Thursday, 23 February 23:00 GMT 2020 Fall Guys
Friday, 24 February 23:00 GMT 2021 Mass Effect Legendary Edition
Saturday, 25 February 20:00 GMT 2022 Horizon Forbidden West
Sunday, 26 February 20:00 GMT 2023 Forspoken

Kevin on TheLawfulGeek:

Date Time Year of release Game:
Friday, 17 February 20:00 GMT 2014 The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky FC
Saturday, 18 February 14:00 GMT 2015 Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward
Sunday, 19 February 14:00 GMT 2016 Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA
Monday, 20 February 20:00 GMT 2017 Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
Tuesday, 21 February 20:00 GMT 2018 Marvel’s Spider-Man
Wednesday, 22 February 20:00 GMT 2019 Resident Evil 2
Thursday, 23 February 20:00 GMT 2020 The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III
Friday, 24 February 20:00 GMT 2021 Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin
Saturday, 25 February 14:00 GMT 2022 The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero
Sunday, 26 February 14:00 GMT 2023 Like a Dragon: Ishin!

Phil on PragmaticPixel:

Date Time Year of release Game
Friday, 17 February 20:00 GMT 2014 The Elder Scrolls Online
Saturday, 18 February 16:00 GMT 2015 The Order: 1886
Sunday, 19 February 16:00 GMT 2016 DOOM
Monday, 20 February 17:00 GMT 2017 Prey
Tuesday, 21 February 17:00 GMT 2018 Subnautica
Wednesday, 22 February 17:00 GMT 2019 Observation
Thursday, 23 February No stream 2020 No stream
Friday, 24 February 17:00 GMT 2021 Resident Evil Village (VR)
Saturday, 25 February 22:00 GMT 2022 Dying Light 2
Sunday, 26 February 16:00 GMT 2023 Horizon Call of the Mountain (VR)

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  • Mr. Wapojif
    4 months ago Reply

    (and then Later Levels added Unpacking to the list of games to play)

    • Kim
      4 months ago Reply

      Noooooooooo Unpacking!

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