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About the Later Levels

One day during the beginning of 2013, Kim came across a book that listed the top 1,001 video games released between 1970 and 2010 that everyone should play. And after a conversation with Ben in the pub over a pint, we thought: wouldn’t it be great if we could do just that?

Then we realised how completely unrealistic it was.

Full-time jobs, busy families and a whole load of adult responsibilities may have forced us to put our dreams of video-game-stardom to bed, but somehow we still manage to fit in a few precious hours of gaming each week. Achievement unlocked: we made it to the later levels in life and are still playing… when we can.

Later Levels. XP comes with age.

13 thoughts on “About the Later Levels

  1. I wish I could get my wife interested in playing some video games with me. I have always been a gamer played everyday when I was a kid but now I don’t seem to have enough free time to actually get into a game and enjoy it. (kind of depressing I know). I am enjoying reading your blog and will continue to. Loved the creative Christmas posts!


    1. I’m pretty lucky in that my other-half and stepson play video games too – although that means it can be difficult getting on the PC or one of the consoles, because someone is always using them! If your wife likes watching movies, how about getting her to try something cinematic with a strong story? Never give up hope… ๐Ÿ˜‰


      1. Yes you are lucky. I think she may be open to the idea of playing a game with me if it were something with a strong story line. Maybe I will try that. I’ll let you know how that turns out. Thanks for the advice!


        1. If you have access to a PS4, perhaps try Beyond: Two Souls? The gameplay doesn’t require a lot of effort, it has a good sci-fi storyline and you can do two-player. Good luck!


          1. I do have the ps4. I will try that one out with her. I also thought about The Last of Us remastered. She’s really into the walking dead so maybe that would picque her interest.


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