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Kitacon 2017: body confidence in cosplay

While my other-half and I were at Kitacon this past weekend, we decided to attend a panel early on Saturday morning entitled Body Confidence in Cosplay. Neither of us are cosplayers ourselves but after overhearing someone say that ‘cosplay is for skinny girls’ at a different event back in March, it’s a subject that has resonated with me. We could all do with a little … Continue reading Kitacon 2017: body confidence in cosplay

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Kitacon 2017: it’s here!

I’ll hopefully be on my way to Kitacon – the UK’s largest, residential, non-profit anime and geek culture convention – when this post is published. This year it’s taking place in its new home at the University of Warwickshire so my other-half and I will be on the road for around three hours before we start a weekend of panels, parties and general pandemonium. More … Continue reading Kitacon 2017: it’s here!

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Blogger Blitz round one: Mail Delivery

Round one of the Blogger Blitz competition, hosted by the lovely Ian over at Adventure Rules, started last Monday. Congratulations to LightningEllen and sponsored video game character Lightning Farron for winning the Retail Rumble challenge in the first match! The next takes place today and features yours truly with Guybrush Threepwood and his sarcastic wit by my side. We’ll be going up against Luke from … Continue reading Blogger Blitz round one: Mail Delivery

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Blogger Blitz: let battle commence

Drumroll please… put your hands together, as the Blogger Blitz competition is officially underway! Hosted by the amazing Ian from Adventure Rules, this event is taking place over the next couple of months and will see eight writers battle it out in a series of one-on-one challenges. Their aim: to prove that their sponsored video game character is a true hero who deserves fame and … Continue reading Blogger Blitz: let battle commence