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Achievements unlocked

We’re humbled and ever-so-flattered to have been nominated for the following awards and to have had the opportunity to work with some awesome bloggers. A great big thank you to everyone out there who has ever heard of, looked at, liked or followed the Later Levels.


2018 January Liebster Award Fistful of Glitter
Perfectly Imperfect Tag GamersUnitedGG Blog
Unique Blogger Award NekoJonez’s Gaming Blog
Liebster Award A Reluctant Hero
2017 December Shuffle the Music Tag Halsdoll
Mystery Blogger Award A Geeky Gal
October One Lovely Blog Award ClanGeek
September Blogger Recognition Award charliechatters
July Top 10 Happies Power Bomb Attack
June Universal Blogging Award The Album
April Mystery Blogger Award Falcon Game Reviews
Sunshine Blogger Award The Dragon’s Tea Party
Versatile Blogger Award Recreational Hobbyist
March Mystery Blogger Award GamersUnitedGG Blog
Blogger Recognition Award DJMMT’s Gaming Blog
February Real Neat Blog Award GamersUnitedGG Blog
Blogger Recognition Award NekoJonez’s Gaming Blog
January Liebster Award Hundstrasse
Cthulhu’s Blogging Apocalypse Falcon Game Reviews
Sunshine Blogger Award PIXELDUMP


2018 January Anatomy of a Game Review #001 The Well-Red Mage
Becoming a better person AlunaRL
2017 December Charming and Open Adventure Rules
November Are Video Games Bad For Us? TriformTrinity
October The Real Secret Of Monkey Island The Couch Petito
Frustrating Gameplay Falcon Game Reviews
The Legend of Zelda retrospective NekoJonez’s Gaming Blog
September What Can Games Teach Us? OverThinker Y
August Gaming Bailouts! GamersUnitedGG Blog
Blogger Blitz Adventure Rules
Musical Mayhem – with Later Levels! OverThinker Y
Gamer’s Thoughts: My Dream Con NekoJonez’s Gaming Blog
July Gaming De-Classified GamersUnitedGG Blog
May Charming and Open Adventure Rules