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High scores

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I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone out there who has ever visited, liked or followed Later Levels. It means a lot and I truly appreciate the support!

Below are people Iโ€™d personally like to thank: developers who have kindly provided their time and games, gaming bloggers who create amazing content on a regular basis, friends I’ve made over the years and family who I just wouldnโ€™t be able to do without. If you lot were video games, you’d all be classics with a five-star rating.

Special mentions
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Special mentions

  • Link and Zelda, the cats
  • Mr Tim, the goldfish
  • Ethan, my stepson
  • Pete, my other-half

  • Awesome people: #

  • Matt from 3PStart

  • Awesome people: A

  • Hailey from A Dame’s Gotta Game
  • Michelle from A Geek Girl’s Guide
  • Megan from A Geeky Gal   โญ
  • Kim from A Less Famous Kim
  • Lewis from A MOST AGREEABLE PASTIME   โญ
  • Joey from A New Game Plus
  • thero159 from A Reluctant Hero
  • Ian from Adventure Rules   โญ
  • Alex from After Story Gaming
  • Kevin from Agent Prince
  • Vincent from Alpha Signal Five
  • Joey from AlunaRL
  • Athena from AmbiGaming   โญ
  • Stephen from Arcadia Pod
  • Gary from Art of Redress
  • Arthifis from Arthifis’ Place
  • Avid but Average Gaming from Av(id)erage Gamer

  • Awesome people: B

  • Bandicoot Warrior
  • BeardedGamer82 Gaming Blog
  • Jamie from Best Nerd Life
  • Nevada Dru from Bits & Pieces
  • Dustin from Blast Away the Game Review
  • Stuart from Book of the Bard
  • Eric from

  • Awesome people: C

  • Jonathan from Cantrip
  • Brad from Cheap Boss Attack
  • ChrisX from ChrisX’s Corner of Fiction
  • ClanGeek
  • Zain from Controller of Life
  • Michael from cowopinion

  • Awesome people: D

  • Harry from Daily dose of gaming, movie’s and comic’s
  • Wheldrake from Darkwreath Gaming
  • DDOCentral
  • Graham from Digital Brain
  • DJMMT from DJMMT’s Gaming (& More) Blog
  • Rachel from Double Jump   โญ
  • Cameron from Dragon In The Castle
  • Omar from Drakulus   โญ

  • Awesome people: E

  • Alecia from EightBitBlonde
  • Peter from Electrified Porcupine
  • Sascha from Emotional Multimedia Ride

  • Awesome people: F

  • Shelby from Falcon Game Reviews   โญ
  • Kim from Faraway Games
  • Morgan from Fistful of Glitter
  • pyroseu from Flaming Hot Gaming
  • Sam from For Fod’s Sake!
  • Stuart from Forged From Reverie
  • Steve from FrankenCulture

  • Awesome people: G

  • Physics from Galaxy
  • galaxygamingnews
  • Fitzy from Game Time
  • Brittany from Gamer Glo
  • GamerDame
  • Gamers Can Cook
  • Gamers’ Nation
  • Luna from GamersUnitedGG Blog   โญ
  • Gary from Games and Grappling
  • Van Rockingham from Games Revisited
  • Ryan from Games With Coffee
  • GamesandStuff
  • Terry from gamingatheart
  • Tim from GeekOut South-West   โญ
  • Murr and Will from geeksleeprinserepeat   โญ
  • Michael from Git Gud at Life

  • Awesome people: H

  • Dave from H.F.G.G.
  • Hannah from HannieBee Games   โญ
  • Shauna from HideNGoShauna
  • Seva from Historian On Games
  • Daniel from Home Button   โญ
  • Luke from Hundstrasse   โญ
  • GG from hungrygoriya
  • Nathan from Hurricane thought process   โญ

  • Awesome people: I

  • Alessandro from I โค Old Games!
  • Rob from I Played The Game!   โญ
  • I Wasn’t Prepared For This
  • Rogan from Idly Playing the Waiting Game
  • Indieventure

  • Awesome people: J

  • Jennie from Jenniiverse
  • Johnny from Johnny’s World

  • Awesome people: K

  • Khayl Adam
  • James from Killer Robotics   โญ
  • DayandKnightly from Knightlys Nexus

  • Awesome people: L

  • Colin from Launches Joypad v1.1
  • Krista from LeeksEverywhere
  • lettherebegames
  • level1andahalf
  • LightningEllen from Livid Lightning   โญ
  • Log 1932
  • Austin from Lubbles’ Game Locker

  • Awesome people: M

  • Matt from Matt’s Mind on Video Games
  • MattyJohn from mattyjohngames
  • Tom from Me & Nintendo
  • Steve from MisspentYouth
  • Pete from MoeGamer
  • Hugo from More Game
  • Alex from Mr. Panda’s Video Game Reviews
  • Chris from Musings of a Grouch
  • Sean from My Two Bottle Caps

  • Awesome people: N

  • Nana from NANA MARFO
  • Jonez from NekoJonez’s Gaming Blog   โญ
  • Alyssa from Nerd Side of Life
  • Jay from Nerd Speaker
  • Nerdy Teacher Extraordinaire
  • Nerfd
  • Matt from Nintendobound
  • Jamie from Nitchigamer
  • Matt from Normal Happenings   โญ
  • Geddy from nostalgia trigger gaming

  • Awesome people: O

  • Chris from OverThinker Y   โญ

  • Awesome people: P

  • Pardon The Gamer
  • Particlebit
  • Brett from Pixel Pricks
  • Carla from Pop Culture Literary
  • Imtiaz from Power Bomb Attack   โญ
  • Luna Reele from PresStartCulture
  • Landon from Pro Strats. Noob Stats
  • Caitlin from Proud Gamer Girl
  • proxyfish
  • Colin from Puggy Gaming

  • Awesome people: Q

  • James from QTX   โญ

  • Awesome people: R

  • David from Rants and Rambles!
  • Calum from Read This Stance
  • Ready Rockabye
  • Austin from Reaper Interactive   โญ
  • cary from Recollections of Play
  • jayprodigy15 from Reedicus Rex’s Respwn Point
  • Reggie Reviews
  • Rented Titan
  • Em from Reviews By Quinn
  • Liam from RNG – Real Neat Games

  • Awesome people: S

  • Savior699 from Savior Gaming
  • Courtney from Screen Therapy
  • Shameless McFly
  • Teri Mae from Sheikah Plate   โญ
  • Emily from Shoot the Rookie   โญ
  • Christine from simpleek
  • Sindre from SindrElf
  • Smash from Smash Cut
  • CNuan from Spoils of Lore
  • squareblind
  • Stephan from Stephan’s Universe
  • Strange Girl Gaming
  • cosmeticsandcontrollers from Sunflower Sprite Gaming
  • Chris from Sunset Over Ithaca
  • Mark from Super Gamer Podcast
  • Corrine from Surburban Timewaster
  • Switched On

  • Awesome people: T

  • Brandon from That Green Dude   โญ
  • Chris from That Retro Video Gamer
  • Phoebe from The Casual Gamer
  • Will from The Codex: Online
  • Jake from The Couch Bandits   โญ
  • Dan from The Couch Petito
  • Alex from The Daily Rager
  • Megan from The Dragon’s Tea Party   โญ
  • Gabby from The Gabby Gamer
  • Milly from The Game Hack
  • Blaike from The Game of Nerds
  • The Gamer Boys
  • Katie from The Gaming Diaries   โญ
  • Tabitha from The Gaming Teacher
  • Cameron from The Honest Gamer
  • Daniel from The Horseman of War
  • Adam from The Last Games Writer
  • Hannah from THE LDG MAG
  • pine717 from The Maximum Utmost
  • Kevin from The Mental Attic   โญ
  • Naomi from The Nervous Nerd Blog
  • Shane from The Nomad Gamers
  • Phoenixxy from The Phoenixx Den
  • The Shameful Narcissist Speaks   โญ
  • Matt from The Triple Option
  • Adam from The Video Game Virtuoso
  • historywithingaming from The weekly blogorian
  • Norton from The Well-Red Mage   โญ
  • Elliot from The Zerathulu View   โญ
  • Ms. New York from Three Nerdy Ladies & a Blog.
  • TJGamingNerd
  • Kelly from Tomb Raider Horizons
  • Nicki from TriformTrinity   โญ
  • Daniel from True Video Games
  • Andria from Turn Based Turnip
  • Twin_Turbo
  • Two Girls Gaming
  • Justin from TWOTALL4UFOOL’s Games & Tech Reviews

  • Awesome people: U

  • khinjarsi from Upon Completion   โญ

  • Awesome people: V

  • Adam from Video Games Nebula
  • Anthony from Videogame Crosstalk
  • Chuck from Vintage RetroMan
  • Richenbaum Fotchenstein from Virtuanaut

  • Awesome people: W

  • Evelyn from Weird Peacocks and their natural behaviour
  • Megan from What The Megg

  • Awesome people: X

  • No followers!

  • Awesome people: Y

  • emonyagami from Yagami Game Reviews

  • Awesome people: Z

  • EricZor from ZOR Entertainment

  • 79 thoughts on “High scores Leave a comment

    1. Aw, thank you for the mention! I love the new site, and I look forward to tagging along on all your gaming adventures here. ๐Ÿ™‚


    2. Thank you so much for following and also mentioning my site. Much appreciated! It’s great to keep on gaming no matter what age and time allows ;-).


    3. Whoa, my name is on there! Thank you for the mention!! I will definitely check out the other folks on here I have yet to visit ๐Ÿ™‚


    4. Cheers, guys!

      I didn’t realised you’d moved until the other day, so I’m currently working my way through the stuff I’ve missed. Really liking the new decor too!


    5. I will keep an eye out on your works. I am happy you have found my offerings on gaming worthwhile enough to do the same for. If I ever rename my site and base it off my digital handle, I’ll let you know so you can have a “Z” entry.


    6. If ever get too full of myself you are the causer! ๐Ÿ˜€ Just kidding!
      Thank you for the mention! I donโ€™t know why but it seems Iโ€™m not getting your posts in my reader -.-โ€ Need to find what is problem :/ Damn -.-โ€


      • Aha – a few of us have noticed issues with the reader, where we’re not seeing posts from all the blogs we’re following. A support call to WordPress may be in order… ๐Ÿค”

        Liked by 1 person

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