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198X: every 80s game in one

Last week I wrote about Backbone, a detective noir adventure I’d come across on Kickstarter recently. Its pixelated art and ‘challenging, thought-provoking storyline featuring themes of power, corruption, social decay and systemic discrimination’ – not to mention its anthropomorphic raccoon protagonist – caught my eye and I decided to make a pledge. It seems as though it had the same effect on others as Luke … Continue reading 198X: every 80s game in one

Backbone: detective raccoon in dystopia

I’ve often lamented about how the quality of campaigns hosted on Kickstarter varies considerably. Some end up producing titles which make me proud to be a backer, like those for Dreamfall Chapters and The Long Dark; and others make me feel like hanging my head in shame or hitting it against a wall. Sometimes you get unlucky and end up giving your money to a … Continue reading Backbone: detective raccoon in dystopia

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The series I love, but can’t finish

In an article for CNN in August 2011, development consultant Keith Fuller said: “What I’ve been told as a blanket expectation is that 90% of players who start your game will never see the end of it unless they watch a clip on YouTube.” This was backed up by Raptr’s Vice President of Marketing John Lee: “Just ten years ago, I recall some standard that … Continue reading The series I love, but can’t finish

Genesis Noir: not all black and white

Last January I wrote a post which opened with the statement that I hadn’t backed anything on Kickstarter in quite a while. I’d previously given my support regularly to old adventure sequels and quirky indie titles, but over time the quality of campaign had dipped and so I’d stopped visiting. It had reached the point where I could no longer be bothered to trawl through … Continue reading Genesis Noir: not all black and white