A bloggers’ words

The post I published in September about the secret to blogging success may have been satirical, but it did in fact hold an element of truth. Community and collaboration are two of the most important and worthwhile aspects of blogging. Getting to know the writers around you, being involved in their discussions and working with them to create amazing content will bring you more success … Continue reading A bloggers’ words

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Favourite games tell a personal story

Video games aren’t just about saving loved ones, blowing stuff up or grabbing as much loot as possible (although those are all awesome things). We have access to a range of experiences and there’s at least one which has impacted us personally. Whether it’s that classic you played as a child and bonded with family over, or a newer release which made you change your … Continue reading Favourite games tell a personal story

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Video game characters: becoming a better person

Our last blog party back in December was a success thanks to you lot: over 250 comments were left throughout the day and 24 awesome posts were shared. One of these was an article written by Joey from AlunaRL about the video game character he thinks is most like him, the inspiration for which came from the recent Charming and Open event hosted by Ian … Continue reading Video game characters: becoming a better person

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Undertale: digital resolutions (a QotM answer)

January’s Question of the Month is brought to you by Chris from OverThinker Y: creative blogger, talented composer and all-round nice guy. To find out more about him and his site, as well as how you can get involved, take a look at this post. Whenever the clock strikes midnight at the end of December, millions of people attempt to better themselves over the next … Continue reading Undertale: digital resolutions (a QotM answer)