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The trouble with tedious trends

Have you ever had those moments where you’ve opened your WordPress reader, only to be confronted with a hundred versions of the same story? Scrolling down displays pages of posts consisting of essentially the same headline and image, and nothing new to read. Whether it’s the latest Fortnite update, the newly-revealed Fallout 76 trailer or a reworking of a standard press release, it’s always disappointing … Continue reading The trouble with tedious trends

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Rezzed 2018: the trouble with narrative games

Earlier this week, I picked up on the increase in the number of narrative games on display at Rezzed this year. The ‘detective’ theme seemed to be popular also, with several story-rich titles featuring male investigators who were trying to solve some mysterious or vaguely-supernatural case related to either unexplained missing persons or gruesome murders. This was a great thing for me: everyone has their … Continue reading Rezzed 2018: the trouble with narrative games

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Finding your ‘thing’: blogging motivation

Blogging can be a wonderful thing. It gives a person the opportunity to express themselves and share their opinions; it can open the door to a network of people with similar passions and interests; and it’s a great way to learn from others and refine your writing skills. No wonder it’s estimated that more than two-million posts are published every day on over 156 million … Continue reading Finding your ‘thing’: blogging motivation

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The WordPress jigsaw: perfectly imperfect

Blogging awards usually require the author to create a set of questions for their own nominees, which means they can be nicely tailored to fit the subject of the sites around them. But every now and then one comes along that’s off-topic and asks for something different from its winners; and it’s this type of award which inspires an alternative and important kind of conversation. … Continue reading The WordPress jigsaw: perfectly imperfect

A bloggers’ words

The post I published in September about the secret to blogging success may have been satirical, but it did in fact hold an element of truth. Community and collaboration are two of the most important and worthwhile aspects of blogging. Getting to know the writers around you, being involved in their discussions and working with them to create amazing content will bring you more success … Continue reading A bloggers’ words