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Kitacon 2017: body confidence in cosplay

While my other-half and I were at Kitacon this past weekend, we decided to attend a panel early on Saturday morning entitled Body Confidence in Cosplay. Neither of us are cosplayers ourselves but after overhearing someone say that ‘cosplay is for skinny girls’ at a different event back in March, it’s a subject that has resonated with me. We could all do with a little … Continue reading Kitacon 2017: body confidence in cosplay

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Kitacon 2017: it’s here!

I’ll hopefully be on my way to Kitacon – the UK’s largest, residential, non-profit anime and geek culture convention – when this post is published. This year it’s taking place in its new home at the University of Warwickshire so my other-half and I will be on the road for around three hours before we start a weekend of panels, parties and general pandemonium. More … Continue reading Kitacon 2017: it’s here!

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Epitasis: a beautiful and puzzling Kickstarter

There’s nothing I like more than a video game set in a beautiful digital world, with interesting puzzles that provide just the right level of challenge and a good story to hold it altogether. The Witness by Thekla Inc got it so right in connection with the first factor and did ok on the second; but was unfortunately way off the mark on the last. … Continue reading Epitasis: a beautiful and puzzling Kickstarter