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Gamely Giving: Ethan’s Mini Marathon

Earlier this year, myself and the rest of the Gamely Giving team participated in a 72-hour stream with the aim of raising as much awareness and money as possible for the amazing SpecialEffect. This was the longest gaming marathon we’ve ever completed together and it was certainly an eye-opener. Not everything went according to plan and we definitely learnt a few new, tough lessons. That’s … Continue reading Gamely Giving: Ethan’s Mini Marathon

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Lara Croft and the Dance GCSE

On Monday morning I came across an article on the Metro website regarding a Kickstarter campaign hosted by composer Nathan McCree. I was surprised I hadn’t heard about his project to make a recording of The Tomb Raider Suite before, until a look at some of the updates revealed the answer: the campaign was originally placed under the ‘orchestral music’ category before being moved to … Continue reading Lara Croft and the Dance GCSE

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Your next career: the ‘best’ jobs in video games

In a recent trial at the University of Glasgow, it was found that playing video games could help improve your employability. Undergraduates studying arts as humanities subjects were asked to play under controlled conditions and gaming was shown to help them gain ‘graduate attributes’ such as communication skills, resourcefulness and adaptability, in a relatively short amount of time. Bonus! So it turns out that our … Continue reading Your next career: the ‘best’ jobs in video games

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The Fabled campaign on Kickstarter I missed

Back in March I wrote a response to an award received from the lovely Luna over at GamersUnitedGG Blog. I know a lot of people out there won’t agree with me given the developer’s recent history, but in it I explained why the person I’d most like to meet is Peter Molyneux and the reasons behind his 2004 creation Fable being somewhat responsible for making … Continue reading The Fabled campaign on Kickstarter I missed