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Twitch chat: you’re in control

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Twitch isn’t about subs or emotes for me. It’s about having fun, hanging out with friends and playing video games, and that’s why I didn’t accept the Affiliate invitation.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t come up with ways to thank our followers and viewers for their support though! Try using the following commands in chat when the Later Levels’ channel is next live and see what happens:

Bot commands

  • !HelloBot
  • !ByeBot
  • !AnswerBot   <insert your yes / no question here>

  • Zelda commands

  • !HelloZelda
  • !PixelZelda
  • !PlayZelda   (VIPs only)
  • !TreatZelda   (VIPs only)
  • !ZeldaCamLeft
  • !ZeldaCamRight
  • !ZeldaCamOff

  • Background commands

  • !BoozyBanter
  • !FrostiFeeling   (VIPs only)
  • !Eurovision
  • !HotTubTalk   (VIPs only)
  • !Keanu   (VIPs only)
  • !KimRants   (VIPs only)
  • !PeteSings   (VIPs only)
  • !TastyTalk
  • !TeaTalk
  • !TechTalk
  • !TranscoderTalk

  • Other surprises

  • !CharmanderPete   (VIPs only)
  • !Cookies
  • !Donate
  • !DreamcastPete   (VIPs only)
  • !LastTweet   (VIPs only)
  • !PikaPewPete   (VIPs only)
  • !Punch
  • !SpecialEffect
  • !ToTheCrown
  • !YoVIP   (VIPs only)

  • If you have any ideas for further commands which should be added, please get in touch and let us know!

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