Are these questions really frequently asked?

Yes. That one is, anyway.

So who are you then?

I’m Kim, or kissingthepixel as I’m sometimes known online. I’ve been playing video games regularly since finding The Secret of Monkey Island on my Amiga as a kid in the 1990s and still have a soft-spot for the adventure genre today. Visit the about page if you’re interested in finding out more.

Who’s that handsome chap I often see you hanging around with?

That would be Pete. He’s my long-suffering husband and has a huge fondness for The Division series, new technology and roast potatoes. While he’s never been interested in writing blog posts, he can usually be found next to me during Twitch streams or at gaming expos, and he looks after a lot of the Later Levels artwork.

What’s the deal with the blog name?

When you learnt BASIC on a Commodore 64 as a kid and can remember the release of the original NES, you know you’re getting on a bit. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though: all those years have given us plenty of knowledge and insight into the world of video games. The name Later Levels and tagline ‘XP comes with age’ seemed to sum that up rather nicely.

How did the blog begin?

As with most ridiculous ideas, it started after a conversation in a pub with a couple of friends one evening in February 2013. The blog was initially an attempt to review 1,001 video games – then gradually evolved into something more laidback when I realised how crazy that was. There’s more of that story on the about page.

Are you sure you’re not making any money from this?

Later Levels has always been a project of love, adventure games and ice-cream. I don’t receive any income from what I do here and while I’d love to get rich from playing video games, meeting likeminded friends in the community is way more important. This is all covered in the code of ethics in the policy area.

How often do you post?

After sticking to a strict schedule for a number of years, I now keep things much more casual. This means I’ve got time to actually play video games rather than just write about them. New posts will appear whenever there’s an opinion I want to share or an event I’d like to talk about – subscribe by email or keep an eye on social media for alerts.

What’s all this ‘gaming for good’ stuff?

Gaming doesn’t have to be only for entertainment: it can do a whole lot of positive things too. I support several gaming-related charities here at Later Levels and take part in the annual GameBlast event for SpecialEffect every February. Head over to the gaming for good page to find out more about these organisations.

Can I become a contributor?

As mentioned in the contributions and collaborations policy, years of blogging have made me realise I enjoy it most when I feel as though the site is something I’ve built myself. I therefore don’t accept contributions – but that doesn’t mean we can’t work together on something and create magic. Contact me if you have an idea for a project you’d like to discuss.

Can I advertise on the blog? I’ll give you plenty of cash.

I’m afraid I don’t accept any kind of cash incentive or gift and don’t use paid advertising or affiliate links. These things would only jeopardise Later Levels’ independence and so the answer to such requests is always no. As set out in the code of ethics, information provided in blog posts is simply there to be helpful because that’s the nice kind of person I am.

Will you review my video game?

Life’s too short to spend it on playing video games which aren’t your cup of tea, so I’ll only accept a digital code for a release if it’s something I think I’m going to enjoy. If you’re working on an adventure which features pixel-art or is inspired by Myst or Twin Peaks, check out the review policy for more information and get in touch.

How do I contact you?

I’m going to level with you: I absolutely suck at social media. I miss messages, forget to reply and never know what to say on a public forum. I’m much more comfortable with an old-school email. While I will respond via Twitter DM or Discord message, your best bet is to drop me an email directly or through the contact form.

How can I get a blog like this?

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you need a paid plan, custom theme or SEO expert to start a blog. Speaking from personal experience, none of those things are essential: Later Levels began back in 2013 using a free WordPress plan and it’s only very recently that I decided to upgrade the site through personal choice. While I’m no expert, I’m happy to help if I can so get in touch if you have any questions.

If ‘XP comes with age’, how old are you?

Are we talking physically or spiritually here? I’m not ashamed to say that I’m at least a decade older than most of the bloggers and streamers you’ll find in the community, because all those years have given me plenty of knowledge and insight into the world of video games. But in case you’re wondering: the answer to this question will always be 21.

Maybe I’ll see you at an expo sometime.

Sounds good. Give me a shout and I’ll buy you a coffee.