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Achievements unlocked

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I’m humbled to have been nominated for the following awards, and to have had the opportunity to collaborate with some amazing bloggers. A huge thank you to everyone our there who has ever visited, liked or followed Later Levels.

A quick note: each award is truly valued and as such, I usually devote an entire post to one of the questions posed by the nominator rather than answer their entire set. This gives me the opportunity to write a unique article dedicated to them to properly show my appreciation, and you’ll find the links to these below.


January 2017 Sunshine Blogger Award PIXELDUMP
Cthulhu’s Blogging Apocalypse Falcon Game Reviews
Liebster Award Hundstrasse
February 2017 Blogger Recognition Award NekoJonez’s Gaming Blog
Real Neat Blog Award GamersUnitedGG Blog
March 2017 Blogger Recognition Award DJMMT’s Gaming Blog
Mystery Blogger Award GamersUnitedGG Blog
April 2017 Versatile Blogger Award Recreational Hobbyist
Sunshine Blogger Award The Dragon’s Tea Party
Mystery Blogger Award Falcon Game Reviews
June 2017 Universal Blogging Award The Album
July 2017 Top 10 Happies Power Bomb Attack
September 2017 Blogger Recognition Award charliechatters
October 2017 One Lovely Blog Award ClanGeek
December 2017 Mystery Blogger Award A Geeky Gal
Shuffle the Music Tag Halsdoll

January 2018 Liebster Award A Reluctant Hero
Unique Blogger Award NekoJonez’s Gaming Blog
Perfectly Imperfect Tag GamersUnitedGG Blog
Liebster Award Fistful of Glitter
Mystery Blogger Award Retro Redress
February 2018 Unique Blogger Award The Gaming Diaries
Unique Blogger Award Puggy Gaming
Unique Blogger Award The Couch Petito
Blogger Appreciation Award The Codex: Online
Sunshine Blogger Award I Can’t Believe It’s Not Blogger
March 2018 Liebster Award TWOTALL4UFOOL’s Gaming & More
One-Liner Challenge Pop Culture Literary
Sunshine Blogger Award The Daily Rager
April 2018 Sunshine Blogger Award TriformTrinity
Sunshine Blogger Award Strange Girl Gaming
Sunshine Blogger Award Double Jump
Sunshine Blogger Award Read This Stance
May 2018 Super Specific Sunshine Award Normal Happenings
Nice Job Badge Normal Happenings
Neat Blogger Award Bandicoot Warrior
Sunshine Blogger Award simpleek
Real Neat Blog Award NekoJonez’s Gaming Blog
Versatile Blogger Award The Zerathulu View
Nice Job Badge Normal Happenings
June 2018 Nice Job Badge Normal Happenings
July 2018 Nice Job Badge Normal Happenings
August 2018 Sunshine Blogger Award Why We Play Games
Sunshine Blogger Award That Green Dude
Super Specific Liebster Award Normal Happenings
Sunshine Blogger Award Digital Brain
Sunshine Blogger Award BeardedGamer82 Gaming Blog
Sunshine Blogger Award NekoJonez’s Gaming Blog
September 2018 UK Blog Awards 2019 nominee Anonymous
Nice Job Badge Normal Happenings
Sunshine Blogger Award Adventure Rules
Sunshine Blogger Award Bandicoot Warrior
October 2018 Blogger Recognition Award A Geeky Gal
November 2018 UK Blog Awards 2018 second stage Anonymous
December Versatile Blogger Award TWOTALL4UFOOL’s Gaming & More
Versatile Blogger Award NekoJonez’s Gaming Blog

January 2019 Nice Job Badge Normal Happenings
UK Blog Awards 2018 finalist Anonymous
Real Neat Blogger Award Bandicoot Warrior
Thankful post and recipe Sheikah Plate
February 2019 Sunshine Blogger Award Extra Life
Sunshine Blogger Award Gaming Detour
Versatile Blogger Award Reaper Interactive
March 2019 Sunshine Blogger Award NekoJonez’s Gaming Blog
Best Blogger Normal Happenings Blog Awards 2019
April 2019 Highly Commended UK Blog Awards 2019
May 2019 Achievement Unlocked Award A Geek Girl’s Guide
June 2019 Sunshine Blogger Award Extra Life
July 2019 Sunshine Blogger Award Why We Play Games
Underrated Ladies tag Livid Lightning


May 2017 Charming and Open Adventure Rules
July 2017 Gaming De-Classified GamersUnitedGG Blog
August 2017 Gamer’s Thoughts: My Dream Con NekoJonez’s Gaming Blog
Musical Mayhem – with Later Levels! OverThinker Y
Blogger Blitz Adventure Rules
Gaming Bailouts! GamersUnitedGG Blog
September 2017 What Can Games Teach Us? OverThinker Y
October 2017 The Legend of Zelda retrospective NekoJonez’s Gaming Blog
Frustrating Gameplay Falcon Game Reviews
The Real Secret Of Monkey Island The Couch Petito
November 2017 Are Video Games Bad For Us? TriformTrinity
December 2017 Charming and Open Adventure Rules

January 2018 Becoming a better person AlunaRL
Anatomy of a Game Review #001 The Well-Red Mage
February 2018 The Bejeezus Files The Mental Attic
Secret Valentine Adventure Rules
May 2018 Retro consoles That Green Dude
July 2018 Hyrule: See the Sights! Normal Happenings
Interview #5: Kim from Later Levels TWOTALL4UFOOL’s Gaming & More
Lookin’ good: video game visuals That Green Dude
September 2018 Blogger Blitz Adventure Rules
October 2018 Creeped out: spookiest video game moments That Green Dude
November 2018 The Games That Define Us Normal Happenings
Tomb Raider: Writers’ Raid NekoJonez’s Gaming Blog
December 2018 Twelve Days of Blogmas AmbiGaming

January 2019 Resident Evil Memories That Green Dude
Bad blood: worst jobs in video games Normal Happenings
February 2019 #LoveYourBacklog Week 2019 Livid Lightning
March 2019 #MaybeinMarch: LIMBO Livid Lightning
Later Levels: one big oxymoron Normal Happenings
May 2019 Blogovision 2019: A Sea of Stars OverThinker Y and Shoot the Rookie
An Epic Debate
June 2019 Video Game Literary Classics 101 Backlog Crusader
July 2019 Big-Up the Blitz OverThinker Y
August 2019 Blaugust 2019 Tales of the Aggronaut
The return to blogging Normal Happenings

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