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Sam & Max hit the wedding (a QotM answer)

July’s Question of the Month is brought to you by The Gaming Diaries: owner of the awesome Overheard in a Game Shop series and one of the loveliest bloggers in the WordPress community. To find out more about her and her site, as well as how you can get involved, take a look at this post. Aah, wedding season. The time of year when soon-to-be-brides … Continue reading Sam & Max hit the wedding (a QotM answer)

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LeChuck: no villain, just misunderstood

My favourite character from the Monkey Island series is Murray, because he’s able to teach us so many valuable life lessons through his adventures. Take the importance of never giving up for example. He may have had his skeletal-body blown to pieces by a cannon in a tragic accident which would have left many emotionally crushed; but our favourite skull turned it into the opportunity … Continue reading LeChuck: no villain, just misunderstood

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Silence should have stayed quiet

Although I’m a fan of the adventure genre, I don’t particularly enjoy entries by Daedalic Entertainment. There’s something about the logic used within them I just can’t seem to wrap my head around and, while the puzzle solutions aren’t too bizarre, they don’t make sense to me. Give me a monkey to open a valve in Monkey Island and I’ll know exactly what to do … Continue reading Silence should have stayed quiet

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Maize: killing them with corniness

On one of those rare days where we both leave work on time, my other-half and I decided to pick something from our Steam backlogs to keep us entertained for a few spare hours recently. We had plenty to choose from and after considering several options, we finally settled on Maize: a first-person adventure about what happens when two scientists misinterpret a memo from the … Continue reading Maize: killing them with corniness