#LoveYourBacklog Month: February 2023

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Backlog: a word which sends a shiver down most gamers’ spines.

That sense of unease we feel when looking at our pile of unplayed titles is a feeling most of us are all too familiar with. And yet, we just can’t seem to stop adding new entries to our ever-growing library of video games despite knowing we’re unlikely to ever get through them all.

Does it really need to be this way though? What if our libraries were something to be celebrated rather than a source of guilt? A mountain of games surely isn’t a cause for shame, but a sign of how much we enjoy our hobby and having something to suit every mood. This is why I’m bringing back the #LoveYourBacklog event once again so we can show our backlogs some affection during February.

If you’re up for joining in and feeling proud about your pile of video games, read on to find out how you can get involved.

Backlogged and proud of it

Show your backlog pride by selecting one of the badges from the list below and displaying it on your blog throughout the month. If you’re open to others viewing your games list and possibly connecting to chat about gaming recommendations, feel free to add a link to your library to the image so we can check out your collection.

#LoveYourBacklog, 2023, 100- games
#LoveYourBacklog, 2023, 300+ games
#LoveYourBacklog, 2023, 750+ games
#LoveYourBacklog, 2023, 100+ games
#LoveYourBacklog, 2023, 400+ games
#LoveYourBacklog, 2023, 1000+ games
#LoveYourBacklog, 2023, 200+ games
#LoveYourBacklog, 2023, 500+ games
#LoveYourBacklog, 2023, 2000+ games

Do what bloggers do best

Declare your love for your backlog by writing a post about your game collection and publishing it before the end of February. Nominate unplayed or unfinished titles from your library for the first five questions below then give a shout-out to someone who has great taste in video games for the last one.

  • A game you’re eager to play, but haven’t yet started
  • A game you’ve started several times but haven’t yet finished
  • The oldest game in terms of release date
  • The most recent addition to your library
  • The game which has spent the most time on your backlog
  • The person responsible for you adding the most entries to your backlog, due to their good recommendations

Participate in #MaybeInMarch

The backlog appreciation isn’t over at the end of February as there’s more to come next month. You know that game nominated for the ‘most time on your backlog’ category above? Well, how about attempting to complete it during Match and then telling the blogging community about the experience? This isn’t about getting the chance to remove a title from your to-play list, but more about celebrating all the awesome releases which are part of it. Keep your eye peeled for more details coming in the next few weeks.

#LoveYourBacklog 2023 participants

The following list will be updated as posts are published.

Thank you to everyone who’d like to get involved with 2023’s #LoveYourBacklog Month. Now get out there and be proud of your backlog, because I’m looking forward to hearing all about your game collections.

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  • David Sodee
    2 months ago Reply

    Will do as I have plenty to play and still add to my chaos.

    • Kim
      2 months ago Reply

      Glad to hear it! Looking forward to hearing about your backlog. 😀

  • DaNamesX
    2 months ago Reply

    It’s my favorite time of the year! Time to see if I have gotten better or worse in clearing the backlog (the answer is no).

    • Kim
      2 months ago Reply

      We’d be bored without a backlog waiting for us! 😉

  • Frostilyte
    2 months ago Reply

    I need a 10- badge lol

    I think my post will be a little light this year heh

    • Kim
      2 months ago Reply

      The last time this event was run, I received a request to add a 1000+ badge. Next year, I’ll make sure I add a 10- especially for you. ❤️

  • thegamerwithglasses
    2 months ago Reply

    My backlog has definitely grown a bit from the last time.

    • Kim
      2 months ago Reply

      I know that feeling! I’m trying to get better at only buying the game I definitely know I’ll play next… but it’s tough. 🙂

  • WCRobinson
    2 months ago Reply

    Hooray! I’ll definitely be getting in on this. This event made me finally get God of War off my backlog two years ago after all! Thanks for hosting it again 🙂

    • Kim
      2 months ago Reply

      I doubt I’d ever have made it through LIMBO if we hadn’t started this event! Looking forward to seeing whats on the to-play list this year.

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  • Gaming Omnivore
    1 month ago Reply

    Cutting heads off the Hydra – for every game I actually finish, I’ve acquired about 5 more 😆Looks like it’s backlog inventory time again!

    • Kim
      1 month ago Reply

      GOOD LUCK! ❤️

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