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Blogger Blitz: let battle commence

Drumroll please… put your hands together, as the Blogger Blitz competition is officially underway! Hosted by the amazing Ian from Adventure Rules, this event is taking place over the next couple of months and will see eight writers battle it out in a series of one-on-one challenges. Their aim: to prove that their sponsored video game character is a true hero who deserves fame and … Continue reading Blogger Blitz: let battle commence

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Open-world fatigue: indies to the rescue

During my monthly editorial posts, I’ve often mentioned how it’s been difficult to find time for gaming so far this year. My other-half and I have been undertaking some massive renovation work on our house at the same time as working longer hours in our jobs; and our weekends are spent chasing around after my ten-year old stepson and invariably getting up to some sort … Continue reading Open-world fatigue: indies to the rescue

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Kitacon 2017: less than a month to go

In just over three weeks I’m due to attend the UK’s largest, residential, non-profit anime and geek culture convention: Kitacon. This year it’s taking place in its new home at the University of Warwickshire from 18 to 20 August 2017 and it’s thanks to Tim from GeekOut South-West that my other-half and I have tickets. 1,400 standard passes sold out in just over eight minutes … Continue reading Kitacon 2017: less than a month to go