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GameBlast23: the tenth anniversary

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The official GameBlast23 weekend is finally here.

For the next few days, hundreds of gamers from across the country come together on Twitch to take part in extended gaming sessions. Their aim is to raise funds and awareness for SpecialEffect and help the charity continue their work to bring the joy of gaming to even more people.

In case you’ve never heard of the organisation before, let me give you a brief overview. It wants everyone to be included, and at the heart of its work is the mission to maximise fun and quality of life by helping people with physical disabilities to play video games. A range of technology including modified controllers and eye-controlled software is used to find a way for individuals to play to the best of their abilities.

Although GameBlast23 officially starts today, we’ve been streaming since Friday, 17 February 2023 alongside the awesome Ellen from Ace Asunder, Kevin from The Lawful Geek and friend-of-the-blog Phil. We’re celebrating the events tenth anniversary by playing a video game from a different year of its existence every day up to Sunday, 26 February 2023. Find out what we’ve got coming up and where we’ll be online in the schedule below.

All donations received though our JustGiving page go straight to SpecialEffect. At the time of writing, our amazing supporters have managed to raise over £1,130 – that’s more than double our initial £500 target. To find out how these donations will be used by the charity to support many more gamers with physical disabilities, here’s an overview. It’s not just about money though: anything you can do to spread the word about the charity increases its potential to reach even more people.

Head over to Twitch this weekend and cheer on everyone taking part in GameBlast23. And be sure to visit the Later Levels’ channel on Saturday afternoon, where Pete has committed to digging out his Pikachu costume once again after weeks of persuasion! It’s time to help everybody get back in the game.

Kim and Pete on LaterLevels:

Friday, 24 February 19:00 GMT 2021 It Takes Two
Saturday, 25 February 10:00 GMT 2022 Placid Plastic Duck Simulator
Saturday, 25 February 14:00 GMT 2022 Tinykin, featuring Pikachu Pete
Sunday, 26 February 10:00 GMT 2023 Ten Dates

Ellen on PragmaticPixel:

Friday, 24 February 23:00 GMT 2021 Mass Effect Legendary Edition
Saturday, 25 February 20:00 GMT 2022 Horizon Forbidden West
Sunday, 26 February 20:00 GMT 2023 Forspoken

Kevin on TheLawfulGeek:

Friday, 24 February 20:00 GMT 2021 Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin
Saturday, 25 February 14:00 GMT 2022 The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero
Sunday, 26 February 14:00 GMT 2023 Like a Dragon: Ishin!

Phil on PragmaticPixel:

Friday, 24 February 17:00 GMT 2021 Resident Evil Village (VR)
Saturday, 25 February 22:00 GMT 2022 Dying Light 2
Sunday, 26 February 16:00 GMT 2023 Horizon Call of the Mountain (VR)
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